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2016 JHM Volume 315 September (1).pdf.jpg2016A multicenter study of biological effects assessment of pharmacy workers occupationally exposed to antineoplastic drugs in Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture ServicesZhang, Jingjing; Bao, Jianan; Wang, Renying; Geng, Zhou; Chen, Yao; Liu, Xinchun; Xie, Yongzhong; Jiang, Ling; Deng, Yufei; Liu, Gaolin; Xu, Rong; Miao, Liyan
2016 JHM Volume 316 October (15).pdf.jpg2016In vivo tracing of organochloride and organophosphorus pesticides in different organs of hydroponically grown malabar spinach ( Basella alba L .)Qiu, Junlang; Chen, Guosheng; Xu, Jianqiao; Luo, Erlun; Liu, Yan; Wang, Fuxin; Zhou, Hong; Liu, Yuan; Zhu, Fang; Ouyang, Gangfeng
2016 JHM Volume 314 August (25).pdf.jpg2016Facile synthesis of ternary Ag / AgBr-Ag 2 CO 3 hybrids with enhanced photocatalytic removal of elemental mercury driven by visible lightZhang, Anchao; Zhang, Lixiang; Lu, Hao; Chen, Guoyan; Liu, Zhichao; Xiang, Jun
2016 JHM Volume 316 October (13).pdf.jpg2016Increased photocatalytic activity of Zn ( II )/ Cu ( II ) oxides and sulfides by coupling and supporting them onto clinoptilolite nanoparticles in the degradation of benzophenone aqueous solutionEsmaili-hafshejani, Javad; Nezamzadeh-ejhieh, Alireza
2016 JHM Volume 314 August (19).pdf.jpg2016Ecotoxicological effects of pig manure on Folsomia candida in subtropical Brazilian soilsPaula, Ana; Baretta, Dilmar; Paiano, Diovani; Leston, Sara; Freitas, Andreia; Ramos, Fernando; Paulo, Jose; Klauberg-filho, Osmar
2016 JHM Volume 316 October (17).pdf.jpg2016Novel and facile synthesis of Ba-doped BiFeO 3 nanoparticles and enhancement of their magnetic and photocatalytic activities for complete degradation of benzene in aqueous solutionSoltani, Tayyebeh; Lee, Byeong-kyu
2016 JHM Volume 314 August (9).pdf.jpg2016Silica with immobilized phosphinic acid-derivative for uranium extractionBudnyak, Tetyana M; Strizhak, Alexander V; Gładysz-płaska, Agnieszka; Majdan, Marek; Tertykh, Valentin A
2016 JHM Volume 315 September (15).pdf.jpg2016Trophic transfer of silver nanoparticles from earthworms disrupts the locomotion of springtails ( Collembola )Kwak, Jin Il; An, Youn-joo
2016 JHM Volume 314 August (18).pdf.jpg2016Determination and toxicity evaluation of the generated products in sulfamethoxazole degradation by UV / CoFe 2 O 4 / TiO 2Gong, Han; Chu, Wei
2016 JHM Volume 315 September (5).pdf.jpg2016Aims and Scope-
2016 JHM Volume 314 August (35).pdf.jpg2016organic framework : Design , synthesis and selective sorption towards uranium at high acidic conditionZhang, Shuang; Zhao, Xiaosheng; Li, Bo; Bai, Chiyao; Li, Yang; Wang, Lei; Wen, Rui; Zhang, Meicheng; Ma, Lijian; Li, Shoujian
2016 JHM Volume 316 October (20).pdf.jpg2016Quantification and human health risk assessment of by-products of photo catalytic oxidation of ethylbenzene , xylene and toluene in indoor air of analytical laboratoriesDhada, Indramani; Sharma, Mukesh; Nagar, Pavan Kumar
2016 JHM Volume 315 September (12).pdf.jpg2016Scale-up on electrokinetic remediation : Engineering and technological parametersLópez-vizcaíno, Rubén; Navarro, Vicente; León, María J; Risco, Carolina; Rodrigo, Manuel A; Sáez, Cristina; Ca, Pablo
2016 JHM Volume 314 August (31).pdf.jpg2016Mineralization of 2-chlorophenol by sequential electrochemical reductive dechlorination and biological processesArellano-gonzález, Miguel Ángel; González, Ignacio; Texier, Anne-claire
2016 JHM Volume 314 August (28).pdf.jpg2016Hydration mechanism and leaching behavior of bauxite-calcination-method red mud-coal gangue based cementitious materialsZhang, Na; Li, Hongxu; Liu, Xiaoming
2016 JHM Volume 316 October (28).pdf.jpg2016Visual detection of 2 , 4 , 6-trinitrotolune by molecularly imprinted colloidal array photonic crystalLu, Wei; Asher, Sanford A; Meng, Zihui; Yan, Zequn; Xue, Min; Qiu, Lili; Yi, Da
2016 JHM Volume 316 October (27).pdf.jpg2016Uncovering microRNA-mediated response to SO 2 stress in Arabidopsis thaliana by deep sequencingLi, Lihong; Xue, Meizhao; Yi, Huilan
2016 JHM Volume 316 October (1).pdf.jpg2016Lessons learned from more than two decades of research on emerging contaminants in the environmentNoguera-oviedo, Katia; Aga, Diana S
2016 JHM Volume 316 October (5).pdf.jpg2016Activation of peroxymonosulfate by graphitic carbon nitride loaded on activated carbon for organic pollutants degradationWei, Mingyu; Gao, Long; Li, Jun; Fang, Jia; Cai, Wenxuan; Li, Xiaoxia; Xu, Aihua
2016 JHM Volume 314 August (29).pdf.jpg2016Manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieve K-OMS-2 as catalyst in post plasma-catalysis for trichloroethylene degradation in humid airDinh, M T Nguyen; Giraudon, J; Vandenbroucke, A M; Morent, R; Geyter, N De