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2016 JHM Volume 319 December (17).pdf.jpg2016Salicylic acid degradation by advanced oxidation processes . Coupling of solar photoelectro-Fenton and solar heterogeneous photocatalysisGarza-campos, Benjamin; Brillas, Enric; Hernández-ramírez, Aracely; El-ghenymy, Abdellatif; Guzmán-mar, Jorge Luis; Ruiz-ruiz, Edgar J
2016 JHM Volume 319 December (18).pdf.jpg2016Treatment of highly concentrated tannery wastewater using electrocoagulation : Influence of the quality of aluminium used for the electrodeElabbas, S; Ouazzani, N; Mandi, L; Berrekhis, F; Perdicakis, M; Pontvianne, S
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (12).pdf.jpg2016Cube sugar-like sponge / polymer brush composites for portable and user-friendly heavy metal ion adsorbentsYoung, Ji; Lee, Ha-jin; San, Won
2016 JHM Volume 319 December (10).pdf.jpg2016Electrolytic and electro-irradiated processes with diamond anodes for the oxidation of persistent pollutants and disinfection of urban treated wastewaterCotillas, Salvador; Vidales, María J Martín De; Llanos, Javier; Sáez, Cristina; Ca, Pablo; Rodrigo, Manuel A
2016 JHM Volume 319 December (7).pdf.jpg2016Effect of a solar Fered-Fenton system using a recirculation reactor on biologically treated landfill leachateYe, Zhihong; Zhang, Hui; Yang, Lin; Wu, Luxue; Qian, Yue; Geng, Jinyao; Chen, Mengmeng
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (22).pdf.jpg2016Alteration of sex hormone levels and steroidogenic pathway by several low molecular weight phthalates and their metabolites in male zebrafish ( Danio rerio ) and / or human adrenal cell ( H295R ) lineSohn, Juhae; Kim, Sujin; Koschorreck, Jan; Kho, Younglim; Choi, Kyungho
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (3).pdf.jpg2016Ni removal from aqueous solutions by chemical reduction : Impact of pH and pe in the presence of citrateLi, Chi-wang; Yu, Jui-hsuan; Liang, Yang-min; Chou, Yi-hsuan; Park, Hyung-june; Choo, Kwang-ho; Chen, Shiao-shing
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (49).pdf.jpg2016Chromate adsorption mechanism on nanodiamond-derived onion-like carbonKo, Young-jin; Choi, Keunsu; Lee, Soonjae; Cho, Jung-min; Choi, Heon-jin; Won, Seok; Choi, Jae-woo; Mizuseki, Hiroshi; Lee, Wook-seong
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (35).pdf.jpg2016Stabilization / solidification of hot dip galvanizing ash using different bindersVinter, S; Montanes, M T; Bednarik, V; Hrivnova, P
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (21).pdf.jpg2016Prevalence and dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes and coselection of heavy metals in Chinese dairy farmsZhou, Bingrui; Wang, Chong; Zhao, Qin; Wang, Yang; Huo, Meijun; Wang, Jundong; Wang, Shaolin
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (30).pdf.jpg2016Molecular-level evidence provided by ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry for oil-derived doc in groundwater at Bemidji , MinnesotaIslam, Ananna; Ahmed, Arif; Hur, Manhoi; Thorn, Kevin; Kim, Sunghwan
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (42).pdf.jpg2016Chlorination by-products of bisphenol A enhanced retinoid X receptor disrupting effectsLi, Na; Jiang, Weiwei; Ma, Mei; Wang, Donghong; Wang, Zijian
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (36).pdf.jpg2016Influence of PAH speciation in soils on vegetative uptake of PAHs using successive extractionZhang, Juan; Fan, Shu-kai
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (63).pdf.jpg2016Simultaneous reduction and adsorption for immobilization of uranium from aqueous solution by nano-flake Fe-SCKong, Lingjun; Zhu, Yuting; Wang, Min; Li, Zhixuan; Tan, Zhicong; Xu, Ruibin; Tang, Hongmei; Chang, Xiangyang; Xiong, Ya; Chen, Diyun
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (8).pdf.jpg2016Flammability and oxidation kinetics of hydrophobic silica aerogelsLi, Zhi; Cheng, Xudong; Shi, Long; He, Song; Gong, Lunlun; Li, Congcong
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (54).pdf.jpg2016Aided phytostabilization of a trace element-contaminated technosol developed on steel mill wastesOustriere, Nadège; Marchand, Lilian; Luc, Jean; Faure, Olivier; Moutte, Jacques; Mench, Michel
2016 JHM Volume 320 December (55).pdf.jpg2016Excellently reactive Ni / Fe bimetallic catalyst supported by biochar for the remediation of decabromodiphenyl contaminated soil : Reactivity , mechanism , pathways and reducing secondary risksWu, Juan; Yi, Yunqiang; Li, Yuqing; Fang, Zhanqiang; Pokeung, Eric
2016 JHM Volume 319 December (13).pdf.jpg2016Journal of Hazardous MaterialsBrillas, Enric; Oturan, Mehmet A; Brillas, Enric; Aut, Universitat; Chemistry, Physical; Chemistry, Physical; Espa, Real Sociedad; Ambient, Medi; Award, Chemviron Carbon; Editor, Associate; Board, Editorial; Materials, Hazardous; Oturan, Mehmet A; Class, Exceptional; E
2016 JHM Volume 319 December (9).pdf.jpg2016Electrochemical treatment of water containing Microcystis aeruginosa in a fixed bed reactor with three-dimensional conductive diamond anodesMascia, Michele; Monasterio, Sara; Vacca, Annalisa; Palmas, Simonetta
2016 JHM Volume 319 December (12).pdf.jpg2016Ferrate ( VI ) as a greener oxidant : Electrochemical generation and treatment of phenolSun, Xuhui; Zhang, Qi; Liang, He; Ying, Li; Xiangxu, Meng; Sharma, Virender K