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2016 JCA Volume 32 August (38).pdf.jpg2016A first look at the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education anesthesiology milestones : implementation of self-evaluation in a large residency programRoss, Faith J; Metro, David G; Beaman, Shawn T; Cain, James G; Dowdy, Monique M; Apfel, Abraham; Jeong, Jong-hyeon; Ibinson, James W
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (46).pdf.jpg2016Comparison of the diameter , cross-sectional area , and position of the left and right internal jugular vein and carotid artery in adultsBos, Michaël J; Loon, Rick F H J Van; Mbbs, Luke Heywood; Bappsc, Mitchell P Morse; Qld, Mbbs; Zundert, André A J Van
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (16).pdf.jpg2016How clinical experience leads anesthetists in the choice of double-lumen tube sizeZani, Gianluca; Stefano, Maitan; Tommaso, Bizzarri Federico; Marco, Rispoli; Salvatore, Buono; Antonio, Corcione; Vanni, Agnoletti
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (40).pdf.jpg2016Asleep-awake-asleep regimen for epilepsy surgery : a prospective study of target-controlled infusion versus manually controlled infusionBrogan, David; Li, Jingsheng; Ma, Yanhui
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (33).pdf.jpg2016Con fl ict of interestUeshima, Hironobu; Dds, Yui Kawamoto; Hiroshi, Otake
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (15).pdf.jpg2016A Tuohy needle with engrave processing at the tip of the bevel is the safety needle for ultrasound-guided nerve blockUeshima, Hironobu; Otake, Hiroshi
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (36).pdf.jpg2016Tube thermosoftening is not helpful for videolaryngoscope-aided nasotracheal intubationChen, Yuan-wu
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (61).pdf.jpg2016Technical description of a modified jet ventilation injector for airway laser surgery in neonates and infants : retrospective analysis ofMartins, Maria Rosal; Boven, Michel Van; Schmitz, Sandra; Hamoir, Marc; Veyckemans, Francis
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (13).pdf.jpg2016The internal mammary artery as a shunt in a noncyanotic infant with hemitruncus : surgical and anesthetic managementMahan, Vicki L; Stevens, Randy M; Mesia, Cesar I; Schwartz, Roy E; Moulick, Achintya N
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (2).pdf.jpg2016Use of a video laryngoscope to facilitate removal of a long , sharp-pointed blade from the esophagusHiller, Kenneth N; Hagberg, Carin A
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (24).pdf.jpg2016Anesthesia airway management in a patient withWendi, Chen; Zongming, Jiang; Zhonghua, Chen
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (30).pdf.jpg2016Lipid rescue in children : The prompt decisionEizaga, Ramón; Palacios, María V García; Morales, Javier; Morera, Luis M Torres
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (39).pdf.jpg2016Age-related incidence of desaturation events and the cardiac responses on stroke index , cardiac index , and heart rate measured by continuous bioimpedance noninvasive cardiac output monitoring in infants and children undergoing general anesthesiaKing, Michael R; Anderson, T Anthony; Sui, Jinghu; He, Guoluo; Yee, Kwun; Poon, T; Coté, Charles J
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (54).pdf.jpg2016Guideline-recommended 15 ° left lateral table tilt during cesarean section in regional anesthesia — practical aspectsAust, Hansjoerg; Koehler, Sigmund; Kuehnert, Maritta; Wiesmann, Thomas
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (4).pdf.jpg2016A comparison of ultrasound alone vs ultrasound with nerve stimulation guidance for continuous femoral nerve block in patients undergoing total knee arthroplastyAssistant, Hee-young Kim; Byeon, Gyeong-jo
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (58).pdf.jpg2016Residents in tutored practice exchange groups have better medical reasoning as measured by script concordance test : a controlled , nonrando- mized studyCompère, V M D; Abily, J M D; Moriceau, J M D; Gouin, A M D; Veber, B M D; Dupont, H M D; Lorne, E M D; Fellahi, J L M D; Hanouz, J L M D; Gerard, J L M D; Sibert, L M D; Dureuil, B M D
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (19).pdf.jpg2016“Tube first or scope first”: a novel technique for endotracheal tube insertion during difficult GlideScope intubation with reduced mouth openingSingh, Jasveer; Singh, Manpreet; Fimsa, Fccp; Fccs, Facee; Anand, Lakesh K; Kapoor, Dheeraj; Fccs, Fccp
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (25).pdf.jpg2016Case Report A conundrum : general or neuraxial anesthesia and the use of ROTEMAnesthesiologists, A A Mauritz; Anesthesiologists, Z Y Strouch; Mb, A J Olufolabi; Anesthesiologists, B S
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (37).pdf.jpg2016A comparative study between propofol and dexmedetomidine as sedative agents during performing transcatheter aortic valve implantationKhalil, Mohamed; Al-agaty, Ahmed
2016 JCA Volume 32 August (11).pdf.jpg2016Significance of basic airway management simulation training for medical studentsKomasawa, Nobuyasu; Mihara, Ryosuke; Fujiwara, Shunsuke; Minami, Toshiaki