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2016 JCA Volume 31 June (40).pdf.jpg2016Anesthesia care for subcutaneous implantable cardioverter / defibrillator placement : aEssandoh, Michael K; Portillo, Juan G; Weiss, Raul; Otey, Andrew J; Zuleta-alarcon, Alix N; Humeidan, Michelle L; Torres, Jose L; Flores, Antolin S; Castellon-larios, Karina; Ms, Mahmoud Abdel-rasoul; Andritsos, Michael J; Perez, William J; Stein, Erica J; Turner, Kat
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (52).pdf.jpg2016Opioid consumption in total knee arthroplasty patients : a retrospective comparison of adductor canal and femoral nerve continuous infusions in the presence of a sciaticArdon, Alberto E; Assistant, M P H; Assistant, Steven R Clendenen; Assistant, Steven B Porter; Assistant, Christopher B Robards; Greengrass, Roy A
2016 JCA Volume 30 May (21).pdf.jpg2016Subtenon block combined with general anesthesia for vitreoretinal surgery improves postoperative analgesia in adult : a randomizedAbouammoh, Marwan A; Abdelhalim, Ashraf A; Mohamed, Elsyed A; Elzoughari, Ismail; Mustafa, Mohamed; Al-zahrani, Tariq A
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (55).pdf.jpg2016Patient preference for the pre-anesthesia evaluation : Telephone versus in-officeJames, Manuel; Do, Lozada; Nguyen, John T C; Abouleish, Amr; Prough, Donald; Przkora, Rene
2016 JCA Volume 29 March (16).pdf.jpg2016Peripheral nerve blocks with sedation using propofol and alfentanil target-controlled infusion for hip fracture surgery : a review of 6 years in use ☆ , ☆☆Johnston, D F; Mb, M Stafford; Mckinney, M; Mb, R Deyermond; Dane, K
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (23).pdf.jpg2016The efficacy of labetalol vs dexmedetomidine for attenuation of hemodynamic stress response toAssistant, Nagat S El-shmaa; Assistant, Ghada F El-baradey
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (38).pdf.jpg2016Postoperative extradural hematoma of the cervical spine: a rare but avoidable complicationSingh, Gaurav; Da, Tomar; Dm, D N B; Dm, Shailendra Kumar; Kumar, Surya; Dm, Dube; Goyal, Keshav
2016 JCA Volume 28 February (29).pdf.jpg2016Prolonged cholinergic effects after the reversal of neuromuscular blockade with neostigmineCarron, Michele; Toniolo, Anna; Ori, Carlo
2016 JCA Volume 30 May (26).pdf.jpg2016Ultrasound-assisted transversus abdominis plane block vs wound infiltration in pediatric patient with inguinal hernia : randomizedContribution, Original
2016 JCA Volume 29 March (11).pdf.jpg2016Effect of laryngotracheal topical anesthesia on recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring during thyroid SurgeryPachuski, Justin; Vaida, Sonia; Donahue, Kathleen; Roberts, John; Kunselman, Allen; Oberman, Benjamin; Patel, Hetal; Goldenberg, David
2016 JCA Volume 29 March (3).pdf.jpg2016A rare case of accidental arterial local anesthetic injection under ultrasound-guided stellate ganglion blockFujiwara, Shunsuke; Komasawa, Nobuyasu; Kido, Haruki; Minami, Toshiaki
2016 JCA Volume 30 May (13).pdf.jpg2016Hemodynamics of mesenteric traction syndrome measured by FloTrac sensor ☆Takahashi, Hidemasa; Shida, Dai; Tagawa, Kyoko; Suzuki, Takeo
2016 JCA Volume 29 March (2).pdf.jpg2016A pilot study of upper airway management using a remote-controlled artificial muscle device during propofol anesthesia ☆Dds, Shinji Kurata
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (28).pdf.jpg2016Electroconvulsive therapy for depression following acute coronary syndromes : a concernPourafkari, Nosratollah; Facc, Leili Pourafkari; Nader, Nader D; Fccp, Facc
2016 JCA Volume 28 February (17).pdf.jpg2016AcknowledgmentKomasawa, Nobuyasu; Minami, Toshiaki
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (50).pdf.jpg2016Major complications of regional anesthesia in 11 teaching hospitals of China : a prospective surveyHuo, Tingting; Sun, Li; Min, Su; Li, Wenzhi; Heng, Xinhua; Tang, Lijun; Zhu, Shengmei; Dong, Hailong; Wang, Qiang; Xiong, Lize
2016 JCA Volume 30 May (14).pdf.jpg2016Increased airway pressure due to superior mediastinal hematoma during endovascular coiling by transcarotid approach ☆Gupta, Priyanka; Resident, D M Ex-senior
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (8).pdf.jpg2016Near-infrared spectroscopy provides continuous monitoring of compromised lower extremity perfusion during cardiac surgery ☆ , ☆☆Prkic, Ivana
2016 JCA Volume 29 March (13).pdf.jpg2016Intravenous labetolol in treating hypertensive crisis following dexmedetomidine infusion forMuthiah, Thilaka; Moni, Amarnath; Mathews, Lailu; Mbbs, Sudarshan Balaji
2016 JCA Volume 28 February (16).pdf.jpg2016Anaphylactic shock due to intravesical administration of pirarubicin hydrochloride for the fifth time ☆Sakata, Koji