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2016 JCA Volume 29 March (18).pdf.jpg2016The intraoperative glycemic response to intravenous insulin during noncardiac surgery : a subanalysis of the DeLiT randomized trial ☆Abdelmalak, Basem B; Duncan, Andra E; Bonilla, Angela; Yang, Dongsheng; Parra-sanchez, Ivan; Fergany, Amr; Irefin, Samuel A; Sessler, Daniel I
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (47).pdf.jpg2016Improving the quality of the operating room to intensive care unit handover at an urban teaching hospital through a bundled intervention ☆ , ☆☆Moon, Tiffany S; Gonzales, Michael X; Medical, M S; Woods, Amy P; Fox, Pamela E
2016 JCA Volume 28 February (27).pdf.jpg2016Incidence , outcome , and risk factors for postoperative pulmonary complications in head and neck cancer surgery patients withDamian, Daniela; Esquenazi, Jacob; Duvvuri, Umamaheswar; Johnson, Jonas T; Sakai, Tetsuro
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (3).pdf.jpg2016Perforation of the superior vena cava 5 days after insertion of a central venous catheter through the left internal jugular veinKurabe, Miyuki; Watanabe, Tatsunori; Kohno, Tatsuro
2016 JCA Volume 28 February (11).pdf.jpg2016Perioperative goal-directed hemodynamic therapy in noncardiac surgery : a systematicRipollés-melchor, Javier; Espinosa, Ángel; Martínez-hurtado, Eugenio; Abad-gurumeta, Alfredo; Casans-francés, Rubén; Fernández-pérez, Cristina
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (50).pdf.jpg2016Major complications of regional anesthesia in 11 teaching hospitals of China : a prospective surveyHuo, Tingting; Sun, Li; Min, Su; Li, Wenzhi; Heng, Xinhua; Tang, Lijun; Zhu, Shengmei; Dong, Hailong; Wang, Qiang; Xiong, Lize
2016 JCA Volume 30 May (1).pdf.jpg2016Successful use of spinal anesthesia for inguinal hernia repair in a child with Hunter syndrome with difficult airwayKumar, Kanil Ranjith; Kumar, Hem; Baidya, Dalim Kumar; Arora, Mahesh Kumar
2016 JCA Volume 30 May (20).pdf.jpg2016Preventable drug waste among anesthesia providers : opportunities forLeigh, Carrie; Atcheson, Hamby; Staff, M P H; Spivack, John; Williams, Robert; Operations, B S; Bryson, Ethan O
2016 JCA Volume 29 March (13).pdf.jpg2016Intravenous labetolol in treating hypertensive crisis following dexmedetomidine infusion forMuthiah, Thilaka; Moni, Amarnath; Mathews, Lailu; Mbbs, Sudarshan Balaji
2016 JCA Volume 29 March (1).pdf.jpg2016An approach to using central pupils as a clinical sign to assess depth of anesthesia in infants undergoing fundus examination with inhalation of sevofluraneYu, Ling
2016 JCA Volume 30 May (19).pdf.jpg2016Postoperative conversion disorder ☆Afolabi, Kola; Resident, Ca-; Ali, Sameer; Resident, Pgy-; Gahtan, Vivian
2016 JCA Volume 29 March (8).pdf.jpg2016Difficult airway management using the Pentax-AWS Airwayscope with a thin Intlock and bronchofiberscope in a patient with Coffin-Lowry syndromeDeguchi, Shiho; Komasawa, Nobuyasu; Morimoto, Kenji; Minami, Toshiaki
2016 JCA Volume 30 May (8).pdf.jpg2016Classic transcrural celiac plexus block simulated on 100 computed tomography images ☆Yang, Ian Y; Oraee, Saeed; Viejo, Carlos; Stern, Harvey
2016 JCA Volume 29 March (6).pdf.jpg2016Congenital lobar emphysema and tension emphysemaMs, Rajeev Subramanyam; Costandi, Andrew; Mahmoud, Mohamed
2016 JCA Volume 30 May (7).pdf.jpg2016A short view of chronic graft-vs-host diseaseBali, Cagla; Ozmete, Ozlem; Ozyilkan, Nesrin Bozdogan; Akin, Sule; Aribogan, Anis
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (19).pdf.jpg2016Comparative efficacy of stellate ganglion block with bupivacaine vs pulsed radiofrequency in a patient with refractory ventricular arrhythmiasHayase, Justin; Medicine, Internal
2016 JCA Volume 30 May (27).pdf.jpg2016Wound dehiscence after general anesthesia in a childLiu, Yin-tzu; Huang, Ren-chih; Wu, Zhi-fu
2016 JCA Volume 28 February (2).pdf.jpg2016VIA score: a mnemonic for airway assessment and managementTruong, Angela T; Truong, Dam-thuy
2016 JCA Volume 28 February (25).pdf.jpg2016Equipment warning—what does the green light mean?”Raithatha, B B; Gross, J
2016 JCA Volume 31 June (41).pdf.jpg2016A peer-designed selective in anesthesiology , critical care , and perioperative medicine for first- and second-year medical students ☆Tien, Michael; Medical, B S; Aiudi, Christopher M; Medical, Pharmd; Sviggum, Hans P; Long, Timothy R