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2016 JCR Volume 230 May (9).pdf.jpg2016Local retention of antibodies in vivo with an injectable fi lm embedded with a fl uorogen-activating proteinLiu, Wen; Saunders, Matthew J; Bagia, Christina; Freeman, Eric C; Fan, Yong; Gawalt, Ellen S; Waggoner, Alan S; Meng, Wilson S
2016 JCR Volume 230 May (8).pdf.jpg2016Increased fi brosis and impaired intratumoral accumulation of macromolecules in a murine model of pancreatic cancer co-administered with FGF-2Sakai, Satoshi; Iwata, Caname; Tanaka, Hiroyoshi Y; Cabral, Horacio; Morishita, Yasuyuki; Miyazono, Kohei; Kano, Mitsunobu R
2016 JCR Volume 230 May (10).pdf.jpg2016Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of a phospholipid-based phase separation gel for once a month administration of octreotideWang, Mengxin; Shan, Fengying; Zou, Yang; Sun, Xun; Zhang, Zhi-rong; Fu, Yao; Gong, Tao
2016 JCR Volume 226 March (27).pdf.jpg2016The application of local hypobaric pressure — A novel means to enhance macromolecule entry into the skinInacio, R; Poland, S; Cai, X J; Cleary, S J; Ameer-beg, S; Keeble, J; Jones, S A
2016 JCR Volume 229 May (19).pdf.jpg2016Reduced cytotoxicity and enhanced bioactivity of cationic antimicrobial peptides liposomes in cell cultures and 3D epidermis model against HSVRon-doitch, Sapir; Sawodny, Beate; Kühbacher, Andreas; Nordling, Mirjam M; Samanta, Ayan; Phopase, Jaywant; Burger-kentischer, Anke; Grif, May; Golomb, Gershon; Rupp, Steffen
2016 JCR Volume 230 May (14).pdf.jpg2016Targeted delivery of low-dose dexamethasone using PCL – PEG micelles for effective treatment of rheumatoid arthritisWang, Qin; Jiang, Jiayu; Chen, Wenfei; Jiang, Hao; Zhang, Zhirong; Sun, Xun; Peg, P C L
2016 JCR Volume 228 April (22).pdf.jpg2016Sequential co-delivery of miR-21 inhibitor followed by burst release doxorubicin using NIR-responsive hollow gold nanoparticle to enhance anticancer ef fi cacyRen, Yu; Wang, Ruirui; Gao, Lizhang; Li, Ke; Zhou, Xuan; Guo, Hua; Liu, Chaoyong; Han, Donglin; Tian, Jianguo; Ye, Qing; Tony, Ye; Sun, Duxin; Yuan, Xubo; Zhang, Ning
2016 JCR Volume 225 March (22).pdf.jpg2016pH gradient difference around ischemic brain tissue can serve as a trigger for delivering polyethylene glycol-conjugated urokinase nanogelsCui, Wei; Liu, Ran; Jin, Haiqiang; Lv, Pu; Sun, Yuyao; Men, Xi; Yang, Saina; Qu, Xiaozhong; Yang, Zhenzhong; Huang, Yining
2016 JCR Volume 226 March (26).pdf.jpg2016Synthetic long peptide-based vaccine formulations for induction of cell mediated immunity : A comparative study of cationic liposomes and PLGA nanoparticlesMaria, Eleni; Luisa, Ana; Barnier-quer, Christophe; Collin, Nicolas; Ossendorp, Ferry; Jiskoot, Wim
2016 JCR Volume 228 April (1).pdf.jpg2016A designed recombinant fusion protein for targeted delivery of siRNA to the mouse brainHaroon, Mohamed Mohamed; Dar, Ghulam Hassan; Jeyalakshmi, Durga; Venkatraman, Uthra; Saba, Kamal; Rangaraj, Nandini; Patel, Anant Bahadur; Gopal, Vijaya
2016 JCR Volume 229 May (5).pdf.jpg2016Assessing the therapeutic ef fi cacy of VEGFR-1-targeted polymer drug conjugates in mouse tumor modelsShamay, Yosi; Golan, Moran; Tyomkin, Dalia; David, Ayelet
2016 JCR Volume 223 February (21).pdf.jpg2016Targeting prostate cancer cells en route to disseminationPark, Kinam
2016 JCR Volume 222 January (3).pdf.jpg2016Calendar of Events-
2016 JCR Volume 230 May (4).pdf.jpg2016Calendar of Events-
2016 JCR Volume 223 February (8).pdf.jpg2016Generation of a double transgenic humanized neonatal Fc receptor ( FcRn )/ albumin mouse to study the pharmacokinetics of albumin-linked drugsViuff, Dorthe; Antunes, Filipa; Evans, Leslie; Cameron, Jason; Dyrnesli, Hans; Thue, Birgitte; Stougaard, Magnus; Thiam, Kader; Andersen, Birgitte; Kjærulff, Søren; Howard, Kenneth A
2016 JCR Volume 222 January (9).pdf.jpg2016Ef fi cient mucus permeation and tight junction opening by dissociable “ mucus-inert ” agent coated trimethyl chitosan nanoparticles for oral insulin deliveryLiu, Min; Zhang, Jian; Zhu, Xi; Shan, Wei; Li, Lian; Zhong, Jiaju; Zhang, Zhirong; Huang, Yuan
2016 JCR Volume 221 January (7).pdf.jpg2016Gold nanoparticles modi fi ed with self-assembled hybrid monolayer of triblock aptamers as a photoreversible anticoagulantHuang, San-shan; Wei, Shih-chun; Chang, Huan-tsung; Lin, Han-jia; Huang, Chih-ching
2016 JCR Volume 224 February (14).pdf.jpg2016Findings questioning the involvement of Sigma-1 receptor in the uptake of anisamide-decorated particlesDasargyri, Athanasia; Hervella, Pablo; Christiansen, Ailsa; Proulx, Steven T; Detmar, Michael; Leroux, Jean-christophe
2016 JCR Volume 226 March (10).pdf.jpg2016Emerging landscape of cell penetrating peptide in reprogramming and gene editingLiu, Huiting; Zeng, Fanhui; Zhang, Ming; Huang, Fajun; Wang, Jiajun; Guo, Jingjing; Liu, Changbai; Wang, Hu
2016 JCR Volume 224 February (8).pdf.jpg2016A uni fi ed multicomponent stress-diffusion model of drug release from non-biodegradable polymeric matrix tabletsSalehi, Ali; Zhao, Jin; Cabelka, Tim D; Larson, Ronald G