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2016 JCR Volume 228 April (17).pdf.jpg2016Injectable polypeptide micelles that form radiation crosslinked hydrogels in situ for intratumoral radiotherapySchaal, Jeffrey L; Li, Xinghai; Mastria, Eric; Bhattacharyya, Jayanta; Zalutsky, Michael R; Chilkoti, Ashutosh; Liu, Wenge
2016 JCR Volume 227 April (8).pdf.jpg2016Liposomal nanocarriers for plasminogen activatorsKoudelka, Stepan; Mikulik, Robert; Ma, Josef; Ra, Milan; Turánek, Pavlína; Miller, Andrew D; Turánek, Jaroslav
2016 JCR Volume 224 February (18).pdf.jpg2016Interactions of Pluronic nanocarriers with 2D and 3D cell cultures : Effects of PEO block length and aggregation stateArranja, Alexandra; Denkova, Antonia G; Morawska, Karolina; Waton, Gilles; Vlierberghe, Sandra Van; Dubruel, Peter; Schosseler, François; Mendes, Eduardo
2016 JCR Volume 222 January (13).pdf.jpg2016Increased local delivery of antagomir therapeutics to the rodent myocardium using ultrasound and microbubblesKwekkeboom, Rick F J; Sluijter, Joost P G; Middelaar, Ben J Van; Metz, Corina H; Brans, Maike A; Kamp, Otto; Paulus, Walter J; Musters, René J P
2016 JCR Volume 225 March (20).pdf.jpg2016Lauroyl-gemcitabine-loaded lipid nanocapsule hydrogel for the treatment of glioblastomaBastiancich, C; Vanvarenberg, K; Ucakar, B; Pitorre, M; Bastiat, G; Lagarce, F; Préat, V; Danhier, F
2016 JCR Volume 227 April (10).pdf.jpg2016Nanocarriers for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme : Current state-of-the-artKarim, Reatul; Palazzo, Claudio; Evrard, Brigitte; Piel, Geraldine
2016 JCR Volume 222 January (1).pdf.jpg2016Activation of multiple chemotherapeutic prodrugs by the natural enzymolome of tumour-localised probiotic bacteriaLehouritis, Panos; Stanton, Michael; Mccarthy, Florence O; Jeavons, Matthieu; Tangney, Mark
2016 JCR Volume 225 March (7).pdf.jpg2016Carbon nanotubes ' surface chemistry determines their potency as vaccine nanocarriers in vitro and in vivoHassan, Hatem A F M; Smyth, Lesley; Rubio, Noelia; Ratnasothy, Kulachelvy; Wang, Julie T; Bansal, Sukhvinder S; Summers, Huw D; Diebold, Sandra S; Lombardi, Giovanna; Al-jamal, Khuloud T
2016 JCR Volume 230 May (10).pdf.jpg2016Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of a phospholipid-based phase separation gel for once a month administration of octreotideWang, Mengxin; Shan, Fengying; Zou, Yang; Sun, Xun; Zhang, Zhi-rong; Fu, Yao; Gong, Tao
2016 JCR Volume 226 March (27).pdf.jpg2016The application of local hypobaric pressure — A novel means to enhance macromolecule entry into the skinInacio, R; Poland, S; Cai, X J; Cleary, S J; Ameer-beg, S; Keeble, J; Jones, S A
2016 JCR Volume 229 May (19).pdf.jpg2016Reduced cytotoxicity and enhanced bioactivity of cationic antimicrobial peptides liposomes in cell cultures and 3D epidermis model against HSVRon-doitch, Sapir; Sawodny, Beate; Kühbacher, Andreas; Nordling, Mirjam M; Samanta, Ayan; Phopase, Jaywant; Burger-kentischer, Anke; Grif, May; Golomb, Gershon; Rupp, Steffen
2016 JCR Volume 230 May (14).pdf.jpg2016Targeted delivery of low-dose dexamethasone using PCL – PEG micelles for effective treatment of rheumatoid arthritisWang, Qin; Jiang, Jiayu; Chen, Wenfei; Jiang, Hao; Zhang, Zhirong; Sun, Xun; Peg, P C L
2016 JCR Volume 228 April (22).pdf.jpg2016Sequential co-delivery of miR-21 inhibitor followed by burst release doxorubicin using NIR-responsive hollow gold nanoparticle to enhance anticancer ef fi cacyRen, Yu; Wang, Ruirui; Gao, Lizhang; Li, Ke; Zhou, Xuan; Guo, Hua; Liu, Chaoyong; Han, Donglin; Tian, Jianguo; Ye, Qing; Tony, Ye; Sun, Duxin; Yuan, Xubo; Zhang, Ning
2016 JCR Volume 225 March (22).pdf.jpg2016pH gradient difference around ischemic brain tissue can serve as a trigger for delivering polyethylene glycol-conjugated urokinase nanogelsCui, Wei; Liu, Ran; Jin, Haiqiang; Lv, Pu; Sun, Yuyao; Men, Xi; Yang, Saina; Qu, Xiaozhong; Yang, Zhenzhong; Huang, Yining
2016 JCR Volume 225 March (6).pdf.jpg2016Biodegradable poly ( lactic-co-glycolic acid ) microspheres loaded with S -nitroso- N -acetyl-D-penicillamine for controlled nitric oxide deliveryLautner, Gergely; Meyerhoff, Mark E; Schwendeman, Steven P
2016 JCR Volume 222 January (19).pdf.jpg2016Reactive oxygen species responsive drug releasing nanoparticle based on chondroitin sulfate – anthocyanin nanocomplex for ef fi cient tumor therapyJeong, Dooyong; Bae, Byoung-chan; Park, Sin-jung; Na, Kun
2016 JCR Volume 229 May (20).pdf.jpg2016Single chain antibody fragments with pH dependent binding to FcRn enabled prolonged circulation of therapeutic peptide in vivoQiu, Yangsheng; Lv, Wei; Xu, Min; Xu, Yuhong
2016 JCR Volume 224 February (27).pdf.jpg2016Synthesis and evaluation of multivalent M2pep peptides for targeting alternatively activated M2 macrophagesNgambenjawong, Chayanon; Cieslewicz, Maryelise; Schellinger, Joan G; Pun, Suzie H
2016 JCR Volume 224 February (28).pdf.jpg2016Targeting CXCR4 / SDF-1 axis by lipopolymer complexes of siRNA in acute myeloid leukemiaLandry, Breanne; Gül-uluda, Hilal; Plianwong, Samarwadee; Kucharski, Cezary; Zak, Zoulika; Parmar, Manoj B; Kutsch, Olaf; Jiang, Hongxing; Brandwein, Joseph; Uluda, Hasan
2016 JCR Volume 221 January (3).pdf.jpg2016Calendar of Events-