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2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 2 February (7).pdf.jpg2016Microbial profiling of dental plaque from mechanically ventilated patientsSands, Kirsty M; Twigg, Joshua A; Lewis, Michael A O; Wise, Matt P; Marchesi, Julian R; Smith, Ann; Wilson, Melanie J; Williams, David W
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 2 February (8).pdf.jpg2016Oral delivery of Bifidobacterium longum expressing a -melanocyte-stimulating hormone to combat ulcerative colitisWei, Pijin; Yang, Yan; Ding, Qing; Li, Xiuying; Sun, Hanxiao; Liu, Zhaobing
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 4 April (6).pdf.jpg2016Population structure of colonizing and invasive Staphylococcus aureus strains in northern VietnamNgoc, Bich; Vu, Thi; Jafari, Alexander J; Aardema, Matthew; Kieu, Huong; Tran, Thi; Ngoc, Diep; Nguyen, Thi; Dao, Trinh Tuyet; Nguyen, Trung Vu; Tran, Toan Khanh; Kim, Chuc; Nguyen, Thi; Fox, Annette; Ban, Anne-laure; Thwaites, Guy; Nguyen, Kinh Van; Wertheim, Heiman F L
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 5 May (11).pdf.jpg2016Identification of unusual Chlamydia pecorum genotypes in Victorian koalas ( Phascolarctos cinereus ) and clinical variables associated with infectionLegione, Alistair R; Patterson, Jade L S; Whiteley, Pam L; Amery-gale, Jemima; Lynch, Michael; Haynes, Leesa; Gilkerson, James R; Polkinghorne, Adam; Devlin, Joanne M; Sansom, Fiona M
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 1 January (8).pdf.jpg2016Improved blood culture identification by FilmArray in cultures from regional hospitals compared with teaching hospital culturesInglis, Timothy J J; Bzdyl, Nicole; Chua, I-ly Joanna; Urosevic, Nadezda M; Leung, Michael J; Geelhoed, Elizabeth
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 1 January (4).pdf.jpg2016Lactobacillus plantarum LB95 impairs the virulence potential of Gram-positive and Gram- negative food-borne pathogens in HT-29 and Vero cell culturesDutra, Virna; Silva, Ana Carla; Cabrita, Paula; Malcata, Xavier; Brito, Luisa
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2016Serotype distribution and antimicrobial susceptibilities of Streptococcus agalactiae isolated from infected cultured tilapia ( Oreochromis niloticus ) in Thailand : Nine-year perspectiveDangwetngam, Machalin; Suanyuk, Naraid; Kong, Fanrong
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 4 April (2).pdf.jpg2016Multiple antibiotic resistance index , fitness and virulence potential in respiratory Pseudomonas aeruginosa from JamaicaDavis, Rochell; Brown, Paul D
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 4 April (9).pdf.jpg2016A comparison of Clostridium difficile diagnostic methods for identification of local strains in a South African centreRajabally, Naayil; Kullin, Brian; Ebrahim, Kaleemuddeen; Brock, Tunehafo; Weintraub, Andrej; Whitelaw, Andrew; Bamford, Colleen; Watermeyer, Gillian; Thomson, Sandie; Abratt, Valerie; Reid, Sharon; Reid, Sharon
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 4 April (10).pdf.jpg2016Inhibition of Candida albicans biofilm formation and modulation of gene expression by probiotic cells and supernatantJames, K M; Macdonald, K W; Chanyi, R M; Cadieux, P A; Burton, J P; Burton, Jeremy P
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 3 March (5).pdf.jpg2016Characterization of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter calcoaceticus – baumannii complex isolates from nosocomial bloodstream infections in southern IranPourabbas, Bahman; Firouzi, Roya; Pouladfar, Gholamreza
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 1 January (5).pdf.jpg2016Novel targeting of the lepB gene using PCR with confronting two-pair primers for simultaneous detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and Mycobacterium bovisTharinjaroen, Chayada Sitthidet; Intorasoot, Sorasak; Anukool, Usanee; Phunpae, Ponrut; Butr-indr, Bordin; Orrapin, Santhasiri; Sangboonruang, Sirikwan; Arunothong, Surachet; Chaiyasirinroj, Boonchai; Kunyanone, Naowarat; Kasinrerk, Watchara
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 2 February (4).pdf.jpg2016A novel quantitative PCR assay for the detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae using the competence regulator gene target comXHabets, Marrit N; Cremers, Amelieke J H; Bos, Martine P; Savelkoul, Paul; Eleveld, Marc J; Meis, Jacques F; Hermans, Peter W M; Melchers, Willem J; Jonge, Marien I De; Diavatopoulos, Dimitri A
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 2 February (11).pdf.jpg2016Novel engineered cationic antimicrobial peptides display broad-spectrum activity against Francisella tularensis , Yersinia pestis and Burkholderia pseudomalleiAbdelbaqi, Suha; Deslouches, Berthony; Steckbeck, Jonathan; Montelaro, Ronald; Reed, Douglas S; Reed, Douglas S
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 5 May (6).pdf.jpg2016Characterization of an rmtB -carrying IncI1 ST136 plasmid in avian Escherichia coli isolates from chickensFu, Tong; Du, Xiang-dang; Cheng, Pei-pei; Li, Xiao-ran; Zhao, Xin-fang
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 5 May (5).pdf.jpg2016Antimicrobial resistance genes and modelling of treatment failure in bacterial vaginosis : clinical study of 289 symptomatic womenBostwick, David G; Woody, John; Hunt, Courtney; Budd, William
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 4 April (11).pdf.jpg2016Antibiofilm efficacy of honey and bee-derived defensin-1 on multispecies wound biofilmSojka, Martin; Valachova, Ivana; Bucekova, Marcela; Majtan, Juraj
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 2 February (5).pdf.jpg2016Low intestinal colonization of Escherichia coli clone ST131 producing CTX-M-15 in Jordanian infantsBadran, E F; Din, R A Qamer; Shehabi, A A
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 5 May (3).pdf.jpg2016Understanding dissemination of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from the lungs during primary infectionRyndak, Michelle B; Chandra, Dinesh; Laal, Suman
2016 JMM Volume 65 Issue 4 April (5).pdf.jpg2016Biofilm formation of Brazilian meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains : prevalence of biofilm determinants and clonal profilesWilliam, Deivid; Campos, Paola Amaral De; Camilo, Nayara Caroline; Royer, Sabrina; Arau, Bruna Fuga; Spirandelli, Karinne; Naves, Carvalho; Martins, Margarida; Henriques, Mariana; Gontijo-filho, Paulo Pinto