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2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 5 May (26).pdf.jpg2016A prospective Phase II clinical trial of 5-aminolevulinic acid to assess the correlation of intraoperative fluorescence intensity and degree of histologic cellularity during resection of high-grade gliomasLau, Darryl; Hervey-jumper, Shawn L; Chang, Susan; Molinaro, Annette M; Mcdermott, Michael W; Phillips, Joanna J; Berger, Mitchel S
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 5 May (18).pdf.jpg2016Impact of transfer status on hospitalization cost and discharge disposition for acute ischemic stroke across the USSonig, Ashish; Lin, Ning; Krishna, Chandan; Natarajan, Sabareesh K; Mokin, Maxim; Hopkins, L Nelson; Snyder, Kenneth V; Levy, Elad I; Siddiqui, Adnan H
2016 JNS Volume 125 Issue 1 July (25).pdf.jpg2016flow diversionBrinjikji, Waleed; Piano, Mariangela; Fang, Shanna; Pero, Guglielmo; Kallmes, David F; Quilici, Luca; Valvassori, Luca; Lozupone, Emilio; Cloft, Harry J; Boccardi, Edoardo; Lanzino, Giuseppe
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 6 June(16).pdf.jpg2016Initial experience with dual-lumen balloon catheter injection for preoperative Onyx embolization of skull base paragangliomasLadner, Travis R; He, Lucy; Davis, Brandon J; Yang, George L; Wanna, George B; Mocco, J
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 6 June(5).pdf.jpg2016isocitrate dehydrogenase 1Aibaidula, Abudumijiti; Zhao, Wang; Wu, Jin-song; Chen, Hong; Shi, Zhi-feng; Zheng, Lu-lu; Mao, Ying; Zhou, Liang-fu; Sui, Guo-dong
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 5 May (20).pdf.jpg2016Genetic investigation of multicentric glioblastoma multiforme: case reportSchroeder, Brett; Shah, Nameeta; Rostad, Steve; Mccullough, Brendan; Aguedan, Brian; Foltz, Greg; Cobbs, Charles
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 5 May (24).pdf.jpg2016Increased prevalence of autoimmune disease in patients with unilateral compared with bilateral moyamoya diseaseChen, Jian-bin; Liu, Yi; Zhou, Liang-xue; Sun, Hong; He, Min; You, Chao
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 5 May (34).pdf.jpg2016Hypothalamic hamartomasWeiner, Howard L
2016 JNS Volume 125 Issue 1 July (12).pdf.jpg2016The safety of Pipeline flow diversion in fusiform vertebrobasilar aneurysms: a consecutive case series with longer-term follow-up from a single US centerNatarajan, Sabareesh K; Lin, Ning; Sonig, Ashish; Rai, Ansaar T; Carpenter, Jeffrey S; Levy, Elad I; Siddiqui, Adnan H
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 5 May (29).pdf.jpg2016Orbit-associated tumors: navigation and control of resection using intraoperative computed tomographyTerpolilli, Nicole A; Rachinger, Walter; Kunz, Mathias; Thon, Niklas; Flatz, Wilhelm H; Tonn, Jörg-christian; Schichor, Christian
2016 JNS Volume 125 Issue 1 July (19).pdf.jpg2016Origin of craniopharyngiomas: implications for growth pattern, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of tumor recurrenceBao, Yun; Pan, Jun; Qi, Song-tao; Lu, Yun-tao; Peng, Jun-xiang
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 6 June(2).pdf.jpg2016mutation in a pituitary adenoma of a patient with Maffucci syndromeChittiboina, Prashant; Zhang, Junting; Zhuang, Zhengping
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 5 May (3).pdf.jpg2016Arne Torkildsen and the ventriculocisternal shunt: the first clinically successful shunt for hydrocephalusTorkildsen, Arne; Penfield, Wilder
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 5 May (11).pdf.jpg2016Results of wrist extension reconstruction in C5–8 brachial plexus palsy by transferring the pronator quadratus motor branch to the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscleBertelli, Jayme Augusto; Ghizoni, Marcos Flávio; Tacca, Cristiano Paulo
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 6 June(12).pdf.jpg2016Sequential changes in Rotterdam CT scores related to outcomes for patients with traumatic brain injury who undergo decompressive craniectomyFujimoto, Kenji; Miura, Masaki; Otsuka, Tadahiro; Kuratsu, Jun-ichi
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 5 May (31).pdf.jpg2016Cost analysis of awake versus asleep deep brain stimulation: a single academic health center experienceJacob, R Lorie; Geddes, Jonah; Mccartney, Shirley; Burchiel, Kim J
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 6 June(29).pdf.jpg2016prospective studyStranjalis, George
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 6 June(40).pdf.jpg2016Stroke prevention by direct revascularization for patients with adult-onset moyamoya disease presenting with ischemiaKim, Tackeun; Oh, Chang Wan; Kwon, O-ki; Hwang, Gyojun; Kim, Jeong Eun; Kang, Hyun-seung; Cho, Won-sang; Bang, Jae Seung
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 6 June(15).pdf.jpg2016Quantitative evaluation of headache severity before and after endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary adenomaWolf, Amparo; Goncalves, Sandy; Salehi, Fateme; Bird, Jeff; Cooper, Paul; Uum, Stan Van; Lee, Donald H; Rotenberg, Brian W; Duggal, Neil
2016 JNS Volume 124 Issue 5 May (25).pdf.jpg2016Screening for intracranial aneurysms? Prevalence of unruptured intracranial aneurysms in Hong Kong ChineseChan, David Y C; Abrigo, Jill M; Cheung, Tom C Y; Siu, Deyond Y W; Poon, Wai S; Ahuja, Anil T; Wong, George K C