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2016 JPE Volume 171 April (25).pdf.jpg2016Predictors of Antimicrobial Resistance among Pathogens Causing Urinary Tract Infection in ChildrenShaikh, Nader; Hoberman, Alejandro; Keren, Ron; Ivanova, Anastasia; Gotman, Nathan; Chesney, Russell W; Carpenter, Myra A; Moxey-mims, Marva; Wald, Ellen R
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (34).pdf.jpg2016Noninvasive Treatment of Pyogenic Granulomas in Young Children with Topical Timolol and Trichloroacetic AcidChiriac, Anca; Birsan, Cristina; Podoleanu, Cristian; Moldovan, Cosmin; Brzezinski, Piotr; Stolnicu, Simona
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (23).pdf.jpg2016Prevalence of Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Adolescents: Potential Value of Universal Screening?Pang, Jing; Martin, Andrew C; Mori, Trevor A; Beilin, Lawrence J; Watts, Gerald F
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (15).pdf.jpg2016Pediatric Goiter: Can Thyroid Disorders Be Predicted at Diagnosis and in Follow-Up?Kim, So Youn; Lee, Young Ah; Jung, Hae Woon; Kim, Hwa Young; Lee, Hye Jin; Shin, Choong Ho; Yang, Sei Won
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (3).pdf.jpg2016Outbreaks of Invasive Kingella kingae Infections in Closed CommunitiesYagupsky, Pablo; Ben-ami, Yael; Trefler, Ronit; Porat, Nurith
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (28).pdf.jpg2016Rapid brain magnetic resonance imaging : An alternative to head computed tomography for evaluation of ventricular shunt malfunctionSingleton, Lori M
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (18).pdf.jpg2016Old and new tests for early-onset sepsis in neonatesConom, Donna Heicher; Powers, Richard J
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (64).pdf.jpg2016One of the Challenges of Bringing Your Newborn Home Begins with Installing the Car Safety SeatMph, Lois K Lee
2016 JPE Volume 168 January (29).pdf.jpg2016Periorbital EcchymosisAlaghband, Pouya; Long, Vernon; Frcophth, Mbbs
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (86).pdf.jpg2016The Editors ’ Perspectives Physician Engagement in the Transformation of the Pediatric Patient Experience Global and Regional Derangements of Cerebral Blood Flow and Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging after Pediatric Cardiac Arrest e Reduced Bone MineraRosen, Paul; Burrows, James F; Greenspan, Jay S; Debrabant, Julie; Vingerhoets, Guy; Waelvelde, Hilde Van; Leemans, Alexander; Taymans, Tom; Manchester, Leah C; Lee, Vince; Schmithorst, Vincent; Kochanek, Patrick M; Panigrahy, Ashok
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (47).pdf.jpg2016Total Serum Bilirubin within 3 Months of Hepatoportoenterostomy Predicts Short-Term Outcomes in Biliary AtresiaShneider, Benjamin L; Magee, John C; Karpen, Saul J; Rand, Elizabeth B; Narkewicz, Michael R; Bass, Lee M; Schwarz, Kathleen; Whitington, Peter F; Bezerra, Jorge A; Kerkar, Nanda; Haber, Barbara; Rosenthal, Philip; Turmelle, Yumirle P; Molleston, Jean P; Arnon, Ronen; S
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (17).pdf.jpg2016Stakeholder Buy-In and Physician Education Improve Adherence to Guidelines for Down SyndromeSantoro, Stephanie L; Martin, Lisa J; Pleatman, Stephen I; Hopkin, Robert J
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (17).pdf.jpg2016The Geographic Impact on Hospitalization in Patients with Cystic FibrosisKopp, Benjamin T; Nicholson, Lisa; Paul, Grace; Tobias, Joseph; Ramanathan, Chandar; Hayes, Don
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (85).pdf.jpg2016Transmission of Cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr Virus, and Herpes Simplex Virus Infections: From the Lucy Australopithecus Epoch to Modern-Day NetherlandsGrose, Charles; Johanson, Donald C
2016 JPE Volume 168 January (30).pdf.jpg2016Target Prolactin Range in Treatment of Tetrahydrobiopterin DeficiencyPorta, Francesco; Ponzone, Alberto; Spada, Marco
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (19).pdf.jpg2016Bacteremic Pneumonia before and after Withdrawal of 13-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine from a Public Vaccination Program in Spain: A Case-Control StudyTagarro, Alfredo; Benito, Andrea; Aida, S
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (73).pdf.jpg2016Thrombolytic Use in Children: Breaking Down BarriersCrystal, Matthew A
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (86).pdf.jpg2016The Journal —Lurie, Robert H
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (56).pdf.jpg2016A Prospective Natural History Study of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IIIAShapiro, Elsa G; Nestrasil, Igor; Delaney, Kathleen A; Rudser, Kyle; Kovac, Victor; Nair, Nitin; Richard, Charles W; Haslett, Patrick; Whitley, Chester B
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (1).pdf.jpg2016Complementary Serologic Investigations in Children with Celiac Disease Is Unnecessary during Follow-UpMaria, Margaretha; Wessels, Susanna; Veen, Iris I Van; Vriezinga, Sabine Lisa; Putter, Hein; Henri, Edmond; Maria, Herman; Mearin, Maria Luisa