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2016 JPE Volume 171 April (45).pdf.jpg2016Increases in Sex Hormones during Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor α Therapy in Adolescents with Crohn's DiseaseDeboer, Mark D; Thayu, Meena; Griffin, Lindsay M; Baldassano, Robert N; Denson, Lee A; Zemel, Babette S; Denburg, Michelle R; Agard, Hannah E; Herskovitz, Rita; Long, Jin; Leonard, Mary B
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (56).pdf.jpg2016Improved Survival in Down Syndrome over the Last 60 Years and the Impact of Perinatal Factors in Recent DecadesGlasson, Emma J; Jacques, Angela; Wong, Kingsley; Bourke, Jenny; Leonard, Helen
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (21).pdf.jpg2016Neonatal Infection and Later Neurodevelopmental Risk in the Very Preterm InfantRand, Katherine M; Austin, Nicola C; Inder, Terrie E; Bora, Samudragupta; Woodward, Lianne J
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (33).pdf.jpg2016Management and Outcomes of Patients with Occlusive Thrombosis after Pediatric Cardiac SurgeryManlhiot, Cedric; Brand, Leonardo R; Schwartz, Steven M; Sivarajan, V Ben; Williams, Suzan; Collins, Tanveer H; Mccrindle, Brian W
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (60).pdf.jpg2016Parent and Adolescent Views on Barriers to Adolescent Preventive Health Care UtilizationAalsma, Matthew C; Gilbert, Amy Lewis; Xiao, Shan; Rickert, Vaughn I
2016 JPE Volume 168 January (3).pdf.jpg2016Left Ventricular MyxomaSchroeder, Luke; Zyblewski, Sinai; Forbus, Geoffrey; Buckley, Jason; Batalis, Nicholas; Kavarana, Minoo
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (21).pdf.jpg2016Is There an Association between Functional Constipation and Excessive Bodyweight in Children?Koppen, Ilan J N; Velasco-ben, Carlos A; Benninga, Marc A; Lorenzo, Carlo Di; Saps, Miguel
2016 JPE Volume 168 January (32).pdf.jpg2016Obesity, Vascular Changes, and the Development of AtherosclerosisGidding, Samuel S; Daniels, Stephen R
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (28).pdf.jpg2016It's Not Appendicitis!Western, In; Santohigashi, Katherine; Lewis, Keith; Ho, Cynthia H
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (14).pdf.jpg2016Patient Characteristics Associated with Differences in Admission Frequency for Diabetic Ketoacidosis in United States Children's HospitalsMalik, Faisal S; Hall, Matt; Mangione-smith, Rita; Keren, Ron; Mahant, Sanjay; Shah, Samir S; Srivastava, Rajendu; Wilson, Karen M; Tieder, Joel S
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (24).pdf.jpg2016Prescription Use among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Northern New England: Intensity and Small Area VariationHouse, Samantha A; Goodman, David C; Weinstein, Shelsey J; Chang, Chiang-hua; Wasserman, Jared R; Morden, Nancy E
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (40).pdf.jpg2016Progressive Coronary Dilatation Predicts Worse Outcome in Kawasaki DiseaseChih, Wan-ling; Wu, Pei-yuan; Sun, Li-chuang; Lin, Ming-tai; Wang, Jou-kou; Wu, Mei-hwan
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (23).pdf.jpg2016Prevalence of Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Adolescents: Potential Value of Universal Screening?Pang, Jing; Martin, Andrew C; Mori, Trevor A; Beilin, Lawrence J; Watts, Gerald F
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (83).pdf.jpg2016Physician Engagement in the Transformation of the Pediatric Patient ExperienceRosen, Paul; Mmm, M P H; Mba, James F Burrows; Mba, Jay S Greenspan
2016 JPE Volume 168 January (43).pdf.jpg2016Pollution, Poverty, and Potentially Preventable Childhood Morbidity in Central CaliforniaLessard, Lauren N; Alcala, Emanuel; Capitman, John A
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (77).pdf.jpg2016Psychosocial Care for Injured Children: The Impact of Traumatic Medical Events on Children, Parents, and Healthcare ProvidersAnne, Leslie; Psyd, Ross
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (1).pdf.jpg2016Pediatric Inpatient Readmissions in an Accountable Care OrganizationChristensen, Eric W; Payne, Nathaniel R
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (64).pdf.jpg2016One of the Challenges of Bringing Your Newborn Home Begins with Installing the Car Safety SeatMph, Lois K Lee
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (68).pdf.jpg2016Risk of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease in a Subtropical AreaChiu, Shuenn-nan; Shao, Pei-lan; Chen, Hui-chi; Lin, Ming-tai; Huang, Li-min; Ms, Feng-yu Kao; Huang, San-kuei; Wang, Jou-kou; Wu, Mei-hwan
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (49).pdf.jpg2016Anxiety Adversely Impacts Response to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Children with Chronic PainCunningham, Natoshia Raishevich; Jagpal, Anjana; Tran, Susan T; Kashikar-zuck, Susmita; Goldschneider, Kenneth R; Coghill, Robert C; Lynch-jordan, Anne M