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2016 JPE Volume 169 February (11).pdf.jpg2016Oral Ondansetron in Management of Dehydrating Diarrhea with Vomiting in Children Aged 3 Months to 5 Years: A Randomized Controlled TrialDanewa, Arun Singh; Shah, Dheeraj; Mnams, D N B; Facee, Prerna Batra; Bhattacharya, Swapan Kumar; Gupta, Piyush; Fiap, Fams
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (71).pdf.jpg2016Investment in Faculty as Educational Scholars : Outcomes from the National Educational Scholars Program e Thrombolytic Use in Children : Breaking Down Barriers Tissue Plasminogen Activator Use in Children : Bleeding Complications and Thrombus ResolutionJerardi, Karen E; Mogilner, Leora; Turner, Teri; Chandran, Latha; Baldwin, Constance D; Klein, Melissa
2016 JPE Volume 168 January (23).pdf.jpg2016Mental Health Screening Outcomes in a Pediatric Specialty Care SettingShemesh, Eyal; Lewis, Brianna J; Rubes, Melissa; Ambrose, Michael A; Cahill, Meghan K; Knight, Christopher; Sicherer, Scott H; Annunziato, Rachel A
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (43).pdf.jpg2016Parental Sources of Support and Guidance When Making Difficult Decisions in the Pediatric Intensive Care UnitMadrigal, Vanessa N; Carroll, Karen W; Faerber, Jennifer A; Walter, Jennifer K; Morrison, Wynne E; Feudtner, Chris
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (35).pdf.jpg2016Prenatal Diagnosis of Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia with Misalignment of Pulmonary VeinsProthro, Stephanie L; Plosa, Erin; Markham, Melinda; Szafranski, Przemyslaw; Stankiewicz, Pawel; Killen, Stacy A S
2016 JPE Volume 171 April (6).pdf.jpg2016Obstetric and Neonatal Adversities, Parity, and Tourette Syndrome: A Nationwide RegistryLeivonen, Susanna; Voutilainen, Arja; Chudal, Roshan; Suominen, Auli; Gissler, Mika; Sourander, Andre
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (38).pdf.jpg2016Kidney Stones as an Underrecognized Clinical Sign in Pediatric Cushing DiseaseRahman, Sara H; Papadakis, Georgios Z; Keil, Margaret F; Faucz, Fabio R; Lodish, Maya B; Stratakis, Constantine A
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (57).pdf.jpg2016Neurologic Melioidosis: Case Report of a Rare Cause of Acute Flaccid ParalysisAndersen, Erik W; Mackay, Mark T; Ryan, Monique M
2016 JPE Volume 168 January (26).pdf.jpg2016Lingual Osseous ChoristomaDavidson, Samuel
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (79).pdf.jpg2016School-Aged Outcomes following Prenatal Methamphetamine Exposure: 7.5-Year Follow-Up from the Infant Development, Environment, and Lifestyle StudyEze, Nwando; Smith, Lynne M; Lagasse, Linda L; Derauf, Chris; Newman, Elana; Arria, Amelia; Huestis, Marilyn A; Grotta, Sheri A Della; Dansereau, Lynne M; Neal, Charles; Lester, Barry M
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (30).pdf.jpg2016Socioeconomic Status and Hospitalization Costs for Children with Brain and Spinal Cord InjuryZonfrillo, Mark R; Zaniletti, Isabella; Hall, Matthew; Fieldston, Evan S; Colvin, Jeffrey D; Bettenhausen, Jessica L; Macy, Michelle L; Alpern, Elizabeth R; Cutler, Gretchen J; Raphael, Jean L; Morse, Rustin B; Sills, Marion R
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (25).pdf.jpg2016Survival, Hospitalization, and Acute-Care Costs of Very and Moderate Preterm Infants in the First 6 Years of Life: A Population-Based StudyStephens, Alexandre S; Lain, Samantha J; Roberts, Christine L; Bowen, Jennifer R; Nassar, Natasha
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (2).pdf.jpg2016To Ask or Not to Ask? Opinions of Pediatric Medical Inpatients about Suicide Risk Screening in the HospitalRoss, Abigail M; White, Erina; Powell, Daniel; Nelson, Sally; Horowitz, Lisa; Wharff, Elizabeth
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (50).pdf.jpg2016The Financial and Emotional Impact of Atopic Dermatitis on Children and Their FamiliesFilanovsky, Michelle G; Pootongkam, Suwimon; Tamburro, Joan E; Smith, Mary C; Ganocy, Stephen J; Nedorost, Susan T
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (66).pdf.jpg2016Assessment of Left Ventricular Mass in Children and Adolescents: Current StatusBrown, Laura D; Rozance, Paul J
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (88).pdf.jpg2016Welcoming another new Associate Editor to The JournalBalistreri, William F
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (82).pdf.jpg2016researchersWelch, Thomas R
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (78).pdf.jpg2016The Journal —Lurie, Robert H
2016 JPE Volume 169 February (78).pdf.jpg2016Editor Managing Editor Senior Editorial Assistants Editorial BoardBalistreri, William F; Daniels, Stephen R; Long, Sarah S; Goodman, Denise M; Welch, Thomas R; Helton, Monica L; Lindeman, Rebecca W; Abman, Steven H; Cuello-garc, Carlos
2016 JPE Volume 170 March (30).pdf.jpg2016Changing Patterns of Pertussis in a Children's Hospital in the Polymerase Chain Reaction Diagnostic EraHale, Sophie; Quinn, Helen E; Kesson, Alison; Wood, Nicholas J; Mcintyre, Peter B