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2016 PCRG Volume 26 (36).pdf.jpg2016Implementation of ‘ matrix support ’ ( collaborative care ) to reduce asthma and COPD referrals and improve primary care management in Brazil : a pilot observational studyMartins, Sonia Maria; Salibe-filho, William; Tonioli, Luís Paulo; Eduardo, Luís; Braz, Patrícia Dias; Mcdonnell, Juliet; Williams, Siân; Carmo, Débora; Sousa, Jaime Correia De; Pinnock, Hilary; Stelmach, Rafael
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (31).pdf.jpg2016The frequency of , and adherence to , single maintenance and reliever therapy instructions in asthma : a descriptive analysisDisantostefano, Rachael L; Boudiaf, Nada; Stempel, David A; Barnes, Neil C; Greening, Andrew P
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (21).pdf.jpg2016Protocol for regional implementation of collaborative lung function testingVargas, Claudia; Burgos, Felip; Cano, Isaac; Blanco, Isabel; Caminal, Pere; Escarrabill, Joan; Gallego, Carles
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (35).pdf.jpg2016Independent effect of prior exacerbation frequency and disease severity on the risk of future exacerbations of COPD : a retrospective cohort studyMargüello, Miguel Santibañez; Garrastazu, Roberto; Ruiz-nuñez, Mario; Helguera, Jose Manuel; Arenal, Sandra; Bonnardeux, Cristina; León, Carlos; Miravitlles, Marc; García-rivero, Juan Luis
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (27).pdf.jpg2016The effect of umeclidinium added to inhaled corticosteroid / long-acting β 2 -agonist in patients with symptomatic COPD : a randomised , double-blind , parallel-group studySousa, Ana R; Riley, John H; Church, Alison; Zhu, Chang-qing; Punekar, Yogesh S; Fahy, William A
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (16).pdf.jpg2016OPEN A new instrument to predict smoking cessation among patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : an observational longitudinal study of the Trying To Quit smoking questionnaireLundh, Lena; Alinaghizadeh, Hassan; Törnkvist, Lena; Gilljam, Hans; Galanti, Maria Rosaria
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (1).pdf.jpg2016Acid-suppressive medications during pregnancy and risk of asthma and allergy in the offspring : protocol for a systematic reviewDevine, Rebecca E; Sheikh, Aziz; Nwaru, Bright I
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (9).pdf.jpg2016Endogenous and exogenous sex steroid hormones in asthma and allergy in females : protocol for a systematic review andNwaru, Bright I; Nurmatov, Ulugbek; Sheikh, Aziz
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (12).pdf.jpg2016Reducing antibiotic prescriptions for respiratory tract infections in family practice : results of a cluster randomized controlled trial evaluating a multifaceted peer-group-based interventionVervloet, Marcia; Meulepas, Marianne A; Cals, Jochen W L; Eimers, Mariëtta; Hoek, Lucas S Van Der; Dijk, Liset Van
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (24).pdf.jpg2016Inhaler technique : facts and fantasies . A view from the Aerosol Drug Management Improvement Team ( ADMIT )Levy, Mark L; Dekhuijzen, P N R; Barnes, P J; Broeders, M; Corrigan, C J; Chawes, B L; Corbetta, L; Dubus, J C; Hausen, Th; Lavorini, F
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (33).pdf.jpg2016Health status instruments for patients with COPD in pulmonary rehabilitation : de fi ning a minimal clinically important differenceAlma, Harma; Jong, Corina De; Jelusic, Danijel; Wittmann, Michael; Schuler, Michael; Blok, Bertine Flokstra-de; Kocks, Janwillem
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (29).pdf.jpg2016OPEN FRESH AIR : an implementation research project funded through Horizon 2020 exploring the prevention , diagnosis and treatment of chronic respiratory diseases in low-resource settingsCragg, Liza; Williams, Siân; Chavannes, Niels H; Air, Fresh
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (25).pdf.jpg2016An innovative COPD early detection programme in general practice : evaluating barriers to implementationDirven, Joseph A M; Moser, Albine; Tange, Huibert J; Muris, Jean W M; Schayck, Onno C P Van
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (19).pdf.jpg2016Moving the mean with feedback : insights from behavioural scienceLinder, Jeffrey A
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (14).pdf.jpg2016OPEN A community-based cross-sectional immunisation survey in parents of primary school studentsHon, Kam Lun; Tsang, Yin Ching K; Chan, Lawrence C N; Ng, Daniel K K; Miu, Ting Yat; Chan, Johnny Y; Lee, Albert
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (20).pdf.jpg2016Prenatal maternal psychosocial stress and risk of asthma and allergy in their offspring : protocol for a systematic review andFlanigan, Catherine; Sheikh, Aziz; Nwaru, Bright I
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (28).pdf.jpg2016OPEN UK prescribing practices as proxy markers of unmet need in allergic rhinitis : a retrospective observational studyPrice, David B; Scadding, Glenis; Bachert, Claus; Saleh, Hesham; Nasser, Shuaib; Carter, Victoria; Ziegenweidt, Julie Von; Durieux, Alice M S; Ryan, Dermot
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (5).pdf.jpg2016When should I be considering home oxygen for my patients ?Suntharalingam, Jay; Hippolyte, Sabrine; Knowles, Vikki; Freeman, Daryl; Patel, Irem; Hardinge, Maxine
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (13).pdf.jpg2016Multi-component assessment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : an evaluation of the ADO and DOSE indices and the global obstructive lung disease categories in international primary care data setsJones, Rupert C; Price, David; Chavannes, Niels H; Lee, Amanda J; Hyland, Michael E; Ställberg, Björn; Lisspers, Karin
2016 PCRG Volume 26 (8).pdf.jpg2016Factors associated with the time to the fi rst wheezing episode in infants : a cross-sectional study from the International Study of Wheezing in Infants ( EISL )Pacheco-gonzalez, Rosa M; Mallol, Javier; Solé, Dirceu; Brand, Paul L P; Perez-fernandez, Virginia; Sanchez-solis, Manuel

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