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2016 WRE Volume 92 April (21).pdf.jpg2016Impact of solids retention time on dissolved organic nitrogen and its biodegradability in treated wastewaterSimsek, Halis; Kasi, Murthy; Ohm, Jae-bom; Murthy, Sudhir; Khan, Eakalak
2016 WRE Volume 89 February (26).pdf.jpg2016Inactivation mechanism of chlorination in Escherichia coli internalized in Limnoithona sinensis and Daphnia magnaLin, Tao; Chen, Wei; Cai, Bo
2016 WRE Volume 89 February (6).pdf.jpg2016Investigation on the removal of the major cocaine metabolite ( benzoylecgonine ) in water matrices by UV 254 / H 2 O 2 process by using a fl ow microcapillary fi lm array photoreactor as an ef fi cient experimental toolRusso, Danilo; Spasiano, Danilo; Vaccaro, Marianna; Cochran, Kristin H; Richardson, Susan D; Andreozzi, Roberto; Li, Gianluca; Reis, Nuno M
2016 WRE Volume 91 March (26).pdf.jpg2016Meso and micro-scale response of post carbon removal nitrifying MBBR bio fi lm across carrier type and loadingYoung, Bradley; Banihashemi, Bahman; Forrest, Daina; Kennedy, Kevin; Stintzi, Alain; Delatolla, Robert
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (16).pdf.jpg2016Monitoring and statistical modelling of sedimentation in gully potsPost, J A B; Pothof, I W M; Dirksen, J; Baars, E J; Langeveld, J G; Clemens, F H L R
2016 WRE Volume 90 March (33).pdf.jpg2016Limit of stokesian settling concentration characterizes sludge settling velocityMancell-egala, William A S K; Kinnear, David J; Jones, Kimberly L
2016 WRE Volume 90 March (10).pdf.jpg2016Nitrite production in a partial denitrifying up fl ow sludge bed ( USB ) reactor equipped with gas automatic circulation ( GAC )Cao, Shenbin; Li, Baikun; Du, Rui; Ren, Nanqi; Peng, Yongzhen
2016 WRE Volume 96 June (26).pdf.jpg2016Oxidation of the odorous compound 2 , 4 , 6-trichloroanisole by UV activated persulfate : Kinetics , products , and pathwaysLuo, Congwei; Jiang, Jin; Ma, Jun; Pang, Suyan; Liu, Yongze; Song, Yang; Guan, Chaoting; Li, Juan; Jin, Yixin; Wu, Daoji
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (70).pdf.jpg2016Ozonation of piperidine , piperazine and morpholine : Kinetics , stoichiometry , product formation and mechanistic considerationsJewell, Kevin S; Reisz, Erika; Lutze, Holger V; Tekle-r, Agnes; Ternes, Thomas A; Schmidt, Winfried; Schmidt, Torsten C
2016 WRE Volume 94 May (33).pdf.jpg2016Photocatalytic ozonation of urban wastewater and surface water using immobilized TiO 2 with LEDs : Micropollutants , antibiotic resistance genes and estrogenic activitySousa, M; Macedo, Gonçalo; Ribeiro, Ana R; Moreira, Nuno F F; Barreiros, Luisa; Pedrosa, Marta; Faria, Joaquim L; Pereira, M Fernando R; Manaia, M; Nunes, Olga C; Segundo, Marcela A
2016 WRE Volume 96 June (28).pdf.jpg2016PHA production from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste ( OFMSW ): Overcoming the inhibitory matrixKorkakaki, Emmanouela; Mulders, Michel; Veeken, Adrie; Rozendal, Rene; Loosdrecht, Mark C M Van; Kleerebezem, Robbert
2016 WRE Volume 96 June (6).pdf.jpg2016Removal of phosphorus by the core-shell bio-ceramic / Zn-layered double hydroxides ( LDHs ) composites for municipal wastewater treatment in constructed rapid in fi ltration systemZhang, Xiangling; Guo, Lu; Huang, Hualing; Jiang, Yinghe; Li, Meng; Leng, Yujie
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (59).pdf.jpg2016Quantifying fat , oil , and grease deposit formation kineticsIasmin, Mahbuba; Dean, Lisa O; Ducoste, Joel J
2016 WRE Volume 91 March (33).pdf.jpg2016Removal of the pesticides imazalil and tebuconazole in saturated constructed wetland mesocosmsLv, Tao; Zhang, Yang; Zhang, Liang; Carvalho, Pedro N; Arias, Carlos A; Brix, Hans
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (69).pdf.jpg2016Removal of pharmaceuticals from secondary ef fl uents by an electro- peroxone processYao, Weikun; Wang, Xiaofeng; Yang, Hongwei; Yu, Gang; Deng, Shubo; Huang, Jun; Wang, Bin; Wang, Yujue
2016 WRE Volume 91 March (14).pdf.jpg2016Antibiotic resistance genes and human bacterial pathogens : Co- occurrence , removal , and enrichment in municipal sewage sludge digestersJu, Feng; Li, Bing; Ma, Liping; Wang, Yubo; Huang, Danping; Zhang, Tong
2016 WRE Volume 93 April (27).pdf.jpg2016Selecting the column con fi guration with lowest media replacement cost for small adsorption systemsBausk, Artem S; Dvorak, Bruce I
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (8).pdf.jpg2016Subsurface intake systems : Green choice for improving feed water quality at SWRO desalination plants , Jeddah , Saudi ArabiaDehwah, Abdullah H A; Missimer, Thomas M
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (10).pdf.jpg2016Study of the photochemical transformation of 2-ethylhexyl 4- ( dimethylamino ) benzoate ( OD-PABA ) under conditions relevant to surface watersCalza, P; Vione, D; Galli, F; Fabbri, D; Bello, F Dal; Medana, C
2016 WRE Volume 89 February (35).pdf.jpg2016Sul fi de and methane production in sewer sediments : Field survey and model evaluationLiu, Yiwen; Tugtas, A Evren; Sharma, Keshab R; Ni, Bing-jie; Yuan, Zhiguo