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2016 WRE Volume 91 March (12).pdf.jpg2016In fl uence of uncertainty inherent to heavy metal build-up and wash- off on stormwater qualityWijesiri, Buddhi; Egodawatta, Prasanna; Mcgree, James; Goonetilleke, Ashantha
2016 WRE Volume 91 March (1).pdf.jpg2016In fl uence of microalgal N and P composition on wastewater nutrient remediationPidou, Marc; Ometto, Francesco; Whitton, Rachel; M, Amandine Le; Villa, Raffaella; Jefferson, Bruce
2016 WRE Volume 89 February (6).pdf.jpg2016Investigation on the removal of the major cocaine metabolite ( benzoylecgonine ) in water matrices by UV 254 / H 2 O 2 process by using a fl ow microcapillary fi lm array photoreactor as an ef fi cient experimental toolRusso, Danilo; Spasiano, Danilo; Vaccaro, Marianna; Cochran, Kristin H; Richardson, Susan D; Andreozzi, Roberto; Li, Gianluca; Reis, Nuno M
2016 WRE Volume 91 March (26).pdf.jpg2016Meso and micro-scale response of post carbon removal nitrifying MBBR bio fi lm across carrier type and loadingYoung, Bradley; Banihashemi, Bahman; Forrest, Daina; Kennedy, Kevin; Stintzi, Alain; Delatolla, Robert
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (16).pdf.jpg2016Monitoring and statistical modelling of sedimentation in gully potsPost, J A B; Pothof, I W M; Dirksen, J; Baars, E J; Langeveld, J G; Clemens, F H L R
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (58).pdf.jpg2016Mathematical modelling and reactor design for multi-cycle bioregeneration of nitrate exhausted ion exchange resinEbrahimi, Shelir; Roberts, Deborah J
2016 WRE Volume 90 March (33).pdf.jpg2016Limit of stokesian settling concentration characterizes sludge settling velocityMancell-egala, William A S K; Kinnear, David J; Jones, Kimberly L
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (42).pdf.jpg2016Nutrient removal , microalgal biomass growth , harvesting and lipid yield in response to centrate wastewater loadingsGe, Shijian; Champagne, Pascale
2016 WRE Volume 95 May (30).pdf.jpg2016Persistence of naturally occurring antibiotic resistance genes in the bacteria and bacteriophage fractions of wastewaterMuniesa, Maite; Calero-c, William
2016 WRE Volume 95 May (33).pdf.jpg2016Roles of iron species and pH optimization on sewage sludge conditioning with Fenton ' s reagent and limeYu, Wenbo; Yang, Jiakuan; Shi, Yafei; Song, Jian; Shi, Yao; Xiao, Jun; Li, Chao; Xu, Xinyu; He, Shu; Liang, Sha; Wu, Xu; Hu, Jingping
2016 WRE Volume 94 May (35).pdf.jpg2016Role of humic substances in the degradation pathways and residual antibacterial activity during the photodecomposition of the antibiotic cipro fl oxacin in waterPorras, Jazmín; Bedoya, Cristina; Silva-agredo, Javier; Santamaría, Alexander; Torres-palma, Ricardo A; Fern, Jhon J
2016 WRE Volume 90 March (37).pdf.jpg2016Rethinking the sustainability of Israel ' s irrigation practices in theTal, Alon
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (31).pdf.jpg2016Simultaneous nitritation e denitritation for the treatment of high-strength nitrogen in hypersaline wastewater by aerobic granular sludgeCorsino, Santo Fabio; Capodici, Marco; Morici, Claudia; Torregrossa, Michele
2016 WRE Volume 94 May (37).pdf.jpg2016Simultaneous nitrogen , phosphorous , and hardness removal from reverse osmosis concentrate by microalgae cultivationWang, Xiao-xiong; Wu, Yin-hu; Zhang, Tian-yuan; Xu, Xue-qiao; Dao, Guo-hua; Hu, Hong-ying
2016 WRE Volume 94 May (40).pdf.jpg2016Temperature change affected groundwater quality in a con fi ned marine aquifer during long-term heating and coolingSaito, Takeshi; Hamamoto, Shoichiro; Ueki, Takashi; Ohkubo, Satoshi; Moldrup, Per
2016 WRE Volume 96 June (30).pdf.jpg2016Technical aspects of using human adenovirus as a viral water quality indicatorRames, Emily; Roiko, Anne; Stratton, Helen; Macdonald, Joanne
2016 WRE Volume 93 April (33).pdf.jpg2016Ultrasonic waste activated sludge disintegration for recovering multiple nutrients for biofuel productionXie, Guo-jun; Liu, Bing-feng; Wang, Qilin; Ding, Jie; Ren, Nan-qi
2016 WRE Volume 96 June (31).pdf.jpg2016Vulnerability of drinking water supplies to engineered nanoparticlesTroester, Martin; Brauch, Heinz-juergen; Hofmann, Thilo
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (97).pdf.jpg2016WaLA , a versatile model for the life cycle assessment of urban water systems : Formalism and framework for a modular approachLoubet, Philippe; Roux, Philippe
2016 WRE Volume 88 January (14).pdf.jpg2016Bioelectricity inhibits back diffusion from the anolyte into the desalinated stream in microbial desalination cellsPing, Qingyun; Porat, Oded; Dosoretz, Carlos G; He, Zhen