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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2007Biomarkers of Mucinous Tumors of the OvarySamimi, Goli; Ozbun, Laurent; Johnson, Michael E.; Mok, Samuel C.; Birrer, Michael J.
2009Examining the Interface Between Substance Misuse and Intimate Partner ViolenceStuart, Gregory L.; O’Farrell, Timothy J.; Leonard, Kenneth; Moore, Todd M.; Temple, Jeff R.; Ramsey, Susan E.; Stout, Robert L.; Kahler, Christopher W.; Bucossi, Meggan M.; Andersen, Shawna M.; Recupero, Patricia R.; Walsh, Zach; Schonbrun, Yael Chatav; Strong, David R.; Rothman, Emily F.; Rhatigan, Deborah L.; Monti, Peter M.
2009Non-Classical Roles of NADPH-Oxidase Dependent Reactive Oxygen Species in PhagocytesSubramanian, Kulandayan K.; Luo, Hongbo
2009Targeted Deletion of Tumor Suppressor PTEN Augments Neutrophil Function and Enhances Host Defense in Neutropenia-Associated PneumoniaLi, Yitang; Jia, Yonghui; Pichavant, Muriel; Loison, Fabien; Sarraj, Bara; Kasorn, Anongnard; You, Jian; Robson, Bryanne E.; Umetsu, Dale; Mizgerd, Joseph P.; Ye, Keqiang; Luo, Hongbo
2008Cancer Cell-Derived Clusterin Modulates the Phosphatidylinositol 3'-Kinase-Akt Pathway through Attenuation of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 during Serum DeprivationJo, Hakryul; Jia, Yonghui; Subramanian, Kulandayan K.; Hattori, Hidenori; Luo, Hongbo
2000Targeted deletion of matrix metalloproteinase-9 attenuates left ventricular enlargement and collagen accumulation after experimental myocardial infarctionDucharme, Anique; Frantz, Stefan; Aikawa, Masanori; Rabkin, Elena; Lindsey, Merry; Rohde, Luis E.; Schoen, Frederick Jack; Kelly, Ralph A.; Werb, Zena; Libby, Peter; Lee, Richard Theodore
2008Regulation of Innate Immunity by Inositol 1,3,4,5-TetrakisphosphateJia, Yonghui; Schurmans, Stephane; Luo, Hongbo
2009Focal Adhesion Kinase Regulates Pathogen-Killing Capability and Life Span of Neutrophils via Mediating both Adhesion-Dependent and -Independent Cellular SignalsKasorn, Anongnard; Alcaide, Pilar; Jia, Yonghui; Subramanian, Kulandayan K.; Sarraj, Bara; Li, Yitang; Loison, Fabien; Hattori, Hidenori; Silberstein, Leslie E.; Luscinskas, William F.; Luo, Hongbo
2006Comprehensive Phenotyping in Multiple Sclerosis: Discovery Based Proteomics and the Current Understanding of Putative BiomarkersO’Connor, Kevin C.; Roy, Sushmita Mimi; Becker, Christopher H.; Hafler, David A.; Kantor, Aaron B.
2008Neuroprotective Actions of PIKE-L by Inhibition of SET Proteolytic Degradation by Asparagine EndopeptidaseLiu, Zhixue; Jang, Sung-Wuk; Liu, Xia; Cheng, Dongmei; Peng, Junmin; Yepes, Manuel; Li, Xiao-jiang; Matthews, Steve; Watts, Colin; Asano, Masahide; Hara-Nishimura, Ikuko; Luo, Hongbo; Ye, Keqiang