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2009Catastrophic NAD+ Depletion in Activated T Lymphocytes Through Nampt Inhibition Reduces Demyelination and Disability in EAEBruzzone, Santina; Fruscione, Floriana; Morando, Sara; Ferrando, Tiziana; Poggi, Alessandro; Garuti, Anna; D'Urso, Agustina; Selmo, Martina; Benvenuto, Federica; Cea, Michele; Zoppoli, Gabriele; Moran, Eva; Soncini, Debora; Ballestrero, Alberto; Sordat, Bernard; Patrone, Franco; Uccelli, Antonio; Nencioni, Alessio; Mostoslavsky, Raul
2014Rs964184 (APOA5-A4-C3-A1) Is Related to Elevated Plasma Triglyceride Levels, but Not to an Increased Risk for Vascular Events in Patients with Clinically Manifest Vascular Diseasevan de Woestijne, Anton P.; van der Graaf, Yolanda; de Bakker, Paul I. W.; Asselbergs, Folkert W.; Spiering, Wilko; Visseren, Frank L. J.
2006Hem-1 Complexes Are Essential for Rac Activation, Actin Polymerization, and Myosin Regulation during Neutrophil ChemotaxisWeiner, Orion D; Rentel, Maike C; Ott, Alex; Bourne, Henry R; Schliwa, Manfred; Brown, Glenn E.; Jedrychowski, Mark P.; Yaffe, Michael Bruce; Gygi, Steven P.; Cantley, Lewis C.; Kirschner, Marc W.
Jun-2013A review of factors affecting the success of membrane protein crystallization using bicellesKimble-Hill, Ann C
2012Blood Donation and Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality in MenZhang, Xuehong; Ma, Jing; Wu, Kana; Chan, Andrew Tan; Fuchs, Charles Stewart; Giovannucci, Edward L.
2006Preclinical evaluation of pharmacokinetics and safety of melatonin in propylene glycol for intravenous administrationCheung, RTF; Tipoe, GL; Tam, S; Ma, ESK; Zou, LY; Chan, PS
2009Small-Molecule Activators of Insulin-Degrading Enzyme Discovered through High-Throughput Compound ScreeningCabrol, Christelle; Huzarska, Malwina A.; Dinolfo, Christopher; Rodriguez, Maria C.; Reinstatler, Lael; Ni, Jake; Yeh, Li-An; Stein, Ross L.; Leissring, Malcolm A.; Cuny, Gregory Douglas; Selkoe, Dennis J.
2008The Septins Function in G1 Pathways that Influence the Pattern of Cell Growth in Budding YeastEgelhofer, Thea A.; Villén, Judit; McCusker, Derek; Kellogg, Douglas R.; Hardwick, Kevin G.; Gygi, Steven P.
2012Plasma Cathepsin S and Cystatin C Levels and Risk of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: A Randomized Population–Based StudyLv, Bing-Jie; Lindholt, Jes S.; Cheng, Xiang; Shi, Guo-Ping; Wang, Jing
2014Engineered Hyperactive Integrase for Concerted HIV-1 DNA IntegrationLi, Min; Jurado, Kellie A.; Lin, Shiqiang; Engelman, Alan; Craigie, Robert