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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2014Metabolic Erosion Primarily Through Mutation Accumulation, and Not Tradeoffs, Drives Limited Evolution of Substrate Specificity in Escherichia coliLeiby, Nicholas; Marx, Christopher J.
2014Roles of Piwi Proteins in Transcriptional Regulation Mediated by HP1s in Cultured Silkworm CellsTatsuke, Tsuneyuki; Zhu, Li; Li, Zhiqing; Mitsunobu, Hitoshi; Yoshimura, Kaito; Mon, Hiroaki; Lee, Jae Man; Kusakabe, Takahiro
2014A Role for Topographic Cues in the Organization of Collagenous Matrix by Corneal Fibroblasts and Stem CellsKaramichos, Dimitrios; Funderburgh, Martha L.; Hutcheon, Audrey E. K.; Zieske, James D.; Du, Yiqin; Wu, Jian; Funderburgh, James L.
2014Deconvolution of Serum Cortisol Levels by Using Compressed SensingFaghih, Rose T.; Dahleh, Munther A.; Adler, Gail K.; Klerman, Elizabeth B.; Brown, Emery N.
2014Signaling Role of Prokineticin 2 on the Estrous Cycle of Female MiceXiao, Ling; Zhang, Chengkang; Li, Xiaohan; Gong, Shiaoching; Hu, Renming; Balasubramanian, Ravikumar; Crowley W. Jr., William F.; Hastings, Michael H.; Zhou, Qun-Yong
2014Single-Molecule Study on Histone-Like Nucleoid-Structuring Protein (H-NS) Paralogue in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: MvaU Bears DNA Organization Mode Similarities to MvaTWinardhi, Ricksen S.; Castang, Sandra; Dove, Simon L.; Yan, Jie
2014A Dual TLR Agonist Adjuvant Enhances the Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of the Tuberculosis Vaccine Antigen ID93Orr, Mark T.; Beebe, Elyse A.; Hudson, Thomas E.; Moon, James J.; Fox, Christopher B.; Reed, Steven G.; Coler, Rhea N.
2014MMP9 Processing of HSPB1 Regulates Tumor ProgressionChoi, Seo-hyun; Lee, Hae-June; Jin, Yeung Bae; Jang, Junho; Kang, Ga-Young; Lee, Minyoung; Kim, Chun-Ho; Kim, Joon; Yoon, Sam S.; Lee, Yun-Sil; Lee, Yoon-Jin
2014Phosphomimetic Modulation of eNOS Improves Myocardial Reperfusion and Mimics Cardiac Postconditioning in MicePong, Terrence; Scherrer-Crosbie, Marielle; Atochin, Dmitriy N.; Bloch, Kenneth D.; Huang, Paul L.
2014Predictive Value of Updating Framingham Risk Scores with Novel Risk Markers in the U.S. General PopulationFerket, Bart S.; van Kempen, Bob J. H.; Hunink, M. G. Myriam; Agarwal, Isha; Kavousi, Maryam; Franco, Oscar H.; Steyerberg, Ewout W.; Max, Wendy; Fleischmann, Kirsten E.