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2014Gene Networks of Fully Connected Triads with Complete Auto-Activation Enable Multistability and Stepwise Stochastic TransitionsFaucon, Philippe C.; Pardee, Keith; Kumar, Roshan M.; Li, Hu; Loh, Yuin-Han; Wang, Xiao
2014Immunophenotyping and Efficacy of Low Dose ATG in Non-Sensitized Kidney Recipients Undergoing Early Steroid Withdrawal: A Randomized Pilot StudyGrafals, Monica; Smith, Brian; Murakami, Naoka; Trabucco, Agnes; Hamill, Katherine; Marangos, Erick; Gilligan, Hannah; Pomfret, Elizabeth A.; Pomposelli, James J.; Simpson, Mary A.; Azzi, Jamil; Najafian, Nader; Riella, Leonardo V.
2014Effects of Aging on Genioglossus Motor Units in HumansSaboisky, Julian P.; Stashuk, Daniel W.; Hamilton-Wright, Andrew; Trinder, John; Nandedkar, Sanjeev; Malhotra, Atul
2014Genetic Deletion of SEPT7 Reveals a Cell Type-Specific Role of Septins in Microtubule Destabilization for the Completion of CytokinesisMenon, Manoj B.; Sawada, Akihiro; Chaturvedi, Anuhar; Mishra, Pooja; Schuster-Gossler, Karin; Galla, Melanie; Schambach, Axel; Gossler, Achim; Förster, Reinhold; Heuser, Michael; Kotlyarov, Alexey; Kinoshita, Makoto; Gaestel, Matthias
2014Epigenetic Landscapes Explain Partially Reprogrammed Cells and Identify Key Reprogramming GenesLang, Alex H.; Li, Hu; Collins, James J.; Mehta, Pankaj
2014Phylogenetic Analyses and Characterization of RNase X25 from Drosophila melanogaster Suggest a Conserved Housekeeping Role and Additional Functions for RNase T2 Enzymes in ProtostomesAmbrosio, Linda; Morriss, Stephanie; Riaz, Ayesha; Bailey, Ryan; Ding, Jian; MacIntosh, Gustavo C.
2014Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive TechnologiesGrau, Carles; Ginhoux, Romuald; Riera, Alejandro; Nguyen, Thanh Lam; Chauvat, Hubert; Berg, Michel; Amengual, Julià L.; Pascual-Leone, Alvaro; Ruffini, Giulio
2014A Direct Projection from Mouse Primary Visual Cortex to Dorsomedial StriatumKhibnik, Lena A.; Tritsch, Nicolas X.; Sabatini, Bernardo L.
2014CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Gene Knock-Down in Post-Mitotic NeuronsStraub, Christoph; Granger, Adam J.; Saulnier, Jessica L.; Sabatini, Bernardo L.
2014Identification of Anti-virulence Compounds That Disrupt Quorum-Sensing Regulated Acute and Persistent PathogenicityStarkey, Melissa; Lepine, Francois; Maura, Damien; Bandyopadhaya, Arunava; Lesic, Biljana; He, Jianxin; Kitao, Tomoe; Righi, Valeria; Milot, Sylvain; Tzika, Aria; Rahme, Laurence