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2014Arousal vs. Relaxation: A Comparison of the Neurophysiological and Cognitive Correlates of Vajrayana and Theravada Meditative PracticesAmihai, Ido; Kozhevnikov, Maria
2014Gene Networks of Fully Connected Triads with Complete Auto-Activation Enable Multistability and Stepwise Stochastic TransitionsFaucon, Philippe C.; Pardee, Keith; Kumar, Roshan M.; Li, Hu; Loh, Yuin-Han; Wang, Xiao
2014N-WASP Is Required for Structural Integrity of the Blood-Testis BarrierXiao, Xiang; Mruk, Dolores D.; Tang, Elizabeth I.; Massarwa, R'ada; Mok, Ka Wai; Li, Nan; Wong, Chris K. C.; Lee, Will M.; Snapper, Scott B.; Shilo, Ben-Zion; Schejter, Eyal D.; Cheng, C. Yan
2014Increasing fMRI Sampling Rate Improves Granger Causality EstimatesLin, Fa-Hsuan; Ahveninen, Jyrki; Raij, Tommi; Witzel, Thomas; Chu, Ying-Hua; Jääskeläinen, Iiro P.; Tsai, Kevin Wen-Kai; Kuo, Wen-Jui; Belliveau, John W.
2014Cycling Empirical Antibiotic Therapy in Hospitals: Meta-Analysis and ModelsAbel zur Wiesch, Pia; Kouyos, Roger; Abel, Sören; Viechtbauer, Wolfgang; Bonhoeffer, Sebastian
2014Comparison of the Transmembrane Mucins MUC1 and MUC16 in Epithelial Barrier FunctionGipson, Ilene K.; Spurr-Michaud, Sandra; Tisdale, Ann; Menon, Balaraj B.
2014Genotyping Cancer-Associated Genes in Chordoma Identifies Mutations in Oncogenes and Areas of Chromosomal Loss Involving CDKN2A, PTEN, and SMARCB1Choy, Edwin; MacConaill, Laura E.; Cote, Gregory M.; Le, Long P.; Shen, Jacson K.; Nielsen, Gunnlaugur P.; Iafrate, Anthony J.; Garraway, Levi A.; Hornicek, Francis J.; Duan, Zhenfeng
2014Alzheimer's Associated β-Amyloid Protein Inhibits Influenza A Virus and Modulates Viral Interactions with PhagocytesWhite, Mitchell R.; Kandel, Ruth; Tripathi, Shweta; Condon, David; Qi, Li; Taubenberger, Jeffrey; Hartshorn, Kevan L.
2014Psychosocial Predictors of Non-Adherence and Treatment Failure in a Large Scale Multi-National Trial of Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV: Data from the ACTG A5175/PEARLS TrialSafren, Steven A.; Biello, Katie B.; Smeaton, Laura; Mimiaga, Matthew J.; Walawander, Ann; Lama, Javier R.; Rana, Aadia; Nyirenda, Mulinda; Kayoyo, Virginia M.; Samaneka, Wadzanai; Joglekar, Anjali; Celentano, David; Martinez, Ana; Remmert, Jocelyn E.; Nair, Aspara; Lalloo, Umesh G.; Kumarasamy, Nagalingeswaran; Hakim, James; Campbell, Thomas B.
2014The Association of Early Childhood Cognitive Development and Behavioural Difficulties with Pre-Adolescent Problematic Eating AttitudesRichmond, Rebecca C.; Skugarevsky, Oleg; Yang, Seungmi; Kramer, Michael S.; Wade, Kaitlin H.; Patel, Rita; Bogdanovich, Natalia; Vilchuck, Konstantin; Sergeichick, Natalia; Smith, George Davey; Oken, Emily; Martin, Richard M.