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2012The role of hemispheric lateralisation in immunity & human immunodeficiency virus Type 1 (HIV-1)Gidron, Y; Nowicky, A; Parton, A; Sumner, Rachel Clair
23-Aug-2013HIV treatment outcomes in Uganda : the impact of baseline characteristics and variability in pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics of antiretroviral drugsNanzigu, Sarah
2014Influence of providers and nurses on completion of non-targeted HIV screening in an urgent care settingBender Ignacio, Rachel A; Chu, Jacqueline; Power, Melinda C; Douaiher, Jeffrey; Lane, Jordan D; Collins, Jeffrey P; Stone, Valerie E
2009Rapid HIV Testing Program Implementation: Lessons from the Emergency DepartmentReichmann, William M.; Mikulinsky, Regina; Solomon, Jessica D.; Dooley, Matthew M.; Arbelaez, Christian; Block, Brian Lewis; Losina, Elena; Wright, Elizabeth A.; Walensky, Rochelle P.
2012T Cell Activation Markers and African Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups among Non-Hispanic Black Participants in AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study 384Hulgan, Todd; Kalams, Spyros A.; Samuels, David C.; Grady, Benjamin; Shafer, Robert; Murdock, Deborah G.; Selph, Doug; Haas, David W.; Pollard, Richard B.; Robbins, Gregory Kimball
2012Identification and Characterization of a Broadly Cross-Reactive HIV-1 Human Monoclonal Antibody That Binds to Both gp120 and gp41Zhang, Mei-Yun; Yuan, Tingting; Rosa Borges, Andrew; Guenaga, Javier; Yang, Zheng; Wang, Yanping; Li, Yuxing; Polonis, Victoria R.; Pincus, Seth H.; Dimitrov, Dimiter S.; Li, Jingjing; Watkins, Jennifer D; Ruprecht, Ruth Margrit; Wilson, Richard
2012Co-Operative Additive Effects between HLA Alleles in Control of HIV-1Matthews, Philippa C.; Listgarten, Jennifer; Carlson, Jonathan M.; Payne, Rebecca; Huang, Kuan-Hsiang Gary; Frater, John; Goedhals, Dominique; Steyn, Dewald; van Vuuren, Cloete; Paioni, Paolo; Jooste, Pieter; Ogwu, Anthony; Shapiro, Roger L.; Mncube, Zenele; Ndung'u, Thumbi; Walker, Bruce David; Heckerman, David; Goulder, Philip J. R.
2012High acceptability for cell phone text messages to improve communication of laboratory results with HIV-infected patients in rural Uganda: a cross-sectional survey studySiedner, Mark Jacob; Haberer, Jessica; Bwana, Mwebesa Bosco; Ware, Norma Clara; Bangsberg, David Roy
2012Causes of Death on Antiretroviral Therapy: A Post-Mortem Study from South AfricaWong, Emily Beth; Omar, Tanvier; Setlhako, Gosetsemang J.; Osih, Regina; Feldman, Charles; Murdoch, David M.; Martinson, Neil A.; Bangsberg, David Roy; Venter, W. D. F.
2012Outcomes of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment with Early Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Co-Infected Patients in LesothoHedt-Gauthier, Bethany; Atwood, Sidney S.; Omotayo, David B.; Ntlamelle, Likhapha; Satti, Hind Elkheir; Seung, Kwonjune Justin; McLaughlin, Megan M