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2009Catastrophic NAD+ Depletion in Activated T Lymphocytes Through Nampt Inhibition Reduces Demyelination and Disability in EAEBruzzone, Santina; Fruscione, Floriana; Morando, Sara; Ferrando, Tiziana; Poggi, Alessandro; Garuti, Anna; D'Urso, Agustina; Selmo, Martina; Benvenuto, Federica; Cea, Michele; Zoppoli, Gabriele; Moran, Eva; Soncini, Debora; Ballestrero, Alberto; Sordat, Bernard; Patrone, Franco; Uccelli, Antonio; Nencioni, Alessio; Mostoslavsky, Raul
9783034807050.pdf.jpg2014Drugs targeting B-cells in autoimmune diseasesXavier Bosch, Manuel Ramos-Casals, Munther A. Khamashta, editors
9783642023088.pdf.jpg2010Natural killer cellJacques Zimmer, editor
2014Microstructural Changes in the Striatum and Their Impact on Motor and Neuropsychological Performance in Patients with Multiple SclerosisCavallari, Michele; Ceccarelli, Antonia; Wang, Guang-Yi; Moscufo, Nicola; Hannoun, Salem; Matulis, Christina R.; Jackson, Jonathan S.; Glanz, Bonnie I.; Bakshi, Rohit; Neema, Mohit; Guttmann, Charles R. G.
9783034807258.pdf.jpg2014T Lymphocytes as tools in diagnostics and immunotoxicologyStefan F. Martin, editor
9781461412076.pdf.jpg2012Microbial Technologies in Advanced Biofuels Productionedited by Patrick C. Hallenbeck
9781461465423.pdf.jpg2013MHC Class I Antigens In Malignant Cellby Natalia Aptsiauri, Angel Miguel Garcia-Lora, Teresa Cabrera
9781461479529.pdf.jpg2013Multiple Sclerosis Immunologyedited by Takashi Yamamura, Bruno Gran
9783642023095.pdf.jpg2010Natural killer cellJacques Zimmer, editor
9783540738992.pdf.jpg2008Specialization and complementation of humoral immune responses to infectionTim Manser, editor