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2014Physical activity counseling in medical school education: a systematic reviewDacey, Marie L.; Kennedy, Mary A.; Polak, Rani; Phillips, Edward M.
2010Systematic Review of Emergency Department Central Venous and Arterial Catheter InfectionLeMaster, Christopher H.; Agrawal, Ashish T.; Hou, Peter Chuanyi; Schuur, Jeremiah D
2016 NPR Volume 30 Issue 1 (20).pdf.jpg2016Two new dammarane-type triterpene sapogenins from Chinese red ginsengZheng, Qian; Li, Zhuo; Liu, Jinping; Han, Liu; Zhang, Nanqi; Zhang, Hao; Li, Pingya
2016 JU Volume 195 Issue 1 January (19).pdf.jpg2016Trauma / Reconstruction / Diversion High Grade Blunt Renal Trauma : Predictors of Surgery and Long-Term Outcomes of Conservative Management . A Prospective Single Center StudyArnoux, Valentin; Descotes, Jean-luc; Lanchon, Cecilia; Rambeaud, Jean-jacques; Terrier, Nicolas; Boillot, Bernard; Thuillier, Caroline; Poncet, Delphine; Long, Jean-alexandre
2016 JU Volume 195 Issue 1 January (23).pdf.jpg2016Voiding Dysfunction Preoperative Testing for Urethral Sling Surgery for Stress Urinary Incontinence : Overuse , Underuse and Cost ImplicationsFeng, Tom S; Perkins, Colby E; Wood, Lauren N; Eilber, Karyn S; Wang, Jerome K; Bresee, Catherine; Anger, Jennifer T
2016 JN Vilume 124 Issue 3March (35).pdf.jpg2016a qualitative studySamuel, Nardin; Shamji, Mohammed F; Bernstein, Mark
2016 NDT Volume 31 Issue 1 January (5).pdf.jpg2016Hypertension and mild chronic kidney disease persist following severe haemolytic uraemic syndrome caused by Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O104 : H4 in adultsDerad, Inge; Obermann, Birgit; Katalinic, Alexander; Eisemann, Nora; Knobloch, Johannes K; Sayk, Friedhelm; Wellhöner, Peter; Lehnert, Hendrik; Solbach, Werner; Süfke, Sven; Steinhoff, Jürgen; Nitschke, Martin
2016 NDT Volume 31 Issue 4 April (16).pdf.jpg2016Moderator ’ s View : Buttonhole cannulation of arteriovenous fi stulae : great caution is warrantedLabriola, Laura; Jadoul, Michel
2016 NDT Volume 31 Issue 2 February (7).pdf.jpg2016NDT Perspectives Highlights of the 2015 ERA-EDTA Congress — glomerular diseasesFloege, Jürgen
2016 NDT Volume 31 Issue 3 March (12).pdf.jpg2016Original Articles Oleanolic acid and N -acetylcysteine ameliorate diabetic nephropathy through reduction of oxidative stress and endoplasmic reticulum stress in a type 2 diabetic rat modelLee, Eun Soo; Kim, Hong Min; Kang, Jeong Suk; Lee, Eun Young; Yadav, Dhananjay; Kwon, Mi-hye; Kim, You Mi; Kim, Hyeon Soo; Chung, Choon Hee