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7-May-2013Determinants and clinical implications of circulating fatty acids in individuals with chronic kidney diseaseHuang, Xiaoyan
May-2009The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score for predicting outcome in patients with severe sepsis and evidence of hypoperfusion at the time of emergency department presentationJones, Alan E; Trzeciak, Stephen; Kline, Jeffrey A
2014Mortality of patients with multiple sclerosis: a cohort study in UK primary careJick, S. S.; Li, L.; Falcone, G. J.; Vassilev, Z. P.; Wallander, M.-A.
2014Audit-identified avoidable factors in maternal and perinatal deaths in low resource settings: a systematic reviewMerali, Hasan S; Lipsitz, Stuart; Hevelone, Nathanael; Gawande, Atul A; Lashoher, Angela; Agrawal, Priya; Spector, Jonathan
2007Mortality Rate in Veterans with Multiple Chronic ConditionsLee, Todd A.; Gibson, Teresa B.; Woong-Sohn, Min; Marder, William D.; Weiss, Kevin B.; Shields, Alexandra E.; Vogeli, Christine Stephanie; Blumenthal, David
2006Extreme Temperatures and Mortality: Assessing Effect Modification by Personal Characteristics and Specific Cause of Death in a Multi-City Case-Only AnalysisMedina-Ramón, Mercedes; Cavanagh, David Paul; Zanobetti, Antonella; Schwartz, Joel David
2007Cause-specific mortality in the unionized U.S. trucking industryLaden, Francine; Hart, Jaime Elizabeth; Smith, Thomas J.; Davis, Mary E.; Garshick, Eric
2004Estimating the Exposure–Response Relationships between Particulate Matter and Mortality within the APHEA Multicity ProjectSamoli, Evangelia; Analitis, Antonis; Touloumi, Giota; Anderson, Hugh R.; Sunyer, Jordi; Bisanti, Luigi; Zmirou, Denis; Vonk, Judith M.; Pekkanen, Juha; Paldy, Anna; Schindler, Christian; Katsouyanni, Klea; Schwartz, Joel David; Goodman, Pat
2009Chronic Fine and Coarse Particulate Exposure, Mortality, and Coronary Heart Disease in the Nurses’ Health StudyPuett, Robin C.; Yanosky, Jeff D; Hart, Jaime Elizabeth; Paciorek, Christopher Joseph; Schwartz, Joel David; Suh MacIntosh, Helen H.; Speizer, Frank Erwin; Laden, Francine
2012Restless Legs Syndrome and All-Cause Mortality in Four Prospective Cohort StudiesSzentkirályi, András; Winter, Anke C; Schürks, Markus; Völzke, Henry; Hoffmann, Wolfgang; Buring, Julie Elizabeth; Gaziano, John Michael; Kurth, Tobias; Berger, Klaus