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2014Visual Attention Measures Predict Pedestrian Detection in Central Field Loss: A Pilot StudyAlberti, Concetta F.; Horowitz, Todd; Bronstad, P. Matthew; Bowers, Alex R.
2014Interleukin-6 Secretion by Astrocytes Is Dynamically Regulated by PI3K-mTOR-Calcium SignalingCodeluppi, Simone; Fernandez-Zafra, Teresa; Sandor, Katalin; Kjell, Jacob; Liu, Qingsong; Abrams, Mathew; Olson, Lars; Gray, Nathanael S.; Svensson, Camilla I.; Uhlén, Per
2014High Content Image Analysis Identifies Novel Regulators of Synaptogenesis in a High-Throughput RNAi Screen of Primary NeuronsNieland, Thomas J. F.; Logan, David J.; Saulnier, Jessica; Lam, Daniel; Johnson, Caroline; Root, David E.; Carpenter, Anne E.; Sabatini, Bernardo L.
2014Beep Tones Attenuate Pain following Pavlovian Conditioning of an Endogenous Pain Control MechanismScheuren, Raymonde; Anton, Fernand; Erpelding, Nathalie; Michaux, Gilles
2014Signaling Role of Prokineticin 2 on the Estrous Cycle of Female MiceXiao, Ling; Zhang, Chengkang; Li, Xiaohan; Gong, Shiaoching; Hu, Renming; Balasubramanian, Ravikumar; Crowley W. Jr., William F.; Hastings, Michael H.; Zhou, Qun-Yong
2013Retinal Detachment Model in Rodents by Subretinal Injection of Sodium HyaluronateMatsumoto, Hidetaka; Miller, Joan W.; Vavvas, Demetrios G.
2014Multi-Scale Glycemic Variability: A Link to Gray Matter Atrophy and Cognitive Decline in Type 2 DiabetesCui, Xingran; Abduljalil, Amir; Manor, Brad D.; Peng, Chung-Kang; Novak, Vera
2014Association between Amylin and Amyloid-β Peptides in Plasma in the Context of Apolipoprotein E4 AlleleQiu, Wei Qiao; Wallack, Max; Dean, Michael; Liebson, Elizabeth; Mwamburi, Mkaya; Zhu, Haihao
2012Equation-oriented specification of neural models for simulationsStimberg, Marcel; Goodman, Dan F. M.; Benichoux, Victor; Brette, Romain
2014Response of the Primary Auditory and Non-Auditory Cortices to Acoustic Stimulation: A Manganese-Enhanced MRI StudyKim, Hyungjun; Cho, Junghun; Kim, Young R.; Song, Youngkyu; Chun, Song-I; Suh, Ji-Yeon; Kim, Jeong Kon; Ryu, Yeon-Hee; Choi, Sun-Mi; Cho, Hyungjoon; Cho, Gyunggoo