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2007Home accidents amongst elderly people: A locality study in ScotlandTufan, E A; Gilhooly, M; Banks, P; Barrett, W; Wales, A; Caldwell, S; MacDonald, C; Dunleavy, K
2009Reliability reconsidered: Cronbach's alpha and paediatric assessment in occupational therapySpiliotopoulou, G
2006Multiple primary malignancies in patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma. - A national population-based cohort studyBeisland, Christian; Talleraas, Olaug; Bakke, August; Norstein, Jarle
1981X-ray microanalytical studies of initial mineralization in induced heterotopic bone formation in guinea pigsJohannessen, Anne Christine; Nilsen, Rune; Bang, G.
1981Enzyme histochemical studies of acid phosphatise isoenzymes in induced heterotopic bone formation in guinea pigsNilsen, Rune; Magnusson, Bengt
1981Enzyme histochemical studies of induced heterotopic cartilage and bone formation in guinea pigs with special references to acid phosphatise. A light and enzyme electron microscopic studyNilsen, Rune; Magnusson, Bengt
2007Left lateralization in autobiographical memory: An fMRI study using the expert archival paradigmCampitelli, G; Parker, A; Head, K; Gobet, F
2007Brain Localisation of Memory Chunks in ChessplayersCampitelli, G; Gobet, F; Head, K; Buckley, M; Parker, A
1962Empirical demonstration of respiratory circumference changes (pulsations) in various body partsChristiansen, Bjørn; Snyder, Charles
2008Images of resistance: A photonarrative enquiry into the meanings of personal artwork for people living with cancerReynolds, F; Lim, KH; Prior, S