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9-Feb-2010Swine flu and Murray Valley Encephalitis and the public health issues involved in awareness and prevention: Daryl Manzie interviews Steven Skov, public health physican with the Department of Health and FamiliesManzie, Daryl; Skov, Steven
16-Mar-2010Vicki Kerrigan (ABC local radio) interviews Vicki Krause (Director of the Centre for Disease Control in the Department of Health and Families) about swine flu (H1N1 influenza) and Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE)Krause, Vicki; Kerrigan, Vicki
8-Feb-2010Dr Len Notaras is interviewed by ABC breakfast radio following an explosion on board an asylum-seekers' boat being escorted to Christmas Island by an Australian Navy vesselNotaras, Len
4-Feb-2010ABC radio Alice Springs (Alice Brennan) interviews Megan Scott (dietitian, Alice Springs Hospital) about Australia's Healthy Weight Week and positive behaviour changes to achieve weight loss over a 10 week program.Brennan, Alice; Scott, Megan
16-Feb-2010Julia Christensen (ABC Radio) interviews Vicki Krause (Director of the Centre for Disease Control) : swine flu updateChristensen, Julia; Krause, Vicki
23-Feb-2010Leon Compton, ABC Radio, interviews Dr Peter Markey, Head of Surveillance for the Centre for Disease Control about measlesMarkey, Peter; Compton, Leon
10-Mar-2010Julia Christensen, ABC Radio, interviews Chief Minister Paul Henderson about the federal government taking over most of the funding for public hospitals, general practice and primary careChristensen, Julia; Henderson, Paul
16-Mar-2010Territory FM presenter interviews Dr Rosalind Webby (head of Immunisation at the Centre for Disease Control) about the vaccination program for human papilloma virus (HPV)Webby, Rosalind
18-Mar-2010ABC radio, Alice Springs (Alex Barton), interviews Barbara Paterson (Chief Health Officer for the Department of Health and Families) about implementation of a smoking ban at all departmental facilities from July 1st 2009Barwick, Alex; Paterson, Barbara
16-Feb-2010Peter Whelan, Director of Medical Entomology in the Centre for Disease Control, is interviewed by a presenter from Territory FM radio about the recent outbreaks of Murray Valley EncephalitisWhelan, Peter I