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2007Neuroprotection in steroid therapy: An animal modelLau, WM; Qiu, G; Yau, SY; Helmeste, DM; Lee, TMC; Tang, SW; So, KF
2004Neuroprotection of retinal ganglion cells in an animal glaucoma model: molecular and ERG studiesSo, KF
2006Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor treatment diminishes inhibition of masculine sexual behavior caused by corticosteroneLau, WM; Yau, SY; Qiu, G; Helmeste, DM; Lee, TMC; Tang, SW; So, KF
2005Cre-transgenic mouse line for conditional gene knockout in retinal rod bipolar cellsHuang, J; Zhang, X; Chen, B; Ng, AHL; Tanner, JA; Tay, DKC; So, KF; Rachel, RA; Copeland, NG; Jenkins, NA
1995Injury-associated changes in glycosaminoglycans and their effects on the regeneration of transected sciatic nerves of guinea pigs (Abstract)Shum, DKY; So, KF; Chan, YS; Chau, CH
1996The effect of an intravitreal optic nerve graft on the sprouting and survival of retinal ganglion cells following axotomyCho, KS; So, KF; Chung, SK
2001CNTF promotes the survival of cells in the retinal ganglion cell layer by inhibiting apoptosis in a rat glaucoma modelSo, KF; Ji, J; Elyaman, W; Hugon, J; Yip, HKF; Lee, VWH
2004Intravitreal Administration of Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Promotes Axonal Regeneration of Retinocollicular Fibres Following Transection of the Superior Colliculus in Adult Golden HamstersTay, DKC; Yip, HKF; You, S; Liang, Y; Ellis-Behnke, RG; So, KF; Li, X
2003Involvement of PKR in mediating the activation of caspases in b-amyloid peptide neurotoxicitySuen, KC; Yu, MS; Hugon, J; So, KF; Chang, RCC
2000The neuroprotective effect of CNTF on retinal ganglion cells in a rat glaucoma modelSo, KF; Ji, J; Yip, HKF; Lee, VWH