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2014Chinese traditional medicine and adult neurogenesis in the hippocampusZhang, E; Shen, J; So, KF
2014Characterization of NG2+ macrophage in glaucoma : an investigation focusing on its origin and potential roles in ischemic retinaSo, KF; Chung, SK; Feng, Qian; 馮茜
2014Lycium barbarum polysaccharide attenuates alcoholic cellular injury through TXNIP-NLRP3 inflammasome pathwayXiao, J; Zhu, Y; Liu, Y; Tipoe, GL; Xing, F; So, KF
2013Secondary degeneration after partial optic nerve transection : mechanisms and the neuroprotective effects of lycium barbarumChang, RCC; So, KF; Li, Hongying; 李洪英
2013Baicalin can scavenge peroxynitrite and ameliorate endogenous peroxynitrite-mediated neurotoxicity in cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injuryXu, M; Chen, X; Gu, Y; Liu, K; Peng, T; Shen, J; Yang, D; Chang, RCC; So, KF
2012The impacts of yoga and aerobic exercise on neuro-cognition and brain structure in early psychosis: a preliminary analysis of the randomized controlled clinical trialLin, X; Joe, G; Honer, WG; Su, W; Tse, M; Chiu, CPY; Chen, EYH; Lam, MML; Chan, KW; Chang, WC; Wong, GHY; Khong, PL; Chan, CLW; So, KF
2014Zeaxanthin Dipalmitate Therapeutically Improves Hepatic Functions in an Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Model through Modulating MAPK PathwayXiao, J; Wang, J; Xing, F; Han, T; Jiao, R; Liong, EC; Fung, ML; So, KF; Tipoe, GL
2014Neuroprotective mechanisms of Lycium barbarum polysaccharides against spatial memory impairment induced by chronic intermittent hypoxiaLam, CS; Fung, ML; Tipoe, GL; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Cheung, KH; Chan, YS
2014Delayed trans-scleral electrical stimulation enhanced the survival of retinal ganglion cells after optic nerve axotomyLeung, MC; Li, J; Chang, RCC; Chiu, K; So, KF
2014Suppression of Microglial Activation Is Neuroprotective in a Mouse Model of Human Retinitis PigmentosaPENG, B; Xiao, J; WANG, K; So, KF; Tipoe, GL; Lin, B