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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2012A public opinion survey: is presumed consent the answer to kidney shortage in Hong Kong?Chan, TK; Cowling, J; Tipoe, GL
2013Therapeutic approaches to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: past achievements and future chanllengesXiao, J; Guo, R; Fung, ML; Liong, EC; Tipoe, GL
2012Paracrine-autocrine mechanisms in the carotid body function at high altitude and in diseaseLeung, PS; Fung, ML; Tipoe, GL
2013The iron-chelating drug M30 down-regulates carbon tetrachloride (CCI4)-induced hepatic oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis in vitroGuo, R; Xiao, J; Pan, J; Liong, EC; Youdim, M; Fung, ML; So, KF; Lin, B; Tipoe, GL
2013Chronic intermittent hypoxia aggravates palmitate-induced lipid accumulation and apoptosis in a NAFLD cell modelXiao, J; Guo, R; Liong, EC; Pan, JF; Tipoe, GL; Fung, ML
2013Melatonin ameliorates endothelial dysfunction, vascular inflammation, and systemic hypertension in rats with chronic intermittent hypoxiaHung, MW; Kravtsov, GM; Lau, CF; Poon, AMS; Tipoe, GL; Fung, ML
2013Lycium barbarum polysaccharides facilitate hippocampal neurogenesis induced by chronic intermittent hypoxia in ratsLam, CS; Fung, ML; Tipoe, GL; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Cheung, KH
2013Potential role of autophagy in the effect of exercise on left ventricular hypertrophy induced by high fat diet in ratsWu, F; Guo, R; Pan, J; Tipoe, GL; Fung, ML
2014Induction of depressive-like behavior in a rat model of obstructive sleep apneaLAM, CS; Liu, YY; Tipoe, GL; Fung, ML
2014M30 multi-functional drug reduces apoptosis, oxidative stress and inflammation in CCl4-induced acute liver injury animal modelLiong, EC; Youdim, MBH; Tipoe, GL; Guo, R; Lin, B; Pan, J; Fung, ML; So, KF