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2003Inflammatory response associated with axonal injury to spinal motoneurons in newborn ratsYuan, Q; Xie, Y; So, KF; Wu, W
2008Transplantation of neural stem cells for motoneuron degeneration due to axonal injuryWu, W; Su, Huanxing.; 蘇煥興.
2006Nano hemostat solution: immediate hemostasis at the nanoscaleEllisBehnke, RG; Liang, YX; Tay, DKC; Wu, W; So, KF; Kau, PWF; Schneider, GE; Zhang, S
2009Glial and axonal responses in areas of Wallerian degeneration of the corticospinal and dorsal ascending tracts after spinal cord dorsal funiculotomyWang, L; Hu, B; Wong, WM; Lu, P; Wu, W; Xu, XM
2004Regulation of caspase activation in axotomized retinal ganglion cellsCheung, ZH; Chan, YM; Siu, FKW; Yip, HK; Wu, W; Leung, MCP; So, KF
1999Long-term effects of a single dose of brain-derived neurotrophic factor on motoneuron survival following spinal root avulsion in the adult ratChai, H; Wu, W; So, KF; Prevette, DM; Oppenheim, RW
1998Expression of c-jun and NOS in the lateral nucleus of adult rats after spinal cord injury and peripheral nerve graft transplantationJin, Y; Tay, DKC; So, KF; Wu, W
2006The study of co-transplantation of NT-3 gene modified Schwann cells and trkC gene modified neural stem cells promoting the recovery of completely transected spinal cord injuryZeng, YS; Wang, JM; Wu, W
1999The survival and NOS expression in spinal motoneurons following distal axotomy and ventral root avulsion in aged ratsXie, YY; Yao, ZB; Wu, W
1997Temporal pattern of NOS expression and neuronal death in Clarke's nucleus following traumatic injury at different levels of the spinal cordYick, LW; Wu, W; So, KF