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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
1967Isothiocyanates With Anthelmintic ActvitySaxena, R; Iyer, R N
1967Apparatus for Solid-Phase Peptide SynthesisKhosla, M C; Smeby, R R; Bumpus, F M
1968Synthesis of [l-Isoleucine-, 3-Proline-, and 5-Alanine]-angiotensins.IIKhosla, M C; Chaturvedi, N C; Smeby, R R; Bumpus, F M
1968Biologically Active Carissone Derivatives.BHADURI, A P; RASTOGI, R P; KHANNA, N M
1967Synthesis of N- Glycyl- N- [ 2-( 2-Acetamido- 2-deoxy-3-O-D-glucopyranosyl)- acetyl- l- alanyl-D- alpha- glutamyl]- L- lysyl- D-alanyl- D- Alanine.Khosla, M C; Chaturvedi, N C; Anand, Nitya
1967Compounds Acting on the Central Nervous System. VII Studies in I-Pyridyl-4-substituted Piperazines. A A New Class of Anticonvulsants.JAIN, PC; KAPOOR, V; ANAND, NITYA
1967Chemical Examination of the Roots of Cissampelos pareira Linn. Part V. Structure and Stereochemistry of HayatidinPopli, S P; Bhatnagar, A K
1967Studies in Possible Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents : Part V- Synthesis of Carbamoylindoles, Carbamoylisoindolines, 3- Indolylethyl Urea (or Thiourea) & 2- Isoindolinylpropyl Urea (or Thiourea) Derivatives & Their Biological ActivityShoeb, A; Popli, S P; Mukerjee, S K; Dhar, M L
1967Phenol Oxidation and Biosynthesis. Part XV. The Biosynthesis of Roemerine, Anonaine, and MecambrineBarton, D H R; Bhakuni, D S; Chapman, G M; Kirby, G W
1967Studies in possible oral hypoglycaemic agents: part VI-synthesis of some 2-& 4-pyridylethyl ureas & thioureas & some barbiturates & their biological activity.Sheob, A; Popli, S P; Mukerjee, S K; Dhar, M M