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1984Composite versus amalgam: A three-year clinical study in posterior primary teethNelson, Gayle V. (Gayle Vance), 1946-
1986Analysis of orthodontic treatment by pediatric dentists and general practitioners in IndianaKasle, Myron J.; Hennon, David Kent, 1933-; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-; Barton, Paul; Avery, David R., Chair of the Research Committee; Koroluk, Lorne D. (Lorne David), 1955-
1988Informed consent: A comparative study of attitudes among pediatric dentists and trial attorneys in IndianaVash, Bruce W.; Karlson, Henry C.; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-; Johnson, Bruce E.; Gillman, Jeffrey B.; Avery, David R., Chair of the Research Committee; Buccino, Michael A. (Michael Anthony), 1956-
1984The relationship between visual motor integration and oral hygiene in childrenKlein, Arthur Irving, 1922-2004; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-; Smith, Ernest; Englander, Meryl E.; Barton, Paul; Preisch, James William, 1948-
1983Self-concept of parental evaluation of peer relationships in cleft lip and palate childrenAvery, David R.; Barton, Paul; Bixler, David; Harshman, Hardwick W., 1914-; Starkey, Paul E.; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-
1986Using ARIMA models to predict prison populationsLin, B-S; MacKenzie, DL; Gulledge Jr, TR
22-May-2013Social network, perceived ill health and use of an emergency department : a descriptive and experimental studyGenell Andrén, Kjerstin
31-May-2013Selection of the principal cause of death : studies on the basis of mortality statistics for rheumatoid arthritisLindahl, B Ingemar B
1983Evaluation of a sterile pulpotomy procedureRoche, James R., 1924-
1989Kinetics of a structural phase transition in Langmuir monolayers studied using x-ray diffractionLin, B; Peng, JB; Ketterson, JB; Dutta, P; Thomas, BN; Buontempo, J; Rice, SA