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2014Cost-Effectiveness of Tdap Vaccination of Adults Aged ≥65 Years in the Prevention of Pertussis in the US: A Dynamic Model of Disease TransmissionMcGarry, Lisa J.; Krishnarajah, Girishanthy; Hill, Gregory; Masseria, Cristina; Skornicki, Michelle; Pruttivarasin, Narin; Arondekar, Bhakti; Roiz, Julie; Pelton, Stephen I.; Weinstein, Milton C.
2014Muscle-Strengthening and Conditioning Activities and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: A Prospective Study in Two Cohorts of US WomenGrøntved, Anders; Pan, An; Mekary, Rania A.; Stampfer, Meir; Willett, Walter C.; Manson, JoAnn E.; Hu, Frank B.
2013Genetic Susceptible Locus in NOTCH2 Interacts with Arsenic in Drinking Water on Risk of Type 2 DiabetesPan, Wen-Chi; Kile, Molly L.; Seow, Wei Jie; Lin, Xihong; Quamruzzaman, Quazi; Rahman, Mahmuder; Mahiuddin, Golam; Mostofa, Golam; Lu, Quan; Christiani, David C.
2013A Qualitative Analysis of Factors Influencing HPV Vaccine Uptake in Soweto, South Africa among Adolescents and Their CaregiversKatz, Ingrid T.; Nkala, Busisiwe; Dietrich, Janan; Wallace, Melissa; Bekker, Linda-Gail; Pollenz, Kathryn; Bogart, Laura M.; Wright, Alexi A.; Tsai, Alexander C.; Bangsberg, David R.; Gray, Glenda E.
2013Setting Research Priorities for Preconception Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Aiming to Reduce Maternal and Child Mortality and MorbidityDean, Sohni; Rudan, Igor; Althabe, Fernando; Webb Girard, Aimee; Howson, Christopher; Langer, Ana; Lawn, Joy; Reeve, Mary-Elizabeth; Teela, Katherine C.; Toledano, Mireille; Venkatraman, Chandra-Mouli; Belizan, José M.; Car, Josip; Chan, Kit Yee; Chatterjee, Subidita; Chitekwe, Stanley; Doherty, Tanya; Donnay, France; Ezzati, Majid; Humayun, Khadija; Jack, Brian; Lassi, Zohra S.; Martorell, Reynaldo; Poortman, Ysbrand; Bhutta, Zulfiqar A.
2013From scaling up to sustainability in HIV: potential lessons for moving forwardHirschhorn, Lisa R; Talbot, Julie R; Irwin, Alexander C; May, Maria A; Dhavan, Nayana; Shady, Robert; Ellner, Andrew L; Weintraub, Rebecca L
2014Patient- and surgeon-adjusted control charts for monitoring performanceMaruthappu, Mahiben; Carty, Matthew J; Lipsitz, Stuart R; Wright, John; Orgill, Dennis; Duclos, Antoine
2013Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Influenza Vaccination, and Antecedent Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Infections: A Case-Centered Analysis in the Vaccine Safety Datalink, 2009–2011Greene, Sharon K.; Rett, Melisa D.; Vellozzi, Claudia; Li, Lingling; Kulldorff, Martin; Marcy, S. Michael; Daley, Matthew F.; Belongia, Edward A.; Baxter, Roger; Fireman, Bruce H.; Jackson, Michael L.; Omer, Saad B.; Nordin, James D.; Jin, Robert; Weintraub, Eric S.; Vijayadeva, Vinutha; Lee, Grace M.
2013Characterization of Vascular Disease Risk in Postmenopausal Women and Its Association with Cognitive PerformanceDowling, N. Maritza; Gleason, Carey E.; Manson, JoAnn E.; Hodis, Howard N.; Miller, Virginia M.; Brinton, Eliot A.; Neal-Perry, Genevieve; Santoro, M. Nanette; Cedars, Marcelle; Lobo, Rogerio; Merriam, George R.; Wharton, Whitney; Naftolin, Frederick; Taylor, Hugh; Harman, S. Mitchell; Asthana, Sanjay
2013Disinhibition in Risky Sexual Behavior in Men, but Not Women, during Four Years of Antiretroviral Therapy in Rural, Southwestern UgandaKembabazi, Annet; Bajunirwe, Francis; Hunt, Peter W.; Martin, Jeffrey N.; Muzoora, Conrad; Haberer, Jessica E.; Bangsberg, David R.; Siedner, Mark J.