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Dec-2011Infection after primary hip arthroplasty. A comparison of 3 Norwegian health registersDale, Håvard; Skråmm, Inge; Løwer, Hege Line; Eriksen, Hanne M.; Espehaug, Birgitte; Furnes, Ove; Skjeldestad, Finn Egil; Havelin, Leif Ivar; Engesæter, Lars B.
12-Sep-2013The effect of screening doors and windows on indoor density of Anopheles arabiensis in south-west Ethiopia: a randomized trialUlesido, Fekadu Massebo; Lindtjørn, Bernt
3-Oct-2013Safety measures to prevent workplace violence in emergency primary care centres - a cross-sectional studyMorken, Tone; Johansen, Ingrid Hjulstad
Mar-2013Personal Exposure to Dust and Endotoxin in Robusta and Arabica Coffee Processing Factories in TanzaniaSakwari, Gloria; Mamuya, Simon H. D.; Bråtveit, Magne; Larsson, Lennart; Pehrson, Christina; Moen, Bente E.
1-Nov-2010Urinary Incontinence and Weight Change During Pregnancy and Postpartum: A Cohort StudyWesnes, Stian Langeland; Hunskår, Steinar; Bø, Kari; Rørtveit, Guri
26-Oct-2010Reflections on global policy documents and the WHO's infant feeding guidelines: lessons learntBlystad, Astrid; Esterik, Penny van; De Paoli, Marina M.; Sellen, Daniel W.; Leshabari, Sebalda Charles; Moland, Karen Marie
12-Aug-2013Folic acid supplementation, dietary folate intake during pregnancy and risk for spontaneous preterm delivery: a prospective observational cohort studySengpiel, Verena; Bacelis, Jonas; Myhre, Ronny; Myking, Solveig; Pay, Aase D; Haugen, Margaretha; Brantsæter, Anne-Lise; Meltzer, Helle M; Nilsen, Roy Miodini; Magnus, Per; Vollset, Stein Emil; Nilsson, Staffan; Jacobsson, Bo
28-Aug-2013Intracranial arachnoid cysts: impairment of higher cognitive functions and postoperative improvementGjerde, Priyanthi B.; Schmid, Marit; Hammar, Åsa; Wester, Knut
19-Aug-2013Evaluating Extracellular Matrix influence on adherent cell signaling by Cold Trypsin Phosphorylation-specific Flow CytometryAbrahamsen, Iren; Lorens, James B.
May-2013Fractional exhaled nitric oxide among cement factory workers: a cross sectional studyTungu, Alexander Mtemi; Bråtveit, Magne; Mamuya, Simon H. D.; Moen, Bente E.