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Feb-2013Using Thoracic Ultrasonography to Accurately Assess Pneumothorax Progression During Positive Pressure VentilationOveland, Nils Petter; Lossius, Hans Morten; Wemmelund, Kristian Borup; Stokkeland, Paal Johan; Knudsen, Lars; Sloth, Erik
May-2013Survival rates and causes of revision in cemented primary total knee replacement. A report from the Norwegian Arthroplasty Register 1994–2009Gøthesen, Øystein Johannes; Espehaug, Birgitte; Havelin, Leif Ivar; Petursson, Gunnar; Lygre, Stein Håkon Låstad; Ellison, Peter; Hallan, Geir; Furnes, Ove
May-2012A Porcine Pneumothorax Model for Teaching Ultrasound DiagnosticsOveland, Nils Petter; Sloth, Erik; Andersen, Gratien; Lossius, Hans Morten
1-Nov-2012Atrial fibrillation and heart failure in seven nursing homesKrüger, Kjell; Sandli, Marie; Geitung, Jonn Terje; Eide, Geir Egil; Grimsmo, Anders
2012Predictors of Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Incidence in Chano Mille, South Ethiopia: A Longitudinal StudyLoha Shumbullo, Eskindir; Lindtjørn, Bernt
6-Mar-2011The Thermal Effects of Therapeutic Lasers with 810 and 904nm Wavelengths on Human SkinJoensen, Jon; Demmink, Jan Hendrik; Johnson, Mark I.; Iversen, Vegard Vereide; Lopes-Martins, Rodrigo Álvaro Brandão; Bjordal, Jan Magnus
21-Nov-2013Clinical and histological characterization of oral pemphigus lesions in patients with skin diseases: a cross sectional study from SudanSuliman, Nada M.; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; Ali, Raouf Wahab; Salman, Hussein; Johannessen, Anne Christine
Jul-2012Psychoactive drugs in seven nursing homesKrüger, Kjell; Folkestad, Malin; Geitung, Jonn Terje; Eide, Geir Egil; Grimsmo, Anders
23-Jul-2010Interstitial fluid: the overlooked component of the tumor microenvironment?Wiig, Helge; Tenstad, Olav; Iversen, Per Ole; Kalluri, Raghu; Bjerkvig, Rolf
29-Sep-2013Changes in the symptom pattern and the densities of large-intestinal endocrine cells following Campylobacter infection in irritable bowel syndrome: a case reportEl-Salhy, Magdy; Mazzawi, Tarek; Gundersen, Doris; Hatlebakk, Jan Gunnar; Hausken, Trygve