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2014Cost-Effectiveness of Tdap Vaccination of Adults Aged ≥65 Years in the Prevention of Pertussis in the US: A Dynamic Model of Disease TransmissionMcGarry, Lisa J.; Krishnarajah, Girishanthy; Hill, Gregory; Masseria, Cristina; Skornicki, Michelle; Pruttivarasin, Narin; Arondekar, Bhakti; Roiz, Julie; Pelton, Stephen I.; Weinstein, Milton C.
2013Circulating and Dietary Omega‐3 and Omega‐6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Incidence of CVD in the Multi‐Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosisde Oliveira Otto, Marcia C.; Wu, Jason H. Y.; Baylin, Ana; Vaidya, Dhananjay; Rich, Stephen S.; Tsai, Michael Y.; Jacobs, David R.; Mozaffarian, Dariush
2013Personalized Genetic Risk Counseling to Motivate Diabetes Prevention: A randomized trialGrant, Richard W.; O’Brien, Kelsey E.; Waxler, Jessica L.; Vassy, Jason L.; Delahanty, Linda M.; Bissett, Laurie G.; Green, Robert C.; Stember, Katherine G.; Guiducci, Candace; Park, Elyse R.; Florez, Jose C.; Meigs, James B.
2014Muscle-Strengthening and Conditioning Activities and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: A Prospective Study in Two Cohorts of US WomenGrøntved, Anders; Pan, An; Mekary, Rania A.; Stampfer, Meir; Willett, Walter C.; Manson, JoAnn E.; Hu, Frank B.
2014PprA Contributes to Deinococcus radiodurans Resistance to Nalidixic Acid, Genome Maintenance after DNA Damage and Interacts with Deinococcal TopoisomerasesKota, Swathi; Charaka, Vijaya K.; Ringgaard, Simon; Waldor, Matthew K.; Misra, Hari S.
2013The Survival Benefits of Antiretroviral Therapy in South AfricaApril, Michael D.; Wood, Robin; Berkowitz, Bethany K.; Paltiel, A. David; Anglaret, Xavier; Losina, Elena; Freedberg, Kenneth A.; Walensky, Rochelle P.
2013Gene-environment interaction effects on lung function- a genome-wide association study within the Framingham heart studyLiao, Shu-Yi; Lin, Xihong; Christiani, David C
2014Improving Women's Health through Universal Health CoverageQuick, Jonathan; Jay, Jonathan; Langer, Ana
2014A Role for FACT in Repopulation of Nucleosomes at Inducible GenesVoth, Warren P.; Takahata, Shinya; Nishikawa, Joy L.; Metcalfe, Benjamin M.; Näär, Anders M.; Stillman, David J.