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2014Cell-Cycle Dependent Expression of a Translocation-Mediated Fusion Oncogene Mediates Checkpoint Adaptation in RhabdomyosarcomaKikuchi, Ken; Hettmer, Simone; Aslam, M. Imran; Michalek, Joel E.; Laub, Wolfram; Wilky, Breelyn A.; Loeb, David M.; Rubin, Brian P.; Wagers, Amy J.; Keller, Charles
2014iNKT Cell Production of GM-CSF Controls Mycobacterium tuberculosisRothchild, Alissa C.; Jayaraman, Pushpa; Nunes-Alves, Cláudio; Behar, Samuel M.
2014The Relationship between Inflammatory Biomarkers and Telomere Length in an Occupational Prospective Cohort StudyWong, Jason Y. Y.; De Vivo, Immaculata; Lin, Xihong; Fang, Shona C.; Christiani, David C.
2014Bioelectric Signaling Regulates Size in Zebrafish FinsPerathoner, Simon; Daane, Jacob M.; Henrion, Ulrike; Seebohm, Guiscard; Higdon, Charles W.; Johnson, Stephen L.; Nüsslein-Volhard, Christiane; Harris, Matthew P.
2014Perceptions of Neighborhood Safety and Asthma among Children and Adolescents in Los Angeles: A Multilevel AnalysisCamacho-Rivera, Marlene; Kawachi, Ichiro; Bennett, Gary G.; Subramanian, S. V.
2014PprA Contributes to Deinococcus radiodurans Resistance to Nalidixic Acid, Genome Maintenance after DNA Damage and Interacts with Deinococcal TopoisomerasesKota, Swathi; Charaka, Vijaya K.; Ringgaard, Simon; Waldor, Matthew K.; Misra, Hari S.
2014A Role for FACT in Repopulation of Nucleosomes at Inducible GenesVoth, Warren P.; Takahata, Shinya; Nishikawa, Joy L.; Metcalfe, Benjamin M.; Näär, Anders M.; Stillman, David J.