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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
930.pdf.jpgJul-2015Faculty Vitality-Surviving the Challenges Facing Academic Health Centers: A National Survey of Medical FacultyPololi, Linda H; Evans, Arthur T; Civian, Janet T; Gibbs, Brian K; Coplit, Lisa D; Gillum, Linda H; Brennan, Robert T
1183.pdf.jpg2015The Benefits and Risks of Asynchronous Education-
953.pdf.jpgJul-2015The Role of Socioeconomic Status in Medical School Admissions: Validation of a Socioeconomic Indicator for Use in Medical School AdmissionsGrbic, Douglas; Jones, David J; Case, Steven T
403.pdf.jpgSep-2015The relationship between first-trimester subchorionic hematoma, cervical length, and preterm birthPalatnik, Anna; Grobman, William A
R330.full.pdf.jpg2015Erythropoietin’s inhibiting impact on hepcidin expression occurs indirectlyElena Gammella; Victor Diaz; Stefania Recalcati
53.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2015Chemical and bioanalytical assessments on drinking water treatments by quaternized magnetic microspheresShi, Peng; Ma, Rong; Zhou, Qing; Li, Aimin; Wu, Bing; Miao, Yu; Chen, Xun; Zhang, Xuxiang
C1.full.pdf.jpg2015Depressed excitability and ion currents linked to slow exocytotic fusion pore in chromaffin cells of the SOD1 G93A mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosisEnrique Calvo-Gallardo; Ricardo de Pascual; José-Carlos Fernández-Morales
1031.pdf.jpg1-May-2015Current but not past smoking increases the risk of cardiac events: insights from coronary computed tomographic angiographyNakanishi, Rine; Berman, Daniel S; Budoff, Matthew J; Gransar, Heidi; Achenbach, Stephan; Al-Mallah, Mouaz; Andreini, Daniele; Cademartiri, Filippo; Callister, Tracy Q; Chang, Hyuk-Jae; Cheng, Victor Y; Chinnaiyan, Kavitha; Chow, Benjamin J W; Cury, Ricardo; Delago, Augustin; Hadamitzky, Martin; Hausleiter, Jörg; Feuchtner, Gudrun; Kim, Yong-Jin; Kaufmann, Philipp A; Leipsic, Jonathon; Lin, Fay Y; Maffei, Erica; Pontone, Gianluca; Raff, Gilbert; Shaw, Leslee J; Villines, Todd C; Dunning, Allison; Min, James K
2-Nov-2012Integrated free radical sensor systems for investigation of cellular models of diseaseBoulton, SarahJayne
42.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2015Theoretical investigation of isotope exchange reaction in tritium-contaminated mineral oil in vacuum pumpDong, Liang; Xie, Yun; Du, Liang; Li, Weiyi; Tan, Zhaoyi