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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2013Integrated Model of De Novo and Inherited Genetic Variants Yields Greater Power to Identify Risk GenesHe, Xin; Sanders, Stephan J.; Liu, Li; De Rubeis, Silvia; Lim, Elaine T.; Sutcliffe, James S.; Schellenberg, Gerard D.; Gibbs, Richard A.; Daly, Mark J.; Buxbaum, Joseph D.; State, Matthew W.; Devlin, Bernie; Roeder, Kathryn
2014Linkage of Viral Sequences among HIV-Infected Village Residents in Botswana: Estimation of Linkage Rates in the Presence of Missing DataCarnegie, Nicole Bohme; Wang, Rui; Novitsky, Vladimir; De Gruttola, Victor
2013Molecular Biomarkers of Vascular Dysfunction in Obstructive Sleep ApneaKaczmarek, Elzbieta; Bakker, Jessie P.; Clarke, Douglas N.; Csizmadia, Eva; Kocher, Olivier; Veves, Aristidis; Tecilazich, Francesco; O'Donnell, Christopher P.; Ferran, Christiane; Malhotra, Atul
2013Genetic Susceptible Locus in NOTCH2 Interacts with Arsenic in Drinking Water on Risk of Type 2 DiabetesPan, Wen-Chi; Kile, Molly L.; Seow, Wei Jie; Lin, Xihong; Quamruzzaman, Quazi; Rahman, Mahmuder; Mahiuddin, Golam; Mostofa, Golam; Lu, Quan; Christiani, David C.
2014The Relationship between Inflammatory Biomarkers and Telomere Length in an Occupational Prospective Cohort StudyWong, Jason Y. Y.; De Vivo, Immaculata; Lin, Xihong; Fang, Shona C.; Christiani, David C.
2013Automatic Prediction of Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity from the Electronic Medical RecordsLin, Chen; Karlson, Elizabeth W.; Canhao, Helena; Miller, Timothy A.; Dligach, Dmitriy; Chen, Pei Jun; Perez, Raul Natanael Guzman; Shen, Yuanyan; Weinblatt, Michael E.; Shadick, Nancy A.; Plenge, Robert M.; Savova, Guergana K.
2013AMD-Associated Genes Encoding Stress-Activated MAPK Pathway Constituents Are Identified by Interval-Based Enrichment AnalysisSanGiovanni, John Paul; Lee, Phil H.