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2012IFNγ Inhibits the Cytosolic Replication of Shigella flexneri via the Cytoplasmic RNA Sensor RIG-IJehl, Stephanie P.; Nogueira, Catarina V.; Zhang, Xuqing; Starnbach, Michael N.
2012Identification of Protective Pneumococcal \(T_{H}17\) Antigens from the Soluble Fraction of a Killed Whole Cell VaccineMoffitt, Kristin Leigh; Malley, Richard; Lu, Ying-Jie
2012Affective and Neural Reactivity to Criticism in Individuals High and Low on Perceived CriticismHooley, Jill Miranda; Siegle, Greg; Gruber, Staci Ann
2012Rapamycin Inhibits Proliferation of Hemangioma Endothelial Cells by Reducing HIF-1-Dependent Expression of VEGFMedici, Damian; Olsen, Bjorn Reino
2012Studies of Dynamic Protein-Protein Interactions in Bacteria Using Renilla Luciferase Complementation Are Undermined by Nonspecific Enzyme InhibitionHatzios, Stavroula-Artemis K.; Ringgaard, Simon; Davis, Brigid; Waldor, Matthew K.
2012Slc39a7/zip7 Plays a Critical Role in Development and Zinc Homeostasis in ZebrafishYan, Guang; Zhang, Yuchao; Yu, Junlei; Zhang, Zhuzhen; Wu, Aimin; Yan, Xianghua; Wang, Fudi; Yu, Yu; Zhang, Fan; Zhou, Yi
2012Targeted and Reversible Blood-Retinal Barrier Disruption via Focused Ultrasound and MicrobubblesPark, Juyoung; Zhang, Yongzhi; Vykhodtseva, Natalia I.; Akula, James Daniel; McDannold, Nathan Judson
2012Graft versus Host Disease in the Bone Marrow, Liver and Thymus Humanized Mouse ModelVbranac, Vladimir; Tivey, Trevor; Greenblatt, Matthew Blake; Tager, Andrew Martin; Aliprantis, Antonios O.; Tsang, Kelly
2012Runx1 and Runx3 Are Involved in the Generation and Function of Highly Suppressive IL-17-Producing T Regulatory CellsPetkova, Victoria; Li, Lequn; Patsoukis, Nikolaos; Boussiotis, Vassiliki A.
2012Effects of Genetic Variants Previously Associated with Fasting Glucose and Insulin in the Diabetes Prevention ProgramJablonski, Kathleen A.; McAteer, Jarred B.; Franks, Paul W.; Mason, Clinton C.; Mather, Kieren; Goldberg, Ronald; Dabelea, Dana; Kahn, Steven E.; Arakaki, Richard F.; Shuldiner, Alan R.; Knowler, William C.; Florez, Jose Carlos; Horton, Edward S.