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2014Association between Amylin and Amyloid-β Peptides in Plasma in the Context of Apolipoprotein E4 AlleleQiu, Wei Qiao; Wallack, Max; Dean, Michael; Liebson, Elizabeth; Mwamburi, Mkaya; Zhu, Haihao
2014Regulatory T Cells Expanded from HIV-1-Infected Individuals Maintain Phenotype, TCR Repertoire and Suppressive CapacityAngin, Mathieu; Klarenbeek, Paul L.; King, Melanie; Sharma, Siddhartha M.; Moodley, Eshia S.; Rezai, Ashley; Piechocka-Trocha, Alicja; Toth, Ildiko; Chan, Andrew T.; Goulder, Philip J.; Ndung'u, Thumbi; Kwon, Douglas S.; Addo, Marylyn M.
2014Response of the Primary Auditory and Non-Auditory Cortices to Acoustic Stimulation: A Manganese-Enhanced MRI StudyKim, Hyungjun; Cho, Junghun; Kim, Young R.; Song, Youngkyu; Chun, Song-I; Suh, Ji-Yeon; Kim, Jeong Kon; Ryu, Yeon-Hee; Choi, Sun-Mi; Cho, Hyungjoon; Cho, Gyunggoo
2014An Improved Canine Genome and a Comprehensive Catalogue of Coding Genes and Non-Coding TranscriptsHoeppner, Marc P.; Lundquist, Andrew; Pirun, Mono; Meadows, Jennifer R. S.; Zamani, Neda; Johnson, Jeremy; Sundström, Görel; Cook, April; FitzGerald, Michael G.; Swofford, Ross; Mauceli, Evan; Moghadam, Behrooz Torabi; Greka, Anna; Alföldi, Jessica; Abouelleil, Amr; Aftuck, Lynne; Bessette, Daniel; Berlin, Aaron; Brown, Adam; Gearin, Gary; Lui, Annie; Macdonald, J. Pendexter; Priest, Margaret; Shea, Terrance; Turner-Maier, Jason; Zimmer, Andrew; Lander, Eric S.; di Palma, Federica; Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin; Grabherr, Manfred G.
2014Perceptions of Neighborhood Safety and Asthma among Children and Adolescents in Los Angeles: A Multilevel AnalysisCamacho-Rivera, Marlene; Kawachi, Ichiro; Bennett, Gary G.; Subramanian, S. V.
2014Polymorphisms of MUC16 (CA125) and MUC1 (CA15.3) in Relation to Ovarian Cancer Risk and SurvivalWilliams, Kristina A.; Terry, Kathryn L.; Tworoger, Shelley S.; Vitonis, Allison F.; Titus, Linda J.; Cramer, Daniel W.
2014Tissue Specific Roles for the Ribosome Biogenesis Factor Wdr43 in Zebrafish DevelopmentZhao, Chengtian; Andreeva, Viktoria; Gibert, Yann; LaBonty, Melissa; Lattanzi, Victoria; Prabhudesai, Shubhangi; Zhou, Yi; Zon, Leonard; McCann, Kathleen L.; Baserga, Susan; Yelick, Pamela C.
2014Clinicians’ Contributions to the Development of Coronary Artery Stents: A Qualitative Study of Transformative Device InnovationKesselheim, Aaron S.; Xu, Shuai; Avorn, Jerry
2014The Dichotomous Pattern of IL-12R and IL-23R Expression Elucidates the Role of IL-12 and IL-23 in InflammationChognard, Gaëlle; Bellemare, Lisa; Pelletier, Adam-Nicolas; Dominguez-Punaro, Maria C.; Beauchamp, Claudine; Guyon, Marie-Josée; Charron, Guy; Morin, Nicolas; Sivanesan, Durga; Kuchroo, Vijay; Xavier, Ramnik; Michnick, Stephen W.; Chemtob, Sylvain; Rioux, John D.; Lesage, Sylvie
2014Filamin B Regulates Chondrocyte Proliferation and Differentiation through Cdk1 SignalingHu, Jianjun; Lu, Jie; Lian, Gewei; Zhang, Jingping; Hecht, Jonathan L.; Sheen, Volney L.