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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 PN Volume 31 Issue 12 December (2).pdf.jpg2016What is this chocolate milk in my circuit? A cause of acute clotting of a continuous renal replacement circuit: QuestionsKakajiwala, Aadil; Chiotos, Kathleen; Brothers, Julie; Lederman, April; Amaral, Sandra
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (369).pdf.jpg2016Relationship between body mass index and family functioning , family communication , family type and parenting style among African migrant parents and children in Victoria , Australia : a parent-child dyad studyCyril, S; Halliday, J; Green, J; Renzaho, a M N
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (27).pdf.jpg2016Effect of a sport-for-health intervention (SmokeFree Sports) on smoking-related intentions and cognitions among 9-10 year old primary school children: a controlled trial.McGee, Ciara E; Trigwell, Joanne; Fairclough, Stuart J; Murphy, Rebecca C; Porcellato, Lorna; Ussher, Michael; Foweather, Lawrence
2017 JID Volume 215 Issue 6 March (22).pdf.jpg2017No Interactive Effects of Sex and Persistent Cytomegalovirus on Immune Phenotypes in Young Children: The Generation R StudyJansen, Michelle a. E.; van den Heuvel, Diana; Jaddoe, Vincent W. V.; Moll, Henriette a.; van Zelm, Menno C.
2017 JAAD Volume 76 Issue 5 May (43).pdf.jpg2017Pediatric Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in the United StatesHsu, Derek Y.; Brieva, Joaquin; Silverberg, Nanette B.; Paller, Amy S.; Silverberg, Jonathan I.
2017 JID Volume 215 Issue 7 April (2).pdf.jpg2017Nasopharyngeal pneumococcal carriage during childhood community-acquired alveolar pneumonia: Relationship between specific serotypes and co-infecting virusesGreenberg, David; Givon-Lavi, Noga; Fainguelernt, Yaniv; Ben-Shimol, Shalom; Shemer Avni, Yonat; Bar-Ziv, Jacob; Dagan, Ron
2017 JAAD Volume 76 Issue 2 February (34).pdf.jpg2017Systemic antifungal therapy for tinea capitis in children: An abridged Cochrane ReviewLibrary, T H E Cochrane
2017 JID Volume 215 Issue 8 April (9).pdf.jpg2017Reduced Th17 responses to Streptococcus pneumoniae in infection-prone children can be rescued by addition of innate cytokines.Basha, Saleem; Kaur, Ravinder; Mosmann, Tim R; Pichichero, Michael E
2017 JID Volume 215 Supplement 1 February (1).pdf.jpg2017The Epidemiology of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae : The Impact and Evolution of a Global MenaceLogan, Latania K; Weinstein, Robert A
2017 Cancer Volume 123 Issue 7 April (8).pdf.jpg2017Determinants of fatal bleeding during induction therapy for acute promyelocytic leukemia in the ATRA eraMantha, Simon; Goldman, Debra a.; Devlin, Sean M.; Lee, Ju-Whei; Zannino, Diana; Collins, Marnie; Douer, Dan; Iland, Harry J.; Litzow, Mark R.; Stein, Eytan M.; Appelbaum, Frederick R.; Larson, Richard a.; Stone, Richard; Powell, Bayard L.; Geyer, Susan; Laumann, Kristi