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2016 JPHO Volume 38 Issue 3 April (23).pdf.jpg2016Growth-differentiation Factor-15 and Tissue Doppler Imaging in Detection of Anthracycline-induced Cardiomyopathy During Therapy of Childhood CancersKaya, Fatma; Arslan, Derya; Vatansev, Husamettin
2016 JPHO Volume 38 Issue 2 March (5).pdf.jpg2016Early Complications of Hyperleukocytosis and Leukapheresis in Childhood Acute LeukemiasAbla, Oussama; Angelini, Paola; Giuseppe, Giancarlo Di; Kanani, Mohamed F; Lau, Wendy; Hitzler, Johann; Frcp, C; Sung, Lillian
2016 JMV Volume 88 Issue 5 May (7).pdf.jpg2016Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction for Diagnosing Infectious Mononucleosis in Pediatric Patients : A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisJiang, Sha-yi; Yang, Jing-wei; Shao, Jing-bo; Liao, Xue-lian; Lu, Zheng-hua; Jiang, Hui
2016AJRCCM Volume 193 Issue 8 April (22).pdf.jpg2016AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY An Of fi cial American Thoracic Society Clinical Practice Guideline : Pediatric Chronic Home Invasive VentilationSterni, Laura M; Collaco, Joseph M; Baker, Christopher D; Carroll, John L; Sharma, Girish D; Brozek, Jan L; Finder, Jonathan D; Ackerman, Veda L; Arens, Raanan; Boroughs, Deborah S; Carter, Jodi; Daigle, Karen L; Dougherty, Joan; Gozal, David; Kevill, Katharine; Kravitz, Richard M; Kriseman, Tony; Maclusky, Ian; Rivera-spoljaric, Katherine; Tori, Alvaro J; Ferkol, Thomas; Halbower, Ann C; Pediatric, A T S
2016AJRCCM Volume 193 Issue 11 June (10).pdf.jpg2016Air Pollution and Lung Function in Minority Youth with Asthma in the GALA II ( Genes – Environments and Admixture in Latino Americans ) and SAGE II ( Study of African Americans , Asthma , Genes , and Environments ) StudiesNeophytou, Andreas M; White, Marquitta J; Oh, Sam S; Thakur, Neeta; Galanter, Joshua M; Nishimura, Katherine K; Pino-yanes, Maria; Torgerson, Dara G; Gignoux, Christopher R; Eng, Celeste; Nguyen, Elizabeth A; Hu, Donglei; Mak, Angel C; Kumar, Rajesh; Seibold, Max A; Davis, Adam; Farber, Harold J; Meade, Kelley; Avila, Pedro C; Serebrisky, Denise; Lenoir, Michael A; Brigino-buenaventura, Emerita
2016AJRCCM Volume 193 Issue 12 June (16).pdf.jpg2016The Effects of Live Attenuated In fl uenza Vaccine on Nasopharyngeal Bacteria in Healthy 2 to 4 Year Olds A Randomized Controlled TrialTrial, A Randomized Controlled
2016 AJR Volume 206 Issue 6 June (8).pdf.jpg2016Severity of Cartilage DamageAnton, Christopher; Kim, Dong Hoon; Horn, Paul S; Hk, Kim; Shiraj, S; Ch, Kang; Anton, C; Dh, Kim
2016 AJR Volume 206 Issue 5 May (17).pdf.jpg2016The Use of Enteric Contrast Media for Diagnostic CT, MRI, and Ultrasound in Infants and Children: A Practical ApproachCallahan, Michael J; Talmadge, Jennifer M; Macdougall, Robert; Buonomo, Carlo; Taylor, George A