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AJKD 2017 Volume 69 Issue 6 June (17).pdf.jpg2017Association of Vitamin D Metabolites With Arterial Function in the Hemodialysis Fistula Maturation Studyvan Ballegooijen, Adriana J.; Zelnick, Leila; Hoofnagle, Andrew N.; Hamburg, Naomi M.; Robinson-Cohen, Cassiane; Roy-Chaudhury, Prabir; Cheung, Alfred K.; Shiu, Yan Ting E; de Boer, Ian H.; Himmelfarb, Jonathan; Beck, Gerald; Imrey, Peter B.; Kusek, John W.; Kestenbaum, Bryan
BMCPH 2017 Volume 17 (37).pdf.jpg2017Exposure to hepatitis C virus in homeless men in Central Brazil: a cross-sectional studyFerreira, Priscilla Martins; Guimarães, Rafael Alves; Souza, Christiane Moreira; Guimarães, Lara Cristina Da Cunha; Barros, Cleiciane Vieira De Lima; Caetano, Karlla Antonieta Amorim; Rezza, Giovanni; Spadoni, Lila; Brunini, Sandra Maria
JMV 2017 Volume 89 Issue 8 August (22).pdf.jpg2017Association of rhinovirus with exacerbations in young children affected by cystic fibrosis: Preliminary dataStelzer-Braid, Sacha; Liu, Nancy; Doumit, Michael; D'Cunha, Russell; Belessis, Yvonne; Jaffe, Adam; Rawlinson, William D.
ER 2017 Volume 39 Issue 1 January (2).pdf.jpg2017The Health System and Policy Implications of Changing Epidemiology for Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal Cancers in the United States From 1995 to 2016Lehew, Charles W; Weatherspoon, Darien J; Peterson, Caryn E; Goben, Abigail; Reitmajer, Karolina; Sroussi, Herve; Kaste, Linda M
EI 2017 Volume 145 Issue 3 February (15).pdf.jpg2017SHORT REPORT Outbreak of KPC-3-producing ST15 and ST348 Klebsiella pneumoniae in a Portuguese hospitalVubil, D; Figueiredo, R; Reis, T; Canha, C; Boaventura, L
EI 2017 Volume 145 Issue 3 February (12).pdf.jpg2017High-risk regions and outbreak modelling of tularemia in humansLiu, X; Hjertqvist, M; Sjöstedt, A
EI 2017 Volume 145 Issue 3 February (4).pdf.jpg2017A population-based longitudinal study of Clostridium dif fi cile infection-related hospitalization in mid-age and older AustraliansChen, Y; Glass, K; Liu, B; Riley, T V; Korda, R
EI 2017 Volume 145 Issue 2 January (15).pdf.jpg2017Mechanisms for fl oor surfaces or environmental ground contamination to cause human infection : a systematic reviewRashid, T; Vonville, H; Hasan, I
AJRCCM 2017 Volume 195 Issue 2 February (6).pdf.jpg2017ORIGINAL ARTICLE Incidence , Predictors , and Outcomes of New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation A Cohort StudyVught, Lonneke A Van; Schultz, Marcus J; Poll, Tom Van Der; Bonten, Marc J; Cremer, Olaf L
EI 2017 Volume 145 Issue 3 February (7).pdf.jpg2017Comparative dynamics , seasonality in transmission , and predictability of childhood infections in MexicoMahmud, A S; Metcalf, C J E