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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (613).pdf.jpg2016Impact of the age at menarche on body composition in adulthood: results from two birth cohort studiesBubach, Susana; Menezes, Ana Maria Baptista; Barros, Fernando Celso; Wehrmeister, Fernando César; Gonçalves, Helen; Assunção, Maria Cecília Formoso; Horta, Bernardo Lessa
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (151).pdf.jpg2016Occurrence of multiple mental health or substance use outcomes among bisexuals: a respondent-driven sampling studyBauer, Greta R.; Flanders, Corey; MacLeod, Melissa a.; Ross, Lori E.; Ward, Bw; Dahlhamer, Jm; Galinsky, Am; Joestl, Ss; Tjepkema, M; Kaestle, Ce; Ivory, a Holz; Jorm, Af; Korten, Ae; Rodgers, B; Ross, Le; Bauer, Gr; MacLeod, Ma; Robinson, M; MacKay, J; Dobinson, C; Bauer, G
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (633).pdf.jpg2016Detecting and staging podoconiosis cases in North West Cameroon: positive predictive value of clinical screening of patients by community health workers and researchersWanji, Samuel; Kengne-Ouafo, Jonas a.; Datchoua-Poutcheu, Fabrice R.; Njouendou, Abdel Jelil; Tayong, Dizzel Bita; Sofeu-Feugaing, David D.; Amvongo-Adjia, Nathalie; Fovennso, Bridget a.; Longang-Tchounkeu, Yolande F.; Tekola-Ayele, Fasil; Enyong, Peter a.; Newport,
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (114).pdf.jpg2016Peer engagement in harm reduction strategies and services: a critical case study and evaluation framework from British Columbia, CanadaGreer, Alissa M.; Luchenski, Serena a.; Amlani, Ashraf a.; Lacroix, Katie; Burmeister, Charlene; Buxton, Jane a.; Kral, Ah; Bluthenthal, Rn; Booth, Re; Watters, Jk; Single, E; Robson, L; Rehm, J; Xie, X; Xi, X; Degenhardt, L; Hall, W; Ti, L; Tzemis, D; Buxton, Ja; Marshall,
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (259).pdf.jpg2016Validation of the comprehensive feeding practices questionnaire in parents of preschool children in BrazilWarkentin, Sarah; Mais, Laís Amaral; Latorre, Maria Do Rosário Dias De Oliveira; Carnell, Susan; Taddei, José Augusto De Aguiar Carrazedo; Silveira, Ja; Colugnati, Fa; Cocetti, M; Taddei, Jaac; Nobre, Ln; Lamounier, Ja; Franceschini, Scc; Martins, Apb; Levy, Rb; Claro,
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (276).pdf.jpg2016Potential health gains and health losses in eleven EU countries attainable through feasible prevalences of the life-style related risk factors alcohol, BMI, and smoking: a quantitative health impact assessmentLhachimi, Stefan K.; Nusselder, Wilma J.; Smit, Henriette a.; Baili, Paolo; Bennett, Kathleen; Fernández, Esteve; Kulik, Margarete C.; Lobstein, Tim; Pomerleau, Joceline; Boshuizen, Hendriek C.; Mackenbach, Johan P.; Anderson, P; Baumber, B; Banegas, Jr; Lopez-Garcia,
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (311).pdf.jpg2016A decision analytic model to investigate the cost-effectiveness of poisoning prevention practices in households with young childrenAchana, Felix; Sutton, Alex J.; Kendrick, Denise; Hayes, Mike; Jones, David R.; Hubbard, Stephanie J.; Cooper, Nicola J.; Spiller, Ha; Griffith, Jrk; Kendrick, D; Kendrick, D; Achana, Fa; Orton, E; Pitt, M; Anderson, R; Moxham, T; Saramago, P; Cooper, Nj; Spiegelhalter, D
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (318).pdf.jpg2016Thai district Leaders' perceptions of managing the direct observation treatment program in Trang Province, Thailand.Choowong, Jiraporn; Tillgren, Per; Söderbäck, Maja
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (343).pdf.jpg2016Human T-Lymphotropic Virus type 1 infection in an Indigenous Australian population: epidemiological insights from a hospital-based cohort studyEinsiedel, Lloyd; Woodman, Richard J; Flynn, Maria; Wilson, Kim; Cassar, Olivier; Gessain, Antoine
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (125).pdf.jpg2016Proactive enrollment of parents to tobacco quitlines in pediatric practices is associated with greater quitline use: a cross-sectional studyDrehmer, Jeremy E.; Hipple, Bethany; Nabi-Burza, Emara; Ossip, Deborah J.; Chang, Yuchiao; Rigotti, Nancy a.; Winickoff, Jonathan P.; Fiore, Mc; Jaen, Cr; Baker, Tb; DiFranza, Jr; Lew, Ra; Bailey, Sl; Ennett, St; Ringwalt, Cl; Winickoff, Jp; Buckley, Vj; Palfrey, Js; Perri