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2012Digital EpidemiologySalathé, Marcel; Bengtsson, Linus; Bodnar, Todd J.; Brewer, Devon D.; Buckee, Caroline; Campbell, Ellsworth M.; Cattuto, Ciro; Khandelwal, Shashank; Mabry, Patricia L.; Brownstein, John Samuel; Vespignani, Alessandro
2011Type 2 Diabetes and the Risk of Renal Cell Cancer in WomenJoh, Hee-Kyung; Willett, Walter C.; Cho, Eunyoung
9-Aug-2009Potential Misinterpretations Caused by Collapsing Upper Categories of Comorbidity Indices: An Illustration from a Cohort of Older Breast Cancer SurvivorsAhern, Thomas P; Bosco, Jaclyn LF; Silliman, Rebecca A; Yood, Marianne Ulcickas; Field, Terry S; Wei, Feifei; Lash, Timothy L
2012Genetic Determinants for Body Iron Store and Type 2 Diabetes Risk in US Men and WomenHe, Meian; Workalemahu, Tsegaselassie; Manson, JoAnn Elisabeth; Hu, Frank B.; Qi, Lu
2010An epidemiological investigation of neck pain in the white population in the greater Durban areaBoodhoo, Vilash; Korporaal, Charmaine Maria; Slabbert, Warren Neville
20-May-2014Patients at Marburg Haven Clinic : a demographic and disease profileNdlovu, Prisca Zandile; Korporaal, Charmaine Maria; Hitge, Candice Elaine
2012Prognostic Significance of Elevated Cardiac Troponin-T Levels in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome PatientsRivara, Matthew B.; Thompson, B. Taylor; Bajwa, Ednan Khalid; Januzzi, James Louis; Gong, Michelle Ng; Christiani, David C.
2014The Association of Early Childhood Cognitive Development and Behavioural Difficulties with Pre-Adolescent Problematic Eating AttitudesRichmond, Rebecca C.; Skugarevsky, Oleg; Yang, Seungmi; Kramer, Michael S.; Wade, Kaitlin H.; Patel, Rita; Bogdanovich, Natalia; Vilchuck, Konstantin; Sergeichick, Natalia; Smith, George Davey; Oken, Emily; Martin, Richard M.
2014Empiric Deworming and CD4 Count Recovery in HIV-Infected Ugandans Initiating Antiretroviral TherapyLankowski, Alexander J.; Tsai, Alexander C.; Kanyesigye, Michael; Bwana, Mwebesa; Haberer, Jessica E.; Wenger, Megan; Martin, Jeffrey N.; Bangsberg, David R.; Hunt, Peter W.; Siedner, Mark J.
2014Quantifying the Role of Adverse Events in the Mortality Difference between First and Second-Generation Antipsychotics in Older Adults: Systematic Review and Meta-SynthesisJackson, John W.; Schneeweiss, Sebastian; VanderWeele, Tyler J.; Blacker, Deborah