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2014Rett-causing mutations reveal two domains critical for MeCP2 function and for toxicity in MECP2 duplication syndrome miceHeckman, Laura Dean; Chahrour, Maria H; Zoghbi, Huda Y
2014Integrative Genomics Reveals Novel Molecular Pathways and Gene Networks for Coronary Artery DiseaseMäkinen, Ville-Petteri; Civelek, Mete; Meng, Qingying; Zhang, Bin; Zhu, Jun; Levian, Candace; Huan, Tianxiao; Segrè, Ayellet V.; Ghosh, Sujoy; Vivar, Juan; Nikpay, Majid; Stewart, Alexandre F. R.; Nelson, Christopher P.; Willenborg, Christina; Erdmann, Jeanette; Blakenberg, Stefan; O'Donnell, Christopher J.; März, Winfried; Laaksonen, Reijo; Epstein, Stephen E.; Kathiresan, Sekar; Shah, Svati H.; Hazen, Stanley L.; Reilly, Muredach P.; Lusis, Aldons J.; Samani, Nilesh J.; Schunkert, Heribert; Quertermous, Thomas; McPherson, Ruth; Yang, Xia; Assimes, Themistocles L.
2012An Evolutionarily Conserved Enhancer Regulates Bmp4 Expression in Developing Incisor and Limb BudLachke, Salil A.; O’Connell, Daniel J.; Aboukhalil, Anton; Choe, Sung E.; Turbe-Doan, Annick; Robertson, Erin A.; Amendt, Brad A.; Jumlongras, Dolrudee; Li, Xiao; Ho, Joshua Wing Kei; Olsen, Bjorn Reino; Bulyk, Martha Leonia; Maas, Richard Louis
22-Aug-2013The Direct Reprogramming of Somatic Cells: Establishment of a Novel System for Photoreceptor DerivationMeyer, Jason S.; Dai, Guoli; Randall, Stephen Karl, 1953-; Atkinson, Simon; Steward, Melissa Mary
2012Serum Resistin and Kidney Function: A Family-Based Study in Non-Diabetic, Untreated IndividualsMenzaghi, Claudia; Salvemini, Lucia; Fini, Grazia; Mangiacotti, Davide; Di Paola, Rosa; Morini, Eleonora; Giorelli, Maddalena; De Bonis, Concetta; De Cosmo, Salvatore; Trischitta, Vincenzo; Thompson, Ryan Wesley; Doria, Alessandro
9783642451614.pdf.jpg2014Gene network inferenceFuente, Alberto de l A; Geneticist
9789400745254.pdf.jpg2014EpigeneticsKundu, T Ap As K
9781493905096.pdf.jpg2014Primary aldosteronismHellm An, Per
9781627031011.pdf.jpg2014Mitochondrial DNA, mitochondria, disease, and stem cellsSt John, Justin C
9781461437222.pdf.jpg2014Mitochondrial disorders caused by nuclear genesWong, Lee-Jun C