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2012A Splice Site Mutation in Laminin-α2 Results in a Severe Muscular Dystrophy and Growth Abnormalities in ZebrafishMyers, Jennifer A.; Chen, Aye T.; Hall, Thomas E.; Currie, Peter D.; Gupta, Vandana; Kawahara, Genri; Manzini, Maria Chiara; Zhou, Yi; Zon, Leonard Ira; Kunkel, Louis Martens; Beggs, Alan Hendrie
2012Ccdc94 Protects Cells from Ionizing Radiation by Inhibiting the Expression of p53Sorrells, Shelly; Carbonneau, Seth; Harrington, Erik; Chen, Aye T.; Hast, Bridgid; Milash, Brett; Major, Michael B.; Stewart, Rodney A.; Jette, Cicely; Pyati, Ujwal Jagdeesh; Zon, Leonard Ira; Look, A. Thomas; Zhou, Yi
2012T Cell Activation Markers and African Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups among Non-Hispanic Black Participants in AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study 384Hulgan, Todd; Kalams, Spyros A.; Samuels, David C.; Grady, Benjamin; Shafer, Robert; Murdock, Deborah G.; Selph, Doug; Haas, David W.; Pollard, Richard B.; Robbins, Gregory Kimball
2012Improving Lambda Red Genome Engineering in Escherichia coli via Rational Removal of Endogenous NucleasesMosberg, Joshua Adam Weintrob; Gregg, Christopher; Lajoie, Marc Joseph; Wang, Harris He; Church, George McDonald
2012Evaluation of OPEN Zinc Finger Nucleases for Direct Gene Targeting of the ROSA26 Locus in Mouse EmbryosHermann, Mario; Rector, Kyle; Ruiz, Joseph; Becher, Burkhard; Bürki, Kurt; Khayter, Cyd; Aguzzi, Adriano; Buch, Thorsten; Pelczar, Pawel; Maeder, Morgan L.; Joung, Jae Keith
2012Heterozygosity for Fibrinogen Results in Efficient Resolution of Kidney Ischemia Reperfusion InjuryAjay, Amrendra K; Saikumar, Janani; Bijol, Vanesa; Vaidya, Vishal S.
2009A Robust Approach to Identifying Tissue-Specific Gene Expression Regulatory Variants Using Personalized Human Induced Pluripotent Stem CellsLee, Je-Hyuk; Park, In-Hyun; Gao, Yuan; Zhang, Kun; Li, Jin; Li, Zhe; Daley, George Quentin; Church, George McDonald
2013Ikbkap/Elp1 Deficiency Causes Male Infertility by Disrupting Meiotic ProgressionLin, Fu-Jung; Shen, Li; Jang, Chuan-Wei; Falnes, Pål Ø.; Zhang, Yi
2013Dual Host-Virus Arms Races Shape an Essential Housekeeping ProteinDemogines, Ann; Abraham, Jonathan; Choe, Hyeryun; Farzan, Michael; Sawyer, Sara L.
2012Three-Dimensional Genome Architecture Influences Partner Selection for Chromosomal Translocations in Human DiseaseEngreitz, Jesse Michael; Agarwala, Vineeta; Mirny, Leonid Alex