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2012The Response of the Prostate to Circulating Cholesterol: Activating Transcription Factor 3 (ATF3) as a Prominent Node in a Cholesterol-Sensing NetworkVizio, Dolores Di; Kim, Taek-Kyun; Kim, Jonghwan; Pelton, Kristine; Clinton, Steven K.; Hai, Tsonwin; Hwang, Daehee; Kim, Jayoung; Kim, Minjung; Solomon, Keith R.; Freeman, Michael R.
2012STARS Is Essential to Maintain Cardiac Development and Function In Vivo via a SRF PathwayChong, Nelson W.; Koekemoer, Andrea L.; Ounzain, Samir; Samani, Nilesh J.; Shin, Jordan T.; Shaw, Stanley Yang
2012Genome-Wide Identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Virulence-Related Genes Using a Caenorhabditis elegans Infection ModelUrbach, Jonathan M.; Liberati, Nicole T.; Adonizio, Allison; Feinbaum, Rhonda Lorin; Djonovic, Slavica; Carvunis, Anne-Ruxandra; Ausubel, Frederick M.
2012Gq/11-Mediated Signaling and Hypertrophy in Mice with Cardiac-Specific Transgenic Expression of Regulator of G-Protein Signaling 2Park-Windhol, Cindy; Su, Jialin; Chaves, Leonard; Maldonado, Angel E.; King, Michelle E.; Cullen, Darragh; Mende, Ulrike; Zhang, Peng; Rickey, Lisa M.; Zhu, Ming
2012High Phobic Anxiety Is Related to Lower Leukocyte Telomere Length in WomenOkereke, Olivia Ifeoma; Prescott, Jennifer; Wong, Jason Yat Yang; Han, Jiali; Rexrode, Kathryn Marian; De Vivo, Immaculata
2012Induction of Cytoprotective Pathways Is Central to the Extension of Lifespan Conferred by Multiple Longevity PathwaysShore, David Eli; Ruvkun, Gary B.; Carr, Christopher E.
2012The Transcription Factor NFATp Plays a Key Role in Susceptibility to TB in MiceVia, Laura E.; Rajsbaum, Ricardo; Tsytsykova, Alla V.; Goldfeld, Anne Esther; Falvo, James Vincent
2012Expression Analysis of Macrodactyly Identifies Pleiotrophin UpregulationKaplan, Adam; Cerrato, Felecia; Lau, Frank; Xia, Fang; Greene, Arin K.; Taghinia, Amir Hosein; Cowan, Chad A.; Labow, Brian Ian
2012Doxycycline Regulated Induction of AKT in Murine Prostate Drives Proliferation Independently of p27 Cyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitor DownregulationWang, Hongyun; Xu, Youyuan; Fang, Zi; Yuan, Xin; Balk, Steven Paul; Chen, Sen
2012Different Pattern of Immunoglobulin Gene Usage by HIV-1 Compared to Non-HIV-1 Antibodies Derived from the Same Infected SubjectLi, Liuzhe; Wang, Xiao-Hong; Banerjee, Sagarika; Volsky, Barbara; Williams, Constance; Virland, Diana; Nadas, Arthur; Chen, Xuemin; Spearman, Paul; Zolla-Pazner, Susan; Gorny, Miroslaw K.; Seaman, Michael S.