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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue December (8).pdf.jpg2016Relationship between polycystic ovary syndrome and ancestry in European AmericansS, Andrew C Bjonnes M; D, Richa Saxena Ph; D, Corrine K Welt M
2016 SPINE Volume 41 Issue 21 November (7).pdf.jpg2016How Reliable Are the Reported Genetic Associations in Disc Degeneration?Rajasekaran, S.; Kanna, Rishi Mugesh; Reddy, Ranjani Raja; Natesan, Senthil; Raveendran, Muthuraja; Cheung, Kenneth M.C.; Chan, Danny; Kao, Patrick Y.P.; Yee, Anita; Shetty, Ajoy Prasad
2016 SLEEP Volume 39 Issue 10 October (2).pdf.jpg2016Genetic Correlation Analysis Suggests Association between Increased Self- Reported Sleep Duration in Adults and Schizophrenia and Type 2 DiabetesByrne, Enda M; Gehrman, Philip R; Trzaskowski, Maciej; Tiemeier, Henning; Pack, Allan I
2016 IJE Volume 45 Issue 5 October (35).pdf.jpg2016Genetic epidemiology Long telomeres and cancer risk among 95 568 individuals from the general populationRode, Line; Nordestgaard, Børge G; Bojesen, Stig E
2016 SLEEP Volume 39 Issue 11 November (16).pdf.jpg2016A Longitudinal Twin and Sibling Study of Associations between Insomnia and Depression Symptoms in Young Adults.Gregory, Alice M; Rijsdijk, Fruhling V; Eley, Thalia C; Buysse, Daniel J; Schneider, Melanie N; Parsons, Mike; Barclay, Nicola L
2016 AJM Volume 129 Issue 10 October (11).pdf.jpg2016Integrating Pharmacogenomics into Clinical Practice : Promise vs RealitySauver, Jennifer L St; Bielinski, Suzette J; Olson, Janet E; Bell, Elizabeth J; Gree, Michaela E Mc; Jacobson, Debra J; Mccormick, Jennifer B; Caraballo, Pedro J; Takahashi, Paul Y; Roger, Veronique L; Vitek, R Rohrer
2016 JME Volume 53 Issue 6 November (12).pdf.jpg2016Sampling , Distribution , Dispersal Composition and Genetic Diversity of Mosquitoes ( Diptera : Culicidae ) on Islands and Mainland Shores of Kenya ’ s Lakes Victoria and BaringoAjamma, Yvonne Ukamaka; Villinger, Jandouwe; Omondi, David; Salifu, Daisy; Onchuru, Thomas Ogao; Njoroge, Laban; Muigai, Anne W T; Masiga, Daniel K; Lu, Martin
2017 JAAD Volume 76 Issue 6 June (31).pdf.jpg2017Re-evaluation of epidermodysplasia verruciformis: Reconciling more than 90 years of debatePrzybyszewska, Joanna; Zlotogorski, Abraham; Ramot, Yuval
2017 DAD Volume 175 June (6).pdf.jpg2017Emergency Presentations of Colorectal CancerBaer, Canaan; Menon, Raman; Bastawrous, Sarah; Bastawrous, Amir
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 4 May  (18).pdf.jpg2017Contact ignition by single-chain XIIaMeijers, Joost C M; Schmaier, Alvin H.