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2014Plasma Concentrations, Efficacy and Safety of Efavirenz in HIV-Infected Adults Treated for Tuberculosis in Cambodia (ANRS 1295-CIPRA KH001 CAMELIA Trial)Borand, Laurence; Madec, Yoann; Laureillard, Didier; Chou, Monidarin; Marcy, Olivier; Pheng, Phearavin; Prak, Narom; Kim, Chindamony; Lak, Khemarin Kim; Hak, Chanroeun; Dim, Bunnet; Nerrienet, Eric; Fontanet, Arnaud; Sok, Thim; Goldfeld, Anne E.; Blanc, François-Xavier; Taburet, Anne-Marie
2014An Adjustable Gas-Mixing Device to Increase Feasibility of In Vitro Culture of Plasmodium falciparum Parasites in the FieldBei, Amy K.; Patel, Saurabh D.; Volkman, Sarah K.; Ahouidi, Ambroise D.; Ndiaye, Daouda; Mboup, Souleymane; Wirth, Dyann F.
2014The Association of Meningococcal Disease with Influenza in the United States, 1989–2009Jacobs, Jessica Hartman; Viboud, Cécile; Tchetgen, Eric Tchetgen; Schwartz, Joel; Steiner, Claudia; Simonsen, Lone; Lipsitch, Marc
2014Plasma Metabolomics in Human Pulmonary Tuberculosis Disease: A Pilot StudyFrediani, Jennifer K.; Jones, Dean P.; Tukvadze, Nestan; Uppal, Karan; Sanikidze, Eka; Kipiani, Maia; Tran, ViLinh T.; Hebbar, Gautam; Walker, Douglas I.; Kempker, Russell R.; Kurani, Shaheen S.; Colas, Romain A.; Dalli, Jesmond; Tangpricha, Vin; Serhan, Charles N.; Blumberg, Henry M.; Ziegler, Thomas R.
2014Mobile HIV Screening in Cape Town, South Africa: Clinical Impact, Cost and Cost-EffectivenessBassett, Ingrid V.; Govindasamy, Darshini; Erlwanger, Alison S.; Hyle, Emily P.; Kranzer, Katharina; van Schaik, Nienke; Noubary, Farzad; Paltiel, A. David; Wood, Robin; Walensky, Rochelle P.; Losina, Elena; Bekker, Linda-Gail; Freedberg, Kenneth A.
2014Blunted Response to Combination Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV Elite Controllers: An International HIV Controller CollaborationBoufassa, Faroudy; Lechenadec, Jérome; Meyer, Laurence; Costagliola, Dominique; Hunt, Peter W.; Pereyra, Florencia; Deeks, Steve; Pancino, Gianfranco; Taulera, Olivier; Lichterfeld, Mathias; Delobel, Pierre; Saez-Cirion, Asier; Lambotte, Olivier
2014Global Financing and Long-Term Technical Assistance for Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis: Scaling Up Access to TreatmentHwang, Thomas J.; Keshavjee, Salmaan
2014Acid Suppression Therapy Does Not Predispose to Clostridium difficile Infection: The Case of the Potential BiasNovack, Lena; Kogan, Slava; Gimpelevich, Larisa; Howell, Michael; Borer, Abraham; Kelly, Ciarán P.; Leffler, Daniel A.; Novack, Victor
2014Effectiveness of Insecticide Spraying and Culling of Dogs on the Incidence of Leishmania infantum Infection in Humans: A Cluster Randomized Trial in Teresina, BrazilWerneck, Guilherme L.; Costa, Carlos H. N.; de Carvalho, Fernando Aécio Amorim; Pires e Cruz, Maria do Socorro; Maguire, James H.; Castro, Marcia C.
2014Deletion of the Complement C5a Receptor Alleviates the Severity of Acute Pneumococcal Otitis Media following Influenza A Virus Infection in MiceTong, Hua Hua; Lambert, Garrett; Li, Yong Xing; Thurman, Joshua M.; Stahl, Gregory L.; Douthitt, Kelsey; Clancy, Caitlin; He, Yujuan; Bowman, Andrew S.