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2012Loss of Effector and Anti-Inflammatory Natural Killer T Lymphocyte Function in Pathogenic Simian Immunodeficiency Virus InfectionRout, Namita; Greene, Justin; Yue, Simon C.; O'Connor, David; Johnson, R. Paul; Else, James G.; Exley, Mark Adrian; Kaur, Amitinder
2010Treatment-Mediated Alterations in HIV Fitness Preserve CD4+ T Cell Counts but Have Minimal Effects on Viral LoadVaidya, Naveen K.; Rong, Libin; Marconi, Vincent C.; Deeks, Steven G.; Perelson, Alan S.; Kuritzkes, Daniel Robert
2008The Impact of Different Antibiotic Regimens on the Emergence of Antimicrobial-Resistant BacteriaDupont-Rouzeyrol, Myrielle; Magal, Pierre; Olivier, Damien; Ruan, Shigui; D'Agata, Erika Maria Concetta
2010Anti-V3 Monoclonal Antibodies Display Broad Neutralizing Activities against Multiple HIV-1 SubtypesHioe, Catarina E.; Wrin, Terri; Yu, Xuesong; Wood, Blake; Self, Steve; Williams, Constance; Gorny, Miroslaw K.; Zolla-Pazner, Susan; Seaman, Michael S.
2008PerR Confers Phagocytic Killing Resistance and Allows Pharyngeal Colonization by Group A StreptococcusGryllos, Ioannis; Kalish, Leslie A.; Wessels, Michael Robert; Grifantini, Renata; Colaprico, Annalisa; Cary, Max E.; Hakansson, Anders; Carey, David W.; Suarez-Chavez, Maria; Kalish, Leslie A.; Mitchell, Paul D.; White, Gary L.; Wessels, Michael Robert
2012CD200R1 Supports HSV-1 Viral Replication and Licenses Pro-Inflammatory Signaling Functions of TLR2Soberman, Roy Jason; MacKay, Christopher R.; Vaine, Christine Adele; Ryan, Glennice Bowen; Cerny, Anna M.; Thompson, Mikayla R.; Nikolic, Boris; Primo, Valeria; Christmas, Peter; Sheiffele, Paul; Aronov, Lisa; Knipe, David Mahan; Kurt-Jones, Evelyn A.
2012Outcomes of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment with Early Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Co-Infected Patients in LesothoHedt-Gauthier, Bethany; Atwood, Sidney S.; Omotayo, David B.; Ntlamelle, Likhapha; Satti, Hind Elkheir; Seung, Kwonjune Justin; McLaughlin, Megan M
2012The Single-Nucleotide Resolution Transcriptome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Grown in Body TemperatureWurtzel, Omri; Yoder-Himes, Deborah R.; Han, Kook; Dandekar, Ajai A.; Edelheit, Sarit; Greenberg, E. Peter; Sorek, Rotem; Lory, Stephen
2012Coadministration of Lopinavir/Ritonavir and Rifampicin in HIV and Tuberculosis Co-Infected Adults in South AfricaMurphy, Richard A.; Marconi, Vincent C.; Gandhi, Rajesh Tim; Kuritzkes, Daniel Robert; Sunpath, Henry
2008Automated Identification of Acute Hepatitis B Using Electronic Medical Record Data to Facilitate Public Health SurveillanceHaney, Gillian; Church, Daniel; Hou, Xuanlin; Ramsay, Mary; Klompas, Michael; Lazarus, Ross; Platt, Richard