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2006CCR5 Is Essential for NK Cell Trafficking and Host Survival following Toxoplasma gondii InfectionKhan, Imtiaz A; Thomas, Seddon Y; Moretto, Magali M; Combe, Crescent; Schwartzman, Joseph D; Lee, Frederick S; Islam, Sabina A.; Luster, Andrew David
2012Comprehensive Approach to Improving Maternal Health and Achieving MDG 5: Report from the Mountains of LesothoMotsamai, Sophie; Chetane, Palesa; Marumo, Leshoboro; Riley, Jennifer; Satti, Hind Elkheir; Barry, Donna; McLaughlin, Megan Marie; Seung, Kwonjune Justin; Mukherjee, Joia Stapleton
2008Inducing Cross-Clade Neutralizing Antibodies against HIV-1 by ImmunofocusingOng, Helena; Kaiser, Fabian M. P.; Hu, Shiu-Lok; Humbert, Michael; Ruprecht, Ruth Margrit; Rasmussen, Robert Anthony
2012The Receptor Slamf1 on the Surface of Myeloid Lineage Cells Controls Susceptibility to Infection by Trypanosoma cruziCalderón, Jossela; Punzón, Carmen; Carrión, Javier; Terhorst, Cox; Fresno, Manuel; Maganto-Garcia, Elena
2012A Comparison of Computational Methods for Identifying Virulence FactorsZheng, Lu-Lu; Li, Yi-Xue; Guo, Xiao-Kui; Feng, Kai-Yan; Wang, Ya-Jun; Hu, Le-Le; Cai, Yu-Dong; Chou, Kuo-Chen; Ding, Juan; Hao, Pei
2006Epstein–Barr Virus MicroRNAs Are Evolutionarily Conserved and Differentially ExpressedCai, Xuezhong; Schäfer, Alexandra; Lu, Shihua; Bilello, John P; Edwards, Rachel; Raab-Traub, Nancy; Cullen, Bryan R; Desrosiers, Ronald C.
2012Refining the Global Spatial Limits of Dengue Virus Transmission by Evidence-Based ConsensusBrady, Oliver J.; Gething, Peter W.; Messina, Jane P.; Moyes, Catherine L.; Farlow, Andrew W.; Scott, Thomas W.; Hay, Simon I.; Bhatt, Samir; Brownstein, John Samuel; Hoen, Anne Grace Gatewood
2009A Critical Role for CD8 T Cells in a Nonhuman Primate Model of TuberculosisChen, Crystal Y.; Shen, Ling; Zeng, Gucheng; Yao, Shuyun; Shen, Yun; Halliday, Lisa; Fortman, Jeff; McAllister, Milton; Estep, Jim; Vasconcelos, Daphne; Du, George; Porcelli, Steven A.; Larsen, Michelle H.; Jacobs, William R.; Haynes, Barton F.; Letvin, Norman Lee; Huang, Dan; Wang, Richard; Hunt, Robert; Chen, Zheng-Yi
2009Small Molecule Control of Virulence Gene Expression in Francisella tularensisCharity, James Carl; Blalock, LeeAnn T.; Costante-Hamm, Michelle M.; Kasper, Dennis Lee; Dove, Simon L.
2009The Salmonella SPI2 Effector SseI Mediates Long-Term Systemic Infection by Modulating Host Cell MigrationMcLaughlin, Laura M.; Govoni, Gregory R.; Gerke, Christiane; Gopinath, Smita; Peng, Kaitian; Laidlaw, Grace; Chien, Yueh-Hsiu; Li, Zhigang; Monack, Denise; Jeong, Ha-Won; Brown, Matthew D.; Sacks, David Barry