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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
0787969710.pdf.jpg2005The handbook of training and practice in infant and preschool mental health /Finello, Karen M ;
9783319457789.pdf.jpg2017The MassGeneral Hospital for children adolescent medicine handbookGoldstein, Mark A., ; editor ;
9783319536439.pdf.jpg2017Zika in focus :Arag?o, Maria de F??tima Viana Vasco, ; editor ;
9780415749749.pdf.jpg2016Disabled childhoodsMcLaughlin, Janice, ; 1968- ; author. ;; Coleman-Fountain, Edmund, ; author. ;; Clavering, Emma, ; author. ;
9780415719575.pdf.jpg2016The therapist's notebook for children and adolescents :Sori, Catherine Ford, ; editor ;; Hecker, Lorna L., ; editor ;; Bachenberg, Molli E., ; editor ;
9780415736442.pdf.jpg2016Challenges in the theory and practice of play therapy /Le Vay, David, ; editor ;; Cuschieri, Elise, ; editor ;
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 2 February (40).pdf.jpg2016Monitoring postnatal growth of preterm infants : present and future 1 – 3Giuliani, Francesca; Ismail, Leila Cheikh; Bertino, Enrico; Bhutta, Zulfiqar A; Ohuma, Eric O; Rovelli, Ilaria
2016 NR Volume 65 Issue 2 April (7).pdf.jpg2016Mental Health Disorders in Elderly People Prevalence and Correlates in the National U . S . PopulationCare, Receiving Home
2016 AJM Volume 129 Issue 5 May (36).pdf.jpg2016Prognostic Impact of Myocardial Injury Related to Various Cardiac and Noncardiac ConditionsSarkisian, Laura; Saaby, Lotte; Poulsen, Tina S; Gerke, Oke
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 1 January (8).pdf.jpg2016Administration of resveratrol for 5 wk has no effect on glucagon-like peptide 1 secretion , gastric emptying , or glycemic control in type 2 diabetes : a randomized controlled trial 1 , 2Thazhath, Sony S; Wu, Tongzhi; Bound, Michelle J; Checklin, Helen L; Standfield, Scott; Jones, Karen L; Horowitz, Michael; Rayner, Christopher K