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2012Lung Adenocarcinoma of Never Smokers and Smokers Harbor Differential Regions of Genetic Alteration and Exhibit Different Levels of Genomic InstabilityThu, Kelsie L.; Vucic, Emily A.; Lockwood, William W.; English, John C.; Fu, Rong; Feng, Ziding; MacAulay, Calum E.; Gazdar, Adi F.; Lam, Wan L.; Chari, Rajagopal; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Pei; Lam, Stephen
2014Genotyping Cancer-Associated Genes in Chordoma Identifies Mutations in Oncogenes and Areas of Chromosomal Loss Involving CDKN2A, PTEN, and SMARCB1Choy, Edwin; MacConaill, Laura E.; Cote, Gregory M.; Le, Long P.; Shen, Jacson K.; Nielsen, Gunnlaugur P.; Iafrate, Anthony J.; Garraway, Levi A.; Hornicek, Francis J.; Duan, Zhenfeng
2014Exome-Wide Association Study of Endometrial Cancer in a Multiethnic PopulationChen, Maxine M.; Crous-Bou, Marta; Setiawan, Veronica W.; Prescott, Jennifer; Olson, Sara H.; Wentzensen, Nicolas; Black, Amanda; Brinton, Louise; Chen, Chu; Chen, Constance; Cook, Linda S.; Doherty, Jennifer; Friedenreich, Christine M.; Hankinson, Susan E.; Hartge, Patricia; Henderson, Brian E.; Hunter, David J.; Le Marchand, Loic; Liang, Xiaolin; Lissowska, Jolanta; Lu, Lingeng; Orlow, Irene; Petruzella, Stacey; Polidoro, Silvia; Pooler, Loreall; Rebbeck, Timothy R.; Risch, Harvey; Sacerdote, Carlotta; Schumacher, Frederick; Sheng, Xin; Shu, Xiao-ou; Weiss, Noel S.; Xia, Lucy; Van Den Berg, David; Yang, Hannah P.; Yu, Herbert; Chanock, Stephen; Haiman, Christopher; Kraft, Peter; De Vivo, Immaculata
9781461448846.pdf.jpg2014Role of the transcriptome in breast cancer preventionRusso, Jose,; Russo, Irma H
2012Routine Multiplex Mutational Profiling of Melanomas Enables Enrollment in Genotype-Driven Therapeutic TrialsLovly, Christine M.; Dahlman, Kimberly Brown; Fohn, Laurel E.; Su, Zengliu; Hucks, Donald; Berry, Elizabeth; Duke, MarKeesa; Su, Yingjun; Sobolik-Delmaire, Tammy; Richmond, Ann; Kelley, Mark C.; Vnencak-Jones, Cindy L.; Sosman, Jeffrey; Pao, William; Dias-Santagata, Dora; Hicks, Donna J.; Terry, Charles; Iafrate, Anthony John
2013Pre-Diagnostic Leukocyte Genomic DNA Methylation and the Risk of Colorectal Cancer in WomenNan, Hongmei; Giovannucci, Edward L.; Wu, Kana; Selhub, Jacob; Paul, Ligi; Rosner, Bernard Alfred; Fuchs, Charles Stewart; Cho, Eunyoung
2013Digital Quantification of Gene Expression in Sequential Breast Cancer Biopsies Reveals Activation of an Immune ResponseJeselsohn, Rinath M.; Werner, Lillian; Regan, Meredith M.; Fatima, Aquila; Gilmore, Lauren; Collins, Laura C.; Beck, Andrew H.; Bailey, Shannon T.; He, Housheng Hansen; Buchwalter, Gilles; Brown, Myles; Iglehart, J. Dirk; Richardson, Andrea; Come, Steven E.
2012Tanshinones Inhibit the Growth of Breast Cancer Cells through Epigenetic Modification of Aurora A Expression and FunctionLi, Yanli; Gong, Yi; Abdolmaleky, Hamid M.; Li, Lingling; Zhou, Jin-Rong
2013Extensive Alternative Splicing of the Repressor Element Silencing Transcription Factor Linked to CancerChen, Guo-lin; Miller, Gregory Michael
2013MicroRNA-21 is Induced by Rapamycin in a Model of Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC) and Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)Trindade, Anil Julius; Medvetz, Douglas A; Neuman, Nicole A.; Myachina, Faina; Yu, Jane J; Priolo, Carmen; Henske, Elizabeth Petri