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2014Modified Mediterranean Diet Score and Cardiovascular Risk in a North American Working PopulationYang, Justin; Farioli, Andrea; Korre, Maria; Kales, Stefanos N.
2014An Increase in Tobacco Craving Is Associated with Enhanced Medial Prefrontal Cortex Network CouplingJanes, Amy C.; Farmer, Stacey; Frederick, Blaise deB.; Nickerson, Lisa D.; Lukas, Scott E.
2014Preventive zinc supplementation for children, and the effect of additional iron: a systematic review and meta-analysisMayo-Wilson, Evan; Imdad, Aamer; Junior, Jean; Dean, Sohni; Bhutta, Zulfiqar A
2014Access to Paediatric Essential Medicines: A Survey of Prices, Availability, Affordability and Price Components in Shaanxi Province, ChinaWang, Xiao; Fang, Yu; Yang, Shimin; Jiang, Minghuan; Yan, Kangkang; Wu, Lina; Lv, Bing; Shen, Qian
2014Biomarker Profiling by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for the Prediction of All-Cause Mortality: An Observational Study of 17,345 PersonsFischer, Krista; Kettunen, Johannes; Würtz, Peter; Haller, Toomas; Havulinna, Aki S.; Kangas, Antti J.; Soininen, Pasi; Esko, Tõnu; Tammesoo, Mari-Liis; Mägi, Reedik; Smit, Steven; Palotie, Aarno; Ripatti, Samuli; Salomaa, Veikko; Ala-Korpela, Mika; Perola, Markus; Metspalu, Andres
2014Quality improvement in emergency obstetric referrals: qualitative study of provider perspectives in Assin North district, GhanaAfari, Henrietta; Hirschhorn, Lisa R; Michaelis, Annie; Barker, Pierre; Sodzi-Tettey, Sodzi
2014Understanding experiences of participating in a weight loss lifestyle intervention trial: a qualitative evaluation of South Asians at high risk of diabetesMorrison, Zoe; Douglas, Anne; Bhopal, Raj; Sheikh, Aziz
2012Perceived Discrimination and Self-Rated Health in South Korea: A Nationally Representative SurveyKim, Seung-Sup; Williams, David
2008Neonatal Thyroid Function in Seveso 25 Years after Maternal Exposure to DioxinGiacomini, Sara M; Corbetta, Carlo; Landi, Maria Teresa; Bonzini, Matteo; Consonni, Dario; Grillo, Paolo; Patterson, Donald G; Pesatori, Angela C; Bertazzi, Pier Alberto; Baccarelli, Andrea
2006Packaging health services when resources are limited: the example of a cervical cancer screening visitKim, Jane Jooyun; Salomon, Joshua A.; Weinstein, Milton C.; Goldie, Sue J.