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2012Optimizing Network Connectivity for Mobile Health Technologies in sub-Saharan AfricaSiedner, Mark Jacob; Lankowski, Alexander; Musinga, Derrick; Jackson, Jonathon; Muzoora, Conrad; Hunt, Peter W.; Martin, Jeffrey N.; Bangsberg, David Roy; Haberer, Jessica
2007NSAIDs Modulate CDKN2A, TP53, and DNA Content Risk for Progression to Esophageal AdenocarcinomaGalipeau, Patricia C; Li, Xiaohong; Blount, Patricia L; Maley, Carlo C; Sanchez, Carissa A; Ayub, Kamran; Rabinovitch, Peter S; Vaughan, Thomas L; Reid, Brian J; Odze, Robert D.
2008Transmission of Vibrio cholerae Is Antagonized by Lytic Phage and Entry into the Aquatic EnvironmentChowdhury, Ashrafuzzaman; Flynn, James; Schild, Stefan; Shao, Yue; Qadri, Firdausi; Camilli, Andrew; Nelson, Eric J.; Bourassa, Lori; Larocque, Regina Celes; Calderwood, Stephen Beaven
2012Tuberculosis and Poverty: Why Are the Poor at Greater Risk in India?Oxlade, Olivia A; Murray, Megan Blanche
2010Placebos without Deception: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Irritable Bowel SyndromeFriedlander, Elizabeth; Miller, Franklin G.; Kirsch, Irving; Kaptchuk, Ted Jack; Kelley, John Michael; Sanchez, M. Norma; Kokkotou, Efi G.; Singer, Joyce P.; Kowalczykowski, Magda; Lembo, Anthony J.
2013A qualitative study of health information technology in the Canadian public health systemZinszer, Kate; Tamblyn, Robyn; Bates, David W; Buckeridge, David L
2008Lifetime Prevalence of Mental Disorders in Lebanon: First Onset, Treatment, and Exposure to WarDimassi, Hani; Chatterji, Somnath; Karam, Elie G.; Mneimneh, Zeina N.; Fayyad, John A.; Karam, Aimee N.; Nasser, Soumana C.; Kessler, Ronald
2009Telephone Triage Service Data for Detection of Influenza-Like IllnessYih, Katherine Katherine; Teates, Kathryn S.; Abrams, Allyson; Kleinman, Ken Paul; Kulldorff, Martin; Pinner, Robert; Harmon, Robert; Wang, Stanley; Platt, Richard
2012Influence of Spatial Resolution on Space-Time Disease Cluster DetectionJones, Stephen G.; Kulldorff, Martin
2012Routine HIV Testing in Adolescents and Young Adults Presenting to an Outpatient Clinic in Durban, South AfricaRamirez-Avila, Lynn; Nixon, Kristy; Noubary, Farzad; Giddy, Janet; Losina, Elena; Walensky, Rochelle P.; Bassett, Ingrid Valerie