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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (465).pdf.jpg2016Household, psychosocial, and individual-level factors associated with fruit, vegetable, and fiber intake among low-income urban African American youthTrude, Angela Cristina Bizzotto; Kharmats, Anna Yevgenyevna; Hurley, Kristen Marie; Anderson Steeves, Elizabeth; Talegawkar, Sameera a.; Gittelsohn, Joel; Finucane, Mm; Stevens, Ga; Cowan, Mj; Danaei, G; Lin, Jk; Paciorek, Cj; Singh, Gm; Gutierrez, Hr; Lu, Y; Bahalim, a
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (513).pdf.jpg2016A systematic review of published interventions for primary and secondary prevention of ischaemic heart disease (IHD) in rural populations of AustraliaAlston, Laura V.; Peterson, Karen L.; Jacobs, Jane P.; Allender, Steven; Nichols, Melanie; Levin, Ka; Leyland, Ah; Kruger, O; Aase, a; Westin, S; Kulshreshtha, a; Goyal, a; Dabhadkar, K; Veledar, E; Vaccarino, V; O’Flaherty, M; Allender, S; Taylor, R; Stevenson, C; Peeters,
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (567).pdf.jpg2016Neighbourhood walkability and home neighbourhood-based physical activity: an observational study of adults with type 2 diabetesHajna, Samantha; Kestens, Yan; Daskalopoulou, Stella S.; Joseph, Lawrence; Thierry, Benoit; Sherman, Mark; Trudeau, Luc; Rabasa-Lhoret, Rémi; Meissner, Leslie; Bacon, Simon L.; Gauvin, Lise; Ross, Nancy a.; Dasgupta, Kaberi; Tudor-Locke, Ce; Bell, Rc; Myers, Am; Harris,
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (612).pdf.jpg2016Young people’s perceptions of smartphone-enabled self-testing and online care for sexually transmitted infections: qualitative interview studyAicken, Catherine R. H.; Fuller, Sebastian S.; Sutcliffe, Lorna J.; Estcourt, Claudia S.; Gkatzidou, Voula; Oakeshott, Pippa; Hone, Kate; Sadiq, S. Tariq; Sonnenberg, Pam; Shahmanesh, Maryam
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (624).pdf.jpg2016Understanding how dogs encourage and motivate walking: cross-sectional findings from RESIDEWestgarth, C.; Knuiman, M.; Christian, H. E.; Christian, H; Westgarth, C; Bauman, a; Richards, Ea; Rhodes, R; Evenson, K; Mayer, Ja; Thorpe, Rj; Peel, E; Douglas, M; Parry, O; Lawton, J; Thorpe, Rj; Simonsick, Em; Brach, Js; Ayonayon, H; Satterfield, S; Harris, Tb; Garcia, M