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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 SPINE Volume 41 Supplement 20 October (9).pdf.jpg2016Optimizing the Adverse Event and HRQOL Profiles in the Management of Primary Spine TumorsDea, Nicolas; Charest-Morin, Raphaële; Sciubba, Daniel M.; Bird, Justin E.; Disch, Alexander C.; Mesfin, Addisu; Lazáry, Áron; Fisher, Charles G.; Ames, Christopher
2016 SCNA Volume 96 Issue 6 December (1).pdf.jpg2016Surgical Management of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine TumorsClancy, Thomas E.
2016 JCA Volume 35 December (25).pdf.jpg2016Variability in anesthesiologists ’ approach to the preoperative management of asthmatic children ☆ , ☆☆Armoni, Keren; Instructor, Domany; Instructor, Guy Gut
2016 SPINE Volume 41 Issue 22 November (20).pdf.jpg2016Does Early Surgical Decompression in Cauda Equina Syndrome Improve Bladder Outcome?Srikandarajah, Nisaharan; Boissaud-Cooke, Matthew Alexander; Clark, Simon; Wilby, Martin John
2016 SPINE Volume 41 Supplement 20 October (11).pdf.jpg2016Predicting Neurologic Recovery after Surgery in Patients with Deficits Secondary to MESCCLaufer, Ilya; Zuckerman, Scott L.; Bird, Justin E.; Bilsky, Mark H.; Lazáry, Áron; Quraishi, Nasir A.; Fehlings, Michael G.; Sciubba, Daniel M.; Shin, John H.; Mesfin, Addisu; Sahgal, Arjun; Fisher, Charles G.
2016 SPINE Volume 41 Issue 20 October (10).pdf.jpg2016Clinical Features and Prognostic Factors of Patients With Nerve Sheath Tumors in the Cervical SpineLi, Bo; Yin, Huabin; Meng, Tong; Zhou, Pingting; Han, Zhitao; Jia, Qi; Cai, Weiluo; Han, Shuai; Wang, Ting; Chen, Tianrui; Zhou, Wang; Xiao, Jianru
2016 JCA Volume 34 November (34).pdf.jpg2016Dose-ranging effect of systemic diphenhydramine on postoperative quality of recovery after ambulatory laparoscopic surgery : a randomized ,Oliveira, Gildasio S De; Msci, Jr; Bs, Jane Bialek; Marcus, R; Pharmd, Robert Mccarthy