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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 4 February (3).pdf.jpg2016Pediatric Cervical Spine and Spinal Cord Injury :Shin, John I; Lee, Nathan J; Cho, Samuel K
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 9 May (1).pdf.jpg2016Povidone-Iodine Has a Profound Effect onEde, Matthew P Newton; Philp, Ã Ashleigh M; Philp, Andrew; Richardson, Stephen M; Mohammad, Saeed; Jones, Simon W
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 2 January (19).pdf.jpg2016Posterior Arch Defect of the Atlas Associated toGiuffra, Valentina; Montella, Andrea; Tognotti, Eugenia; Milanese, Marco; Bandiera, Pasquale
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 7 April (19).pdf.jpg2016Proposed Scoring System for EvaluatingHuang, Lin; Guo, Wei; Yang, Rongli; Tang, Xiaodong; Ji, Tao
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 7 April (3).pdf.jpg2016Quantifying Progressive Anterior Overgrowth inNewell, Nicolas; Grant, Caroline A; Keenan, Bethany E; Izatt, Maree T; Pearcy, Mark J; Adam, Clayton J
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 6 March (22).pdf.jpg2016Rate of Unsuspected Malignancy in PatientsHansen, Emil Jesper; Simony, Ane; Carreon, Leah; Andersen, Mikkel Osterheden
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 3 February (12).pdf.jpg2016Repeated 3.0 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging After Clinically Successful Lumbar Disc SurgeryWeber, Clemens; Kvistad, Kjell Arne; Moholdt, Viggo A; Solheim, Ole
2016 SPI Volume 41 Supplement 8 April (43).pdf.jpg2016Shorter Lumbar Paraspinal Fascia Is Associated With High Intensity Low Back Pain and DisabilityRanger, Tom A; Teichtahl, Andrew J; Physio, B; Cicuttini, Flavia M; Wang, Ã Yuanyuan; Wluka, Anita E; Sullivan, Ã Richard O; Jones, Graeme; Urquhart, Donna M; Physio, B
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 8 April (7).pdf.jpg2016Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion in AmbulatoryHothem, Elijah A
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 9 May (11).pdf.jpg2016Advantages of Direct Insertion of a Straight ProbePark, Jin Hoon; Kang, Dong-ho; Lee, Moon Kyu; Yoo, Byoungwoo; Jung, Sang Ku; Hwang, Soo-hyun; Kim, Jeoung Hee; Oh, Sunkyu; Lee, Eun Jung; Jeon, Sang Ryong; Roh, Sung Woo; Rhim, Seung Chul