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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 9 May (20).pdf.jpg2017Lumbar Fusion in Utah Workers? Compensation PatientsCuneo, Jessica G.; DeBerard, M. Scott; Wheeler, Anthony J.
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 3 February (4).pdf.jpg2017Wedge-Shaped Resection of the Posterior BonySuh, Bo-gun; Ahn, Myun-whan; Kim, Ho-joong; Yeom, Jin S; Lee, Gun Woo
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 3 February (5).pdf.jpg2017Evolution of Muscles Dysfunction FromHuber, Juliusz
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 8 April (20).pdf.jpg2017Contribution of Lumbar Spine Pathology and age to Paraspinal Muscle Size and fatty InfiltrationShahidi, Bahar; Parra, Callan L; Berry, David B; Hubbard, James C; Gombatto, Sara; Zlomislic, Vinko; Allen, R. Todd; Hughes-Austin, Jan; Garfin, Steven; Ward, Samuel R.
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 8 April (19).pdf.jpg2017Radiological Results and Clinical Patient Outcome after Implantation of a Hydraulic Expandable Vertebral Body Replacement Following Traumatic Vertebral Fractures in the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine–a Three Years Follow-UpKreinest, Michael; Schmahl, Dorothee; Grützner, Paul a.; Matschke, Stefan
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 7 April (13).pdf.jpg2017Diagnostic Accuracy of Somatosensory Evoked Potentials in Evaluating New Neurological Deficits After Posterior Cervical FusionsThirumala, Parthasarathy D.; Melachuri, Samyuktha R.; Kaur, Jaspreet; Ninaci, David; Melachuri, Manasa K.; Habeych, Miguel E.; Crammond, Donald J.; Balzer, Jeffrey R.
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 8 April (21).pdf.jpg2017Spinal Implants Can Be Inserted in Patients With Deep Spine InfectionDennis Hey, Hwee Weng; Nathaniel Ng, Li Wen; Tan, Chuen Seng; Fisher, Dale; Vasudevan, Anupama; Liu, Ka-Po Gabriel; Thambiah, Joseph Shantakumar; Kumar, Naresh; Lau, Leok-Lim; Wong, Hee-Kit; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 9 May (10).pdf.jpg2017Temporary Percutaneous Instrumentation and Selective Anterior Fusion for Thoracolumbar FracturesCharles, Yann Philippe; Walter, Axel; Schuller, Sébastien; Steib, Jean-Paul
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 8 April (3).pdf.jpg2017Anatomic Relationship between Right Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve and Cervical Fascia and Its Application Significance in Anterior Cervical Spine Surgical ApproachShan, Jianlin; Jiang, Heng; Ren, Dajiang; Wang, Chongwei
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 2 January (5).pdf.jpg2017Does the Timing of Preoperative Epidural Steroid Injection Affect Infection Risk After ACDF orCancienne, Jourdan M; Werner, Brian C; Puvanesarajah, Varun; Hassanzadeh, Hamid; Singla, Anuj; Shen, Frank H; Shimer, Adam L