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24-Mar-2014Crystal structure of the glycosyltransferase SnogD from the biosynthetic pathway of nogalamycin in Streptomyces nogalaterClaesson, Magnus; Siitonen, Vilja; Dobritzsch, Doreen; Metsä-Ketelä, Mikko; Schneider, Gunter
e10.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2015IMAGES IN CLINICAL MEDICINE. Electrical Alternans with Pericardial TamponadeJehangir, Waqas; Osman, Mohamed
784.pdf.jpgJun-2015Posterior axilla sling traction for shoulder dystocia: case review and a new method of shoulder rotation with the slingCluver, Catherine Anne; Hofmeyr, G Justus
1385.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2015Medicare's step back from global payments--unbundling postoperative careMulcahy, Andrew W; Wynn, Barbara; Burgette, Lane; Mehrotra, Ateev
2010Tactile thresholds are preserved yet complex sensory function is impaired over the lumbar spine of chronic non-specific low back pain patients. A preliminary investigationWand, BM; Di Pietro, FS; George, PJ; O'Connell, NE
2008“Going down” and “getting deeper”: Physical and metaphorical location and movement in relation to death and spiritual care in a Scottish hospiceVivat, B
2007Post-operative rehabilitation after PIP joint arthroplasty with early active motion: A retrospective review of outcomesPratt, A L; Burr, N
2012Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Levels Among Boston Trainee Doctors in WinterClark, Sunday; Growdon, Amanda Sarah; Camargo, Carlos Arturo; Hannon, Megan Marie; Mansbach, Jonathan M.
17-Dec-2013Frequency analysis of HLA class I alleles in Iranian patients with progressive and non-progressive chronic lymphocytic leukemiaHojjat-Farsangi, Mohammad; Razavi, Seyed Mohsen; Sharifian, Ramazan Ali; Shokri, Fazel
2007Poly[bis-(μ3-3-amino-1,2,4-triazolato)(μ2- glutarato)-dizinc(II)]Zheng, Z-Q; Liu, C-W; Lin, B